Benefits of Man-Made Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is timeless and a matter of prestige. If you’re the proud owner of these pieces, you keep them with the utmost care and wear them on occasions when you really want to shine. Whether you got or bought this jewelry, you’re certainly lucky to have it.

You know real diamonds cost a small fortune. The reasons for this are their rarity and complex production, which makes raw stones quite costly. That’s why jewelry makers around the globe look for a more profitable way to utilize this gem.

These are just some reasons why science and technology have got involved in jewelry making. Decades ago, lab diamonds emerged and hit the market. They have the same chemical composition and features as the real thing. Only it doesn’t take centuries to make them but only a few weeks in lab conditions.

On this link, you can find out how man-made diamonds are formed:

At first, there were doubts about precious stones from labs and jewelry made from them. Still, time has shown that this move was a huge success, as more and more customers over the years have invested in these gems. If you’re thinking about it, here’s the list of reasons you should buy man-made diamonds.

Benefits of Man – Made Diamond Jewelry

Benefits of Man - Made Diamond Jewelry

Superior Quality

Diamonds are unique because of their brilliance, the way they grow over the years, and their chemical structure. Nature does a great job, but labs have perfected the technology of their production, too. It results in samples with identical crystal structures, chemical and physical properties, and optical characteristics as diamonds from mines.

Lab-made gems aren’t artificial but real, just like mined ones. That is why the International Gemological Institute (IGI) certifies them just like natural ones. They shine equally brilliantly and even have a higher degree of purity because there are no impurities in their composition. Moreover, a large part of these diamonds have very high ratings in terms of quality and clarity.

In the labs, scientists create conditions similar to those in the interior of the Earth during the diamond formation. They cause high temperatures and high pressure acting on carbon, which decomposes and then crystallizes, forming these precious stones. Because of these controlled actions, they have fewer defects than natural ones. They also need less processing, which can affect the final jewelry price.

Affordable Gems of Different Colors

In nature, diamonds grow in different colors, and they’re actually not completely colorless, as they may seem at first glance. Due to the refraction of light through them, these gems can be in all colors of the spectrum. Of course, the most expensive are the rarest ones, those without any color admixture.

The production of colored precious stones in a lab grown diamond jewelry company isn’t an ordered process but takes place “naturally,” just a little forced. As each carbon nugget reacts differently to given conditions, gems of different colors and purity will be formed in the lab as well as in the mine.

The boosted production of colored diamonds makes them more affordable because, unlike mined ones, it doesn’t take ages to grow. So you can buy pink, red, or even black gems for a fraction of the cost of natural ones. They will look just as good and complete any look with their subtle but unique shine.

Cheaper than Real Gems

It’s clear that lab-made stones cost less than real ones, and we’ve explained that the “culprit” for this is the production process, which is significantly simplified compared to natural ones. That allows the gem producers to lower the production costs, which will also affect the price of the final product.

The natural diamond reserves drop quickly, which significantly affects their market price. On the other hand, labs don’t have this problem, considering they use lower amounts of raw material (solid carbon) than during the natural diamond formation. They rely more on carbon gas which encourages the “growth” of these gems in an artificial environment.

What also significantly affects the price of mined precious stones is the profit of mining companies. It’s substantial, and they don’t want to give up on it. Companies making lab diamonds don’t have high costs and margins, so their gems are 30 to 50% cheaper than natural ones. Considering you get top quality, purity, and prestige, buying this jewelry is an excellent investment for a bargain.

Environmentally-Friendly and Guilt-Free Production

People often don’t know the story behind precious stone mining. They only know these gems are scarce and that it’s difficult to mine them and turn them into jewelry. We’ll only say that the entire procedure, from mining to shipping doesn’t follow basic ethical codes and that many rules are broken.

Also, the mining process requires huge amounts of fossil fuels, which doesn’t have a positive effect on the land and the environment. On this web source, you can find out how mining process looks like.

Lab diamonds perfectly meet the growing demand for these gems without destroying ecosystems. They use fewer resources, so this production doesn’t harm the environment. Manufacturers rely on ethical practices during their production, so the origin of each shiny stone is known and easily trackable.

The quality you get for a fraction of the real diamond cost is what makes lab-made stones stand up. Buyers who don’t want to give up on precious stones but have a limited budget will enjoy wearing this affordable yet attractive, guilt-free, and sustainable jewelry.

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