Latest Edhini Wedding Sarees Collection

Saree is considered to be the most ‘SATVIK’ outfit according to Indian culture and traditions. Silk sarees are an evergreen ethnic option to be worn for festivals, weddings, etc. The handloom saree art of Indian weavers is pleasing to self and charming in look for every woman to rejoice and cherish one’s beauty. Traditional Indian weddings are a series of ceremonies. Celebrating each ceremony has its own significance and meaning, marking a new beginning for the bride and groom.

Latest Edhini Wedding Sarees Collection at the Best Price Online

Latest Edhini wedding sarees collection at best price online

Every region in India has its own special and exceptional handloom weave well known and appreciated throughout. Maharashtrian choose the famous weave crafted by the weavers of Paithan, named as Paithani saree. The famous Kanchipuram region from South India is known for its authentic and traditional art of saree, called as Kanchipuram silk saree or the Kanchi pattu saree. The remarkable and outstanding weave from the regions of Banaras has become an integral part of weddings. Each weave has its forte in terms of designs and weaving techniques which makes them unmatched by any other. These silk sarees are available in the widest range from subtle and elegant designs to heavy zari work suitable for Bridal wear and range in price accordingly.

Handmade sarees give us the joy and feeling of appreciation that an artist has crafted with love and care. These handloom sarees depict the talent of Indian weavers which express their gratitude and happiness when worn and appreciated by the world. To support this diminishing art and heritage of India, it becomes our responsibility to make more use of handloom sarees than power loom. This will help to flare up the importance of handlooms and their art in India.

The weaving process of handlooms is a complex process that takes the hard work of many artisans to craft a single saree. It takes months to complete a masterpiece. The dyeing of pure silk threads with the beaming and subtle colors, preparing the designs cards for the saree that need to be set on the loom, and then weaving each silk thread into fabric creates this unique and flawless handloom saree.

Styling beautiful and elegant outfits for these multiple color-coordinated ceremonies of a wedding is a difficult task for every woman. Here’s a unique and stylish complete saree lookbook for traditional Indian weddings.

A lustrous Green saree for the Mehendi ceremony

A lustrous Green saree

To match the green color theme of the mehendi function, this green Pure Banarasi silk saree made up of Katan silk is the perfect silk saree for the ceremony. A saree with subtle and elegant motifs on the body of the saree with a flawless and perfect-sized border design. Pallu crafted with alluring gold zari floral designs expresses the excellent craftsmanship of the weavers of the Banaras. Not too heavy and dense in the case of design and weave, a lightweight and super comfy pure silk saree is just as required for the mehendi ceremony.

A Yellow saree as bright and yellow as Haldi

A Yellow saree

Pure Kanchipuram silk sarees crafted by weavers from the regions of south India have traditionally been an essential part of Indian weddings. This bright and beaming yellow-colored pure Kanchipuram pure silk saree made from mulberry silk threads is unmatched by any other outfit for the Haldi ceremony. The lustrous pure silk fabric of the body and pallu are hand woven separately and then later joined together using the traditional weaving technique called ‘Korvai’. The body and pallu of the saree are in contrast to each other intertwined with golden zari motifs of temple and animal designs.

The Radiant Red saree for the wedding day

Radiant Red saree

The most important ceremony of the wedding is the ‘saat pheras’, the seven rounds taken around the fire by the bride and groom to make promises to each other. This dazzling red pure Kanchipuram silk saree is the best choice for the occasion. The body and pallu of this silk saree are completely infused with unique yet delicately hand-woven gold zari designs. The red and gold contrast and basic combination of the saree give you a stylish and graceful look. This appealing and pretty-as-picture silk saree is irresistible and a must-have to complete your wedding collection.

Elegance at its best for reception day

Kanchipuram silk saree

Exclusive dual-tone plain pure Kanchipuram silk saree will make you shine on the reception day. Gold and purple silk threads twirled and twisted give this dual shade to the fabric which makes the saree shine and shimmer. This plain Kanchipuram silk saree styled with contrast colored designer blouse will give you the modern and stylish look just as you have imagined yourself for the reception.

Many more options to choose from to make your wedding celebrations more exciting and rejoiceful, brought to you by from the weavers of the corner of India with love and care.

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