6 Cool Outfits Ideas to Wear on the First Day of College

The very first day in your college campus could be among the most terrifying adventures of your lifetime up to now. Though it’s a little thing, sporting an amazing outfit will make you feel much more confident rolling into your very first course. College provides you an opportunity to change your complete picture. Ruffling through boxes of unpacked clothing, you are likely flustered and don’t have any clue what you ought to wear come Monday. Fortunately, you’re going to have a look at distinct outfits that will look perfect on your first day of college. Simply select a persona.

What should I wear on my first day of college? 6 Cool Outfits - That you Can Wear on your First Day of College Best College outfits that you can wear on your first day of college. because your first impression is last impression, so follow our outfits tips & grow.

6 Cool Outfits Ideas to Wear on the First Day of College

1. Awesome Pants:

College outfits ideas that Prove you are able to use your big boy pants. No trail trousers or lazy-day sweats, the very first day of faculty demands you wear much better. Cropped pants with a drawstring are obviously worthy of applause. Fitted at the waist with a touch of ankle revealing, they seem cool without trying too hard. Jeans also receive a thumbs-up, but nothing coated in holes; a small distressed is nice, but looking just like a rabid zombie ransacked your denim isn’t first-day material.

2. Footwear:

Loafers are classically cool. Leather or canvas, plain or colored, they should be your cozy staple. If you prefer something more rugged, Chelsea boots, Brogues or Chukkas can be valuable members of your footwear Rolodex. That said, never sacrifice your own comfort for style. If you’re walking, skateboarding or biking to school, consider sneakers to make your commute as comfortable and easy as possible. Socks are a must. Assuming mommy dearest isn’t around, be a good lad and buy them yourself. Make sure to get those low cut socks if you’re wearing loafers, so you can still show your ankle.

3. Jackets for Winners:

Jackets help you personalize your style. If you’re more clean-cut, a linen cardigan can be draped over your outfit for a polished finish. Trendier guys may prefer sporty styles with pops of color, or sleek leather jackets for that uptown GQ image. Or for those with timeless taste, you’ll love a vintage jean jacket or an old, rustic leather bomber with a faded, worn-in effect. Follow these styling cues to plan what you’ll wear on the first day of college. Still, looking great is just half the battle. Other college tips include the following: always swipe right, do laundry and from time to time, don’t forget to call those kind folks back home who gave you birth and are sad AF you’re gone!

4. Wear more Shirts with Collars:

You don’t have to ditch all your t-shirts, but consider polos and other collared shirts when trying to look classier. The polo can be troublesome due to trends of overly bright primary-colored polos, popped collars, and shapeless cuts. But a well-fitting polo with a more muted color or sparse pattern can actually feel a lot like your t-shirt. Cotton, knit, and woven button-down shirts are a staple as well. This type of shirt has many uses and pairs well with plenty of clothes. Add a tie if you feel like dressing up or are meeting with someone. Then take the tie off and throw on a sweater before meeting up for a study date.

5. Upgrade your Denim:

When it comes to dressing well, your denim shouldn’t be conspicuous. Light-colored denim or jeans with holes and rips will quickly draw attention to the wrong areas of your body. A pair of dark denim jeans work just as well with a blazer and dress shoes as with sneakers and a t-shirt. Dark denim which fits you well and shows off your legs without drawing too much attention can be the most valuable item in your wardrobe. Many workplaces allow employees to wear clean dark jeans as part of the workday uniform. Mid-rise jeans will help you to look proportional and give your legs a longer, slimmer look. Skinny jeans or really baggy jeans can also draw the wrong kind of attention to your legs. A slim straight cut is universal, whether it’s time to be professional, or let loose with your friends on the weekend. Invest in a pair of jeans that fit you well and don’t lean toward one style trend too much. A slim straight cut will always be in style and give you the most versatility. A dark pair of jeans is also very versatile as the dark blue will pair with most colors from black to brown. In addition to dark denim, black or gray jeans are also good colors as these pair with a lot of colors too.

6. Leave Sweats for the Gym:

Dressing classy as a college guy means putting in the effort to look put together, even at that 8:00 am class. Sweatpants and a zipped-up hoodie should be worn at home or in the gym. If you love your sweats or the athletic look, you can class it up with little effort. Invest in a pair of joggers or slim structured sweatpants which taper around the ankle. Swap your worn out zip-up hoodie for a solid-colored crew neck sweatshirt or sweater. You can also play with layers. Wear your sweatshirt over a collared shirt.

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