25 Best Bengali Saree Styles & Designs

Bengal has the most vibrant collection of quintessential fabrics, royal designs, and exclusive handwoven saree collection. Bengali sarees are one of the most elegant and timeless outfits for women. The Bollywood industry has time and again shown their love for traditional Bengali saree. Movies like Devdas and Parineeta has brought out the ethnicity of Bengali sarees. Even many celebrities have been facing the Bengali Saree look with grace. Jnanadanandini Devi introduced the unique draping style of Bengali sarees, which left women in awe all over the world. Nothing in the world can match up to the class and style executed by Bengali sarees. Each Bengali saree style has a distinct feature, charm, and elegance. Read on to explore the full range of Bengali saree designs and styles. The styles are coupled with Bengali saree images for better understanding.

25 Best Bengali Saree Styles To Make You Look Traditionally Beautiful

1. Korial Bengali Saree:

Korial Bengali Saree

Everyone has to have a korial saree in their wardrobe. Bollywood movies and songs have often used a korial saree owing to its simplistic beauty. You will find many women sporting a korial saree look during the Durga Puja. It is a classic plain white saree with a red-colored border. The saree acquires its label from “kora,” meaning unembellished or plain. Garad-korial and Benarasi-korial are the other two variations of the plain korial saree. It is a famous timeless beauty that makes women look incredibly classy and traditional.

How to style it: Drape it in the traditional Bengali way and style it with golden jewelry. Pair it up with a plain blouse or a modern blouse design. If you want to go for a full conventional Bengali Saree look, add a red bindi, red lipstick, and kajal to complete your look. Korial sarees look the best when styled traditionally.

2. Dhakai Jamdani Sarees

Dhakai Jamdani Sarees

Jamdani sarees were initially woven in Bangladesh, Dhaka. But after the partition, Bengal started producing it too. Dhakai jamdani sarees are generally transparent with beautifully woven designs. It is a lightweight and breezy saree that can make people stand and stare. It is a mix of silk and cotton, which makes the fabric supple and comfortable. It is ideal for wearing in the humid climate of Bengal. You can sport it as an everyday look or at events and parties.

How to style it: Pair it up with oxidized silver jewelry and classic makeup look. Carry a sling bag and keep your hair open. You can opt for a sleeveless or boat neck blouse. It looks best with a plain blouse to bring out the details of the saree design.

3. Tant Bengali Sarees:

Tant Bengali Sarees

Every Bengali woman has a Tant saree that she loves. Tant sarees look great on every casual occasion, and they are relatively priced low. Women of all ages and body shapes can sport a Tant saree beautifully. Indian motifs are woven into the Tant sarees, which gives it a distinct look. They have thick colored borders and decorated pallus. The light cotton fabric makes it perfect for regular wear. It gets a crisp texture from the cotton threads and comes in a variety of colors.

How to style: You can drape in the traditional way or usual way. Both silver and gold jewelry works well with it. You can add a modern touch to it by integrating it with a chic blouse design. Pair it up with a statement ring or watch to make heads turn.

4. Baluchari:


Baluchari sarees are woven in a small village called Baluchari in West Bengal. The saree is woven traditionally with floral motifs or geometrical brocaded patterns all over the body and mythological scenes design on the pallu. The designs of Baluchari sarees depict the tale of Mahabharata or Ramayana. It may also depict different temples, sculptures, horses, marriage ceremonies, and many more. Its artistic detailing makes it the best Bengali saree for every occasion. The saree is exceptionally comfortable owing to its lightweight fabric.

How to style: Choose a blouse fabric depending on the occasion. It works well with silk, velvet, and plain cotton blouses. Team it with bangles and earrings for a full-fledged luxurious look.

5. Tussar Silk Sarees:

Tussar Silk Sarees

Malda in West Bengal houses the production of Tussar silks. It is delicately designed with buti and patta patterns. You even find Kantha stitching work on Tussar Silk sarees. The threads are woven from mulberry hives and are quite famous among Bengali women. Also known as Kosa silk sarees, it has a golden tint owing to its silk threads. The saree will give off a luxurious Bengali Saree look.

How to style it: You can style it with a traditional brocade blouse or a modern crop top-blouse. Pair it up with big jhumka earrings and statement rings for a luxurious look or minimal jewelry and accentuate your facial features with strong eye makeup.

6. Garad Silk sarees:

Garad Silk sarees

The term “garad” means plain or white. It also refers to purity. Garad Silk sarees have an off-white border with a red coloured border. Bengali women love to flaunt a Garad Silk saree during the Durga Pujas and other holy occasions. The breathable fabric and simplicity of the saree classify it as a Traditional Bengali Saree. The garad silk saree is often made from mulberry silk or tussar silk. The pure fabric of the saree makes it easy to carry. It is distinct from korial saree owing to its floral motifs and lighter red borders.

How to style it: Pair it up with a red half-sleeves or sleeveless blouse. For festive occasions, build up the look with heavy jewelry and red bindi. You can add flowers to your hair to give off a more traditional vibe.

7. Murshidabad Silk Sarees:

Murshidabad Silk Sarees

Murshidabad silk sarees will give you an elegant, luxurious look. You can even wear it to a wedding or any traditional event. Its artistic designs will leave you in awe. You will find beautifully handcrafted designs and beautiful images or motifs all over the saree’s pallu and body. The sarees have been talked of since the 18th century owing to its magnificent fabric.

How to style it: You can get as creative with blouse design as you want. Pair it up with junk jewelry and bangles.

8. Katan Silk Sarees:

Katan Silk Sarees

The Persian people introduced Satan silk in India. Over the centuries, India started mass production of Katan silk. Owing to its grandeur look, it became extremely famous with the royal women. The pallu of Katan silk is broader than other varieties of silk. The saree’s luxurious look and the not-so-delicate fabric of the saree make a wardrobe staple for most women. It is usually covered with formal motifs all over the body. The material is also used in Benarasi sarees.

How to style it: Pair it with a brocade or satin blouse. Go heavy with the jewelry in case your blouse is plain. For an embellished blouse, the jewelry should be kept minimal. Choose from gold or silver jewelry depending on the color of your saree.

9. Dhaniakhali Cotton Sarees:

Dhaniakhali Cotton Sarees


Dhaniakhali houses a plethora of cotton textile industries. It also produces a wide variety of tant sarees. The sarees are incredibly comfortable owing to their exceptional quality cotton threads. It has a variety of exquisite designs. It is perfect for the hot summers of Bengal. It has an ideal blend of modern designs with a traditional saree look.

How to style it: Opt for a contrast blouse design to make the saree look vibrant. Alternatively, you can team it up with a matching print cotton blouse. It looks perfect with any length of blouse sleeves. You can wear it to your office meetings or events. Pair it up with a layered neckpiece, bangles, junk jewelry, or handmade jewelry. It looks good with gold or pearl earrings.

10. Shantipur Bengali Sarees:

Shantipur Bengali Sarees

The shantipur town in West Bengal is brimming with the handloom saree industry. It is a Bengali saree style that is perfect for regular wear. The handwoven design on shantipur sarees resembles the composition of brocade sarees. The motifs are usually buti or brocade patterns. It has a thin colored border, and the themes are drawn all over the saree. It’s vibrant colors, and comfortable cotton fabric makes it a must-have.

How to style it: Wear it to your casual or regular outings with a printed or plain blouse. Boat neck or high collar neckline blouse will also look good with it. Wear gold or silver earrings with it. To make it more classy, pair it up with a designer blouse, clutch, and high heels.

11. Rajshahi Silk Sarees:

Rajshahi Silk Sarees

Originating from Bangladesh, the Rajshahi silk sarees gained a lot of popularity in West Bengal owing to its fabric and design. West Bengal has started manufacturing Rajshahi silk sarees to meet the increasing demand for it. The silk used in Rajshahi sarees is of the most excellent quality. The silk quality makes the saree exquisite and breathable. You can comfortably wear it to a formal meeting, festive occasion, or a casual outing. The saree is quite famous among all generations of Bengali women.

How to style it: You can add a bracelet and stud earrings to it if you are wearing it to an office event. Alternatively, for a more statement look add an embellished clutch, high heels, and jewelry.

12. Khesh Sarees:

Khesh Sarees

The weaving method of khesh sarees originated in Birbhum, West Bengal. The sarees are designed from recycled cotton, which makes it all the more special. Fresh mul thread is woven with recycled cotton threads to deliver the unique fabric of khesh sarees. It comes in a variety of prints and designs. Often tassels are attached to the khesh saree pallus to give it a more chic look. It is one of the best comfortable Bengali Saree Designs. 

How to style it: You can dress it up or down with khesh sarees. You can pair it with blouses of any sleeves and any texture. You can pair it with an ethnic prints sling bag or a contemporary clutch. Wear it with a statement watch or bracelet to a formal event. Layer it up with heavy jewelry to give off a boho vibe.

13. Kantha silk:

Kantha silk

The sophistication and aesthetic look portrayed by a Kantha silk saree are unparalleled. The Kantha embroidery has made it’s the mark throughout the world owing to its extravagant design. Makers use a layering technique to do the designing of Kantha silk. You can find different variations of embellishment like mirror work and other thread works. It has different floral motifs, geometrical patterns, folklore, mythological scenes, and other designs. It includes different kinds of stitches intricately woven into the saree. It gives off a very vibrant saree look.

How to style it: It goes too well with modern crop tops, spaghetti strap tops, designer blouses, and sleeveless blouses. Pair with it statement pieces of gold or junk jewelry and a classy bag.

14. Batik Bengali Sarees:

Batik Bengali Sarees

The batik print sarees are one of the oldest saree prints of Bengal. If you want to opt for a Traditional Bengali saree, then grab yourself a batik print saree. It uses simple tools and wax resisting dye techniques to imprint designs on the saree. It has made its mark on the fashion sector owing to its delightful prints and vibrant colors.

How to style it: Layer it up with boho jewelry to make it a classic look. Alternatively, you can opt for oxidized pieces.

15. Matka silk:

Matka silk

The name is derived from the weaving technique of the Matka silk saree. Threads are winded around a “Matka” or pot. The distinguishing feature of this saree design is that it has a slightly ridged texture. It gets a luxurious finish from the most excellent quality mulberry silk threads. You can wear them to any occasion or party. It is not fit for regular wear.

How to style it: Pair it with a layered necklace, oxidized earrings, and ethnic bag.

16. Begumpuri Bengali Saree:

Begumpuri Bengali Saree

Begumpur is a small town in Hooghly, West Bengal. The place is known for its cotton saree industries. The cotton threads are loosely and delicately woven to give a semi-transparent saree look. The distinct feature of this saree is its narrow, contrasting borders.

How to style it: It goes well with both contemporary and modish blouse designs. You can opt for cold-shoulder crop tops or thin embellished strap blouses. Add a nose ring, long boho necklace, and high heels or ethnic flat chappals.

17. Block print sarees:

Block print sarees

Every woman in West Bengal has a block print saree in her wardrobe. It is one of the most common Bengali saree designs done by using a wooden block dyeing technique. The fabric is first bleached with a different color and then block print designing is done. Serumpur district in West Bengal specializes in block print sarees. The sarees are available in different motif designs, patterns, and colors. Often tassels are sewed along with the saree to make it look more tempting.

How to style it:  Wear a contrasting pattern blouse and layer it up with junk jewelry.

18. Bishnupuri Silk:

Bishnupuri Silk

Bishnupur has been excelling in silk saree manufacturing since the 18th century. It has a soft, smooth, and glossy texture that makes it drape around your body beautifully. It uses top quality silk threads for which it is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. It has quirky designs as well as traditional motifs.

How to style it: Pair it with a silk or satin blouse and some jewelry. You can wear it to parties or outings.

19. Sournachuri Silk:

Sournachuri Silk

Golden threads are interwoven with silk threads to give it a distinct Bengali saree style look. The golden threads impart an aesthetically pleasing glossy texture to the saree fabric. The pallu has an exclusive Indian folklore design, religious or mythological motifs. The pallu adds a luxurious feel to the saree. The unique patterns and exceptional quality silk threads make it famous among Bengali women. It is one of the most beautiful saree works originating from West Bengal.

How to style it: Pair it up with beautiful hair accessories and stone jewelry to accentuate your look. It will do justice to party events and evening/night functions.

20. Pabna Sarees:

Pabna Sarees


Originating from Bangladesh, the pabna sarees come in silk and cotton varieties. Though it is not that famous in Bengal, the pabna saree industry is slowly gaining popularity. Small delicate designs are woven in the saree, making it look stylish yet comfortable.

How to style it: It works fine with any kind of blouse, be it ultra-modern or traditional. You can wear hoop earrings or a small statement earning piece. Finish off with a bracelet and minimal makeup.

21. Madhubani sarees:

Madhubani sarees

Madhubani Art originated in the Mithila district of Bihar. It is a form of art wherein brushes, natural colors and twigs are used to paint a theme. Madhubani sarees incorporated Madhubani art and became quite famous among Bengali women. Initially, the sarees were religiously themed, and rituals imagery was also used. With time, these sarees evolved into a more modern design with a traditional mix. The patterns have now expanded into diverse themes and motifs. You will find the design all over the body of the saree. They are suitable for daytime events and formal meetings. The bright, vibrant art adds an elegant quotient to the outfit.

How to style it: Since the design of the saree is overpowering, go minimal with jewelry and blouse design. Wearing a plain blouse will emphasize on the artwork of the saree.

22. Banarasi silk:

Banarasi silk

Banarsi silk is initially originated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. These sarees are so famous among Bengalis that it would be unfair not to include it in the list. Bengali weddings are incomplete without a banarasi silk. Even on festivities, Bengalis often opt for banarasi sarees instead of kanjeevaram or other silk sarees. The dazzling designs and gorgeous artwork make it the popular choice for a Bengali wedding.

How to style it: If you are wearing it at your wedding, layer it with Kundan jewelry or heavy gold jewelry.

23. Bhagalpuri Silk:

Bhagalpuri Silk

Bhagalpur is flourishing with Tussar silk saree industries. However, it also masters in producing a different silk saree famous in its area. The Bhagalpuri sarees have a different texture, which transforms the whole look of the saree. Bengali women went gaga over Bhagalpuri sarees and made it to their saree collection.

How to style it: Wear it with a designer blouse and pearl or gold necklace. Heavy earrings will look beautiful with Bhagalpuri sarees. It is suitable for festive occasions and wedding invitations.

24. Muga Silk sarees:

Muga Silk sarees

Muga sarees are initially from Assam state. The Muga silk sarees made their way to Bengal and Bengalis made them a wardrobe staple. Muga silk does not come from the mulberry silk tribe. The muga silk has a luxurious texture owing to its lustrous silk threads. The saree fabric is more durable than any other form of silk sarees. You can stock it up for years without any problems. The luxurious fabric and not-so-delicate texture make it a famous traditional Bengali saree. 

How to style it: Junk jewelry or gold jewelry will look good with it. You can even add hair accessories if you are wearing it to a party or evening functions.

25. Mulberry silk:

Mulberry silk

The Harappan civilization also saw the existence of Mulberry Silk. West Bengal takes pride in being the largest manufacturer of mulberry silk. Mulberry silk is more natural to process and manufacture. The silk threads are of the finest quality and have a modern touch to it. It is the best Bengali saree that West Bengal has to offer.

How to style it: It will do justice to your wedding invitations or festive occasion lookbook. Add e beautiful statement Kundan piece, and you are ready to rock the world.

The above Bengali saree images are visual proof of the grace and class of Bengali sarees. Over the years, the designs and draping styles of the saree have evolved. But Bengali sarees maintained their position in the heart of Bengali women.

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