11 Cool Outfits Ideas to Wear on the First Day of College

Cool outfit ideas for the first day of college: When one passes out of high school and enters the college for higher studies, it is one of the most memorable achievements in life. Everybody stays excited for the first day in college. All get butterflies in their tummy thinking and imagining about the very first day. Of course, they are eager to get admission to the college they wanted but apart from that boys are excited to think for what to wear on the first day so that they can make a smart mark, look fashionable yet straightforward. The primary purpose of going to college is to gather higher knowledge on various subjects. Still, one cannot ignore the fact that looking sober and fashionable also makes oneself accessible apart from giving the best in the studies. As one enters the new phase of life and mood, let us provide some tips on what to wear on the first day of college outfit 2019 by men to create an impression.

Cool Outfits Ideas to Wear on the First Day of College

11 Cool Outfits Ideas to Wear on the First Day of College

1. The pants:

One should always remember that it is entirely reasonable to follow the actions and movements of celebrities one admires. Still, not all of their dress-ups are always appropriate in college outfits for guys. The reel and real-life are entirely different. Whatever one should wear on the first day of the college should suit well and original and not imitations. One should try to create own style and look sober. If your college allows to wearing of jeans, then a good denim trouser is without any funky design is more than sufficient to wear as a bottom. If the college has a dress code, like wearing formals, hen black or dark-colored pants can work best. Both the denim and dark-colored pants can be worn for days without washing and can take the load of rough handling. Never wear 3/4ths not only on the first day in the college but on other days too. It creates a bad image.

2. The tops:

One can wear a collared T-shirt over the denim or the pants to look smart and fashionable. However, good cotton shirts are also preferred by many. It is better to avid round neck polo shirts as there is no need to show the abs or the macho image in college. One should remember that a college is a place to study and not a place for a fashion parade and flattering. The fabric of the shirt or the T-shirt should be able to absorb the sweat. One should always try to create a sober look on the first day at the college outfits 2019 and avoid being bullied. Avoid wearing sleeveless T’s, as the college is not a place to highlight the packs and the abs or to look sexy. One should always wear smart looking shirts to impress others with the intelligent looks.

3. Have a proper haircut:

One should have a decent haircut to attend the first day in college. Whatever may be the style, the hairs should be well-groomed and clipped and cut at places to get the smart look. If one is sporting a long hair or having some particular cut, they should be well maintained and adequately cared to look fashionable as well as intelligent on the first day of college.

4. Shave or trim the beard:

If you are sporting a beard, it should be well-trimmed to look attractive on the first day of college. One should not look shabby with the beard. One should always be clean shaved if not sporting a beard and have the desired attractive look. The first attraction is the longest, and one should try to enhance the appeal to a much extent while attending the first day of college.

5. The shoes:

The shoes are an essential part of the total dress-up. One should wear shoes that are comfortable and goes with the dress one is wearing. One should feel confident wearing them. It may be boots or sneakers. It is always better to avoid the flip-flops, but if the trendy chappals match with the dress, one can wear them. One can wear ankle-high socks with the shoes but hey should match the color of the overall apparel and go with them.

6. The college bags:

One of the most important things is to carry a good college bag while attending the first day of college. Although one does not expect lots of notes to be given or lectures delivered by the professors are to be noted down on the first day as it is more or less an induction day, a trendy backpack should be carried. The color of the bag should not be loud. One should elect some cool colors like black or grey; the fabric can be varied accordingly. The backpack should have enough zipped pockets to hold many things at the proper place so that items can be found when needed.

7. The accessories:

One of the important items to enhance the looks on the first day of the college is the accessories that one wears. A watch on the wrist gives a decent look and enhances the personality to a much extent. Avoid wearing those funky watches and wear the trendiest one. One can also carry sunglass as wearing them to beat the heat is the latest trend. Select the shades that are cool and not that dark so that the eyes are visible. One should talk with others looking at their eyes. It creates a positive impact and portrays self-confidence. One should wear a branded leather belt with denim or trousers, they wear. A black or brown leather belt with straightforward buckles is enough to give that perfect fashionable look on the first day of college. Carrying a trendy sipper water bottle also boosts up the looks to a much extent. One can also carry the copper or the steel bottles or the notebook style water bottle in the backpack and take them out when feeling thirsty.

8. Clip your nails:

The nails of the hands and the foot should be clipped and manicured. Clean fingers portray the decent personality of a person and are admired by all. Using a god nail clipper is, therefore, a must to get the perfect cut. It is the hands that reach out first while meeting others; therefore, the nails and the hands should be well-manicured.

9. Use a good perfume and an aftershave lotion:

Nobody wants to smell the stink of the sweat. One should spray some god perfume or body spray while going to college on the first day. Spray some good gents perfume on the clothes or use some good body spray to feel refreshed all day. Those who shave beards for the first day of the college can use a good aftershave lotion and spread the aroma in the crowd.

10. Carry the mobile phone:

One can carry the latest mobile phone in hand while attending the first day of college. There is no need to bring those select mobile phones, but the smartphone that one uses should have a proper screen guard and a trendy back cover. College days are rough, exciting days where students learn their subjects along with other enjoyments. So a back cover for the phone should be used.

11. Give proper gesture:

Although, it is about the dresses and the accessories that go with them, nonetheless, all efforts to look good, fashionable and admirable gets lost without proper facial expressions. So it is one of the most critical parts of the overall dressing. Facial expressions define your personality; unknowingly tells many stories. Therefore, it is essential to look happy and give that lovely smile to look smart on the first day of college.

Concluding Thaughts

It is the first day of the college that every 12 pass-outs look forward. The day is to step into a new phase of life quite different from school days. It is the day when one makes friends. Dressing well looking fashionable creates an impression on others’ minds. The first look is often enough to judge the personality of a newcomer. One should wear to college every day a sober and smart dress to mix easily with other guys and extend friendship. Following the above tips are going to help. However, one should never violate the college dress code if any and they should wear them. Make sure whatever you wear is clean and without any stink. However, if there is a dress code one should follow them but can go with other suggestions. The most beautiful moments are spent in colleges other than the schools, and one should be appropriately dressed go rock on the college campus. Time will pass on faster than the roller coaster, but the memories and impressions remain forever. One should, therefore, make all efforts o follow the above tips and dress up accordingly while attending the first day of college. Wear smartly to look smart, fashionable and attractive. It is time to enjoy the college days as a fresher, and one should dress well to dress in college female.

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