The Different Qualities of Fashionable Handbags

The replica goods industry is worth more than $460 billion, according to a report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). With a market so massive, it is no surprise that there are multiple standards of products available when it comes to replicas. This holds true for replica handbags as well. There are different grades of replica bags available in the market, depending upon the quality of materials used and craftsmanship, say experts at Bag Heaven, manufacturers of high-quality LV Replica Handbags.

Here’s a look at the different grades of replica handbags you can buy.

The Different Qualities of Fashionable Handbags

1. Grade B/AB

These are the lowest quality replicas. These are generally found on shady websites or with roadside vendors. The only similarity these replicas generally share with the authentic item is the logo. The fabrics and accessories are of poor quality. The leather is generally replaced by synthetic materials. Even the size and color of the bag can be vastly different than the original item. This means that if you buy cheap Louis Vuitton replica bags & purses, people might be able to tell they are fakes from a mile away.

2. Grade A

The Different Qualities of Fashionable Handbags

These replicas are slightly better than the B/AB ones. These are softer to the touch, have better quality stitching, and better styling. Many Grade A replicas also use real leather instead of polyurethane. This means that these bags last longer than B/AB replicas. However, they won’t show the same ageing characteristics as the authentic item.

3. Grade AAA

This is where the quality starts to get premium. These bags are generally made using imported cow leather. This means they turn into an elegant beeswax color as they age. They have great stitching, high-quality fabrics, and accessories. The colors, patterns, and dimensions are also very similar to the authentic product, although they are not absolutely identical. These bags are quite popular among consumers.

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4. 1:1 Handbags

The Different Qualities of Fashionable Handbags

Next, come the 1:1 handbag. This is where telling the difference between the original and the replica becomes difficult. These bags look around 95% like the original. They use imported cow leather, high-quality soft fabrics and accessories, and great stitching. They are almost of the same size and color as the original items. These are generally much more expensive than the lower grade handbags due to the premium materials and detailed craftsmanship. However, while these bags are close to the original, the replicas might have some minor differences from the original designer LV or Hermes purses.

5. Mirror Images

The Different Qualities of Fashionable Handbags

As the name suggests, these bags are like mirror images of the real deal. These are generally around 99% similar to the original item. Unless you tell someone that it is a replica, it is almost impossible for them to make out. In these bags, the manufacturer first takes the original handbag and strips it down to the last stitch. This gives them all the information they need about the materials needed, stitching, and the assembly. In most cases, even the materials used are the same as that of the original handbag. This helps in creating Louis Vuitton replica bags & purses that look exactly like the original but are cheap, available at a fraction of the cost.

You can get luxury LV replica bags and purses for even lower prices if you decide to place wholesale orders.

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