Do Men Follow Gothic Fashion?

If you are wondering if men follow goth clothing then the short answer is yes. There is no hole of doubt that several men prefer to wear black extravagant clothes. Gothic fashion might seem frightening to few people but many never fail to admire this trend which has been only growing since the middle ages. This sort of style is not only gloomy but also fascinating. This fascination was one of the reasons which forced fashion designers to work on this style. There are several successful works of fashion designers who have played with different elements of gothic fashion and created perfect gothic dresses.

Do Men Follow Gothic Fashion?

History of Gothic Fashion:

Before diving into the main features which are present in the goth clothing mens, let’s dive into the history of gothic fashion. This punk style faded after the middle ages but reappeared again with a rebellious mood. Through black dressing, the goths symbolize mourning over a pain-filled life and seek secrets of the afterlife. Few fundamental elements present in all goth styles are the lashes, leather collars, and spikes. Gothic movement with all such features spread into different subcultures where people played with the dressing fashion according to their interest. But there is one thing which is common across the entire gothic fashion and that is the aristocracy, art, and attitude. Below are certain features that are available in goth clothing men.

Features of Goth clothing mens:

You must have already known by now that goth men’s clothing favors the color black which remains basic throughout different fabrics. This color can then be highlighted with red and various of its hues. People love goth men’s clothing with dark tones of red like cherry, maroon, and wine for it drastically gives a different appeal. Then there are certain materials in which goth men’s clothing is composed where lace, velvet, silk, and leather are quite common. Many who do not prefer to wear leather substitute it with organza, and vinyl. One needs to realize that goth men’s clothing is inspired by feminine gothic fashion thus you will find the outfits being quite similar to that of ladies. You will find tight leather pants, shapeless hoodies, black shirts, and hats.

Jewellery with goth clothing mens:

Goth clothing mens is well-paired with different types of accessories like white metal which is usually silver. People also make use of white gold. The color silver is a symbol of cold moon thus one will find a decent share of this color in several of the dresses. The goth clothing mens is also paired with leather ornaments like necklaces, collars, and bracelets. No matter what sort of goth clothing men style is but people always love to have skulls, bats and crosses. The style of this fashion does not end here but extends to makeup as well. If you own a perception that gothic makeup is only done by ladies then you are mistaken as men also rely on it. You will find the eyes highlighted with black so that the face could get distinguished with the eyes.

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