Guide To The Easy-Going Dog Breed

For a first-time pet parent, it is wise to begin the journey with a laid-back dog who is adaptable. Some breeds have endless energy, requiring extra physical and mental stimulation, while others are content planted on their parent’s lap.

You’ll find a few who are independent and can entertain themselves quite easily, but others follow their human companion everywhere, needing constant attention.

Choosing an easy-going dog will create a space where the two of you can grow together. You can gain experience as companions and ultimately learn what type of pet parent you want to be. Then, at some point, you can bring in a brother or sister for your pup. First up, finding your calm, laid back fur baby. Pull this to see a few quiet dogs that will keep things silent for those who might live in an apartment or condo.

Dog Breeds That Make Things Easy

Guide To The Easy-Going Dog Breed

Some dog breeds make things easy for pet parents and are ideal for those new to being a parent. These shouldn’t require a lot of maintenance, won’t have as much high energy or require extensive amounts of exercise, and might not be on your heels at every moment of the day.

Most of the pups on the list will let you “get your feet wet” as a parent so that you can grow together into a routine that works well for both of you. For details and photos. Some of these might include:

  • The Bulldog: The bulldog is among the list of dogs who is quietest with little barking. He is also not much for the lap, mostly because of his rotund body – (sorry, buddy). This adorable creature is incredibly lovable and one of the gentlest you will find.

The dog is a faithful loyalist for his pet parent and shows great devotion and affection for those he loves. The pup is an awesome choice for children because of his natural capacity for patience, allowing for the creation of strong bonds.

All dogs benefit from exercise and play but this puppy is not going to be overly energetic or beg to go out.

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  • Chihuahua: The dog is a high-energy puppy, but as far as grooming and maintenance, it’s simple. This one is kind of a surprise for some people on the list because some Chihuahua personalities do not necessarily qualify as “easygoing.”

These dogs can go either way. It is a matter of training, obedience training specifically, to get a more family-oriented pup who can prove to be a good companion. The dog is smart, so training will not prove challenging.

  • Bullmastiff:  A bullmastiff notes as among the most easygoing, calm breeds coming from England where their original purpose was to act as either companions or guardians.

The animal can appear intimidating due to its size, but he is incredibly gentle, loyal, and affectionate requiring little exercise. The pet is happy in either an apartment setting or a single-family home.

Obedience training is key to a successful relationship with an adult mastiff. You need to maintain leadership and control.

  • Xoloitzcuintli: You can call this guy “Xolo,” known as the calmest of dog breeds and also among the rarest. The dog is of Mexican ancestry and comes in a toy size, miniature as well as standard, and you can choose a coated variety or hairless.

The animal notes to be a tranquil, attentive, and aloof pet. “Xolo” is one of the rarest and is one of the oldest pups in the world who enjoys a long walk or quiet time around the house.

Each of these can prove to be the most easy-going for a pet parent new to caring for a dog. Most of them require little maintenance. For any pup, you will need to engage their mind and body with proper stimulation and exercise on a regular basis. None of these dogs except maybe the Chihuahua is overtly energetic, but instead, these will develop into a steady regimen each day.

Though the canines are laid back, healthcare is a must. Each will require regular checkups immediately upon adoption and intermittently following the first visit to ensure overall wellness with each stage of life. The only other necessity is an over-abundance of love and affection – one that you cannot fall short.

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