The Best Vintage Fashion Blogs Around

Do you yearn for vintage clothing knowledge? The kind of knowledge that will take your style to the next level? Well look no further because here is our pick of the best vintage clothing and thrifting blogs around.

The best vintage fashion blogs around

The best vintage fashion blogs around


KMeetsStyle is one of the few vintage fashion and thrifting blogs that talks from a personal perspective. Konstantina Antoniadou, 26, is the sole author and has been featured on StyleCaster, Cliché Magazine and Status Magazine for her unique style and outfits.

KMeetsStyle is truly a unique blog because through Konstantina’s writing you can see her journey through the fashion industry, and how her interest in vintage clothing has blossomed into a full-on crusade against fast fashion.

In the spirit of this, KMeetsStyle documents a journey of thrifting and styling vintage clothes in a way that few others do. Through a combination of her Instagram and blog posts you can keep up to date on Konstantina’s favourite trends, styles and outfits and get inspired by her approach to sustainable fashion and living.


Over the last three decades Blue17 has amassed more knowledge on vintage and retro clothing than most. And best of all, they are happy to share that wealth of information through their blog.

They cover everything from how to style retro shell suits to how iconic designers shaped both vintage and contemporary fashion. And just to top it all off, they’ve created a vintage clothing timeline giving a comprehensive breakdown of everything from the 1920s to the 1990s.

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Beyond Retro:

Beyond Retro’s blog could easily be described as the BuzzFeed of vintage clothing and fashion. Few blogs are packed with quite as many tips and tricks to styling everything from leather jackets to old sports branded sweatshirts.

And once you are all styled out, you can keep up to date on the latest vintage trends to see what’s hot right now. Plus, they use their years of expertise to review some of the most iconic vintage brands such as Carharrt, Ralph Lauren, Doc Martens just to name a few.

The Deffest:

It is all well and good having a vintage garment for every occasion, but few bloggers are discussing the next tidal wave on the retro scene, vintage sneakers. The Deffest is ahead of the curve on this one and focus on the “design aesthetics, style, engineering and construction as well as explore the marketing and advertising of the shoes”.

One of the many cool aspects of this blog is how they review old sneaker adverts. Not only is it really cool to look at some of the killer ad campaigns that brands like Nike and Adidas have brought to us, but they have got all the best ones together in one place. This 1982 Pegasus Ad being a particular favourite of ours.

Written by OneOff Vintage

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