4 Casual Date Night Outfits for Men

For many men, getting dressed for a casual date night, despite it being casual, can actually be nerve-wracking. You want to make sure you feel comfortable, look good and are suitably dressed for the location. It’s common to go through several outfits before finding one that you feel confident in. Here are a few casual date night outfits for men that can take the stress out of getting dressed.

4 Casual Date Night Outfits for Men

Casual Date Night Outfits for Men

Outfit 1: A Nice Dress Shirt and Dress Shorts

Wearing a nice dress shirt and men’s shorts can be a great spring and summer casual date night outfit for men. They keep you comfortable in hot temperatures, and you can wear them to various places, from an outdoor restaurant to an amusement park.

Although cutoff shorts, French terry shorts and basketball shorts are incredibly comfortable, options like chinos would be better suited to a wider range of locations. Keep styles in several versatile hues on hand, including black and khaki, as they will complement a variety of shirts in your wardrobe. Consider them investment pieces that you’ll likely use frequently.

For the shirt, a button-up or button-down version would be ideal. Give the button-up a more casual vibe by not buttoning the collar or choosing a style with a more relaxed look. You can also leave the collar open on a button-down; just make sure that the two collar point buttons are secure. Take it even more casual by opting for short sleeves instead of long sleeves.

Both options are polished enough to be presentable while still being comfortable, even when it’s hot. Just like with shorts, start with versatile styles and colors that you’ll want to wear repeatedly.

Outfit 2: Jeans and a Polo Shirt

A pair of jeans and a men’s polo shirt is a casual date night outfit ideal for locations where shorts aren’t permitted. Keep in mind, however, that even though jeans are typically okay according to the dress code of a particular venue, some places won’t permit jeans with holes, stains, frayed material or distressing.

Everyone should have at least one pair of jeans that makes them feel incredible. There are so many styles available, and it’s all about finding the perfect combination of fit, style, color, material and size. It’s not easy to find the holy grail pair, but once you find the right pair of jeans, it can be well worth it.

Polos have at least a few buttons at the neckline, so you can wear them fully buttoned or undo one or two. Leave the shirt untucked for a more casual look. Short-sleeved polos are excellent for every season, while long-sleeved styles might be a little warm for daytime temperatures.

Navy, black and dark gray are three versatile colors, and you should consider having one polo in each color in your wardrobe. If you tend to sweat in warmer temperatures or while you’re nervous and want to disguise it as much as possible, black and navy hues could be ideal options.

Outfit 3: Casual Pants and a Nice Top

There are many outfit options for a date night where you want to wear mens casual pants and a nice top. Chinos are lightweight and usually constructed of cotton twill, making them fantastic for warmer weather. They’re more formal than jeans but less so than dress pants. Consider them a happy medium between dressy and casual. The pants are available in a range of hues, from taupe to jet black, so there’s no shortage of colors to add to your wardrobe.

Polos and buttoned shirts will work into the category of nice tops, but there are multiple other options available. For example, a stylish crewneck could go with jeans, dress shorts and chinos. Solid color tops provide versatility for pairing them with a range of pants. Prioritize purchasing some basics if you don’t already have them, such as a black crewneck sweater that can go with practically anything.

Outfit 4: Open Button-Up Shirts and Chinos

For those warm days that turn into cooler nights, consider wearing a button-up shirt with a tee underneath. One of its biggest benefits is that it provides the extra warmth of a jacket without being too heavy or uncomfortable, especially in fluctuating temperatures. Some options can be dressier than others.

Wear it over a thinner shirt so that it doesn’t feel too bulky, but opt for an undershirt that’s appropriate for the location you’re going to in case you want to take off the button-up. Sport a white or black shirt underneath, and it can go with any button-up in your closet.

Chinos dress up the top a bit while still keeping it on the casual side. It’s easy to mix and match hues, like wearing a light-colored button-up with dark chinos or vice versa. If you want to wear dark chinos with a dark top, consider breaking up the single dark color palette by wearing a light-colored undershirt.

Looking Good and Feeling Better

As important as a man’s outfit is for a casual date night, it’s even more important to feel good. Feeling confident and comfortable can help you be your true self to your date and others around you. Choose an outfit that makes you feel like your best self, and you can’t go wrong.

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