Ways To Touch Up Your Feminine Look with adidas Originals Superstar

There are many types of clothing items that are considered feminine, but sneakers might not be one of those items. However, as fashion evolves, we are seeing more people embrace sneakers as fashionable footwear that can be included in a feminine look. In this article, we are going to discuss ways to create a feminine look with the iconic adidas Originals Superstar sneaker.

All four of the styling ideas were created to suit the classic black and white version of the sneaker, but you can choose any colour you like. With that, let’s see how you can touch up your feminine look with the adidas Superstars.

Adidas Originals Superstar

adidas Originals Superstar

Go for a simple yet chic look:

One way to touch up your feminine styling with sneakers is by going for a casual chic look. This means utilizing basic pieces for your outfit but creating a more feminine silhouette. You can do this by choosing pieces that frame your body or altering your clothes so that they have a better fit. This will help to emphasize the femininity of the wearer because it does not look baggy or shapeless.

For this styling method, all you need is just a nice shirt and a pair of jeans. You can choose any shirt you like, but make sure that the shirt is not too baggy. You can alter the fit by either tying the bottom of the shirt into a knot or tucking it into your pants. For the jeans, it is best that you go for something fitted but will still flatter your legs. The best choice would be straight cut or slim fit jeans with the bottom hem to the ankle. This will also help to show off the Superstars.

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Go for skirts instead of pants:

Skirts with sneakers may be an unexpected combination for some people, but it is actually a great way to create a feminine yet casual look. Skirts have long been associated with femininity, so they are perfect for a feminine look. The adidas Superstars sneakers are generally considered to have a unisex design, so there is no issue about the two pieces clashing with one another.

The type of skirt you use for your outfit can change the overall vibe, so feel free to play around with different lengths and skirt styles to create different looks. If you want to go for a preppy and youthful look, you can choose a short tennis skirt. You can also choose a knee-length circle skirt, which would be great for a casual office look. On the other hand, full-length skirts are great for those who want something more conservative. Any skirt length would be great, but do not forget to highlight the shoes in your outfit.

Pair the shoes with a dress:

The dress and sneaker combination is a trendy look for the spring and summer season, but the combination can actually work all year long. Like skirts, dresses are very feminine, but they are not too contrasting with the adidas Superstars sneakers. As mentioned before, the dress and sneaker combo can be worn all year long, but different seasons and climates will call for a different type of dress.

For warmer days, the type of dress that works the best with sneakers would be a sundress. Since sundresses have a softer look, the sneakers will not look out of place. Any length of sundress would be great, as long as you can still show off a bit of the adidas Superstars. When the weather gets colder, you can choose something more toned down, like a black full-length slip dress with a long sleeve shirt underneath. For extra warmth, you can layer on a jacket or a coat that is appropriate for the season.

Add a bit of floral flair:

Sneakers can be a little too sporty for most people, which is why they struggle with creating feminine looks with them. However, if you add a few floral motifs to your outfits, you can transform the look into something sweet yet casual. Floral prints are mostly in trend during the Spring and Summer seasons, but there are also clothes for the Autumn and Winter seasons that have floral patterns and designs.

The floral motif can be placed at any part of your outfit, from your top to your bottom. However, try to pick only one piece of the outfit to have a floral design or a pattern. This is to ensure that a good balance throughout the entire look, and to ensure that the Superstars can still fit into the outfit. You can also choose floral accessories, like your bag or your jewellery. There are plenty of brands that feature floral elements in their bag design, such as Marimekko floral tote bag or a backpack from Coach that has some flower embellishment.

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