4 Essentials to Bring on Any Vacation

Fewer things are more inspiring and exciting than packing for your next vacation! All destinations require stylish accessories and travel essentials to go with your clothing, so be sure you’re shopping for high-quality products. Our list of must-haves is the perfect guide for any vacation. Shop each essential to feel more comfortable and confident on your trip. From stylish reading glasses to lightweight luggage, the items you choose will make it your best vacation ever.

4 Essentials to Bring on Any Vacation
⦁ Stylish Eyewear

On-trend accessories are sure to elevate your vacation style. If you are someone who wears reading glasses, you’ll find plenty of chic and travel-friendly options perfect for your trip. Some travelers buy a pair of readers exclusively for their time abroad. This way, you can enjoy wearing a colorful frame or a vibrant pattern while you keep your favorite “cheaters” safe at home. When it comes to next-level reading glasses for women, soft square eyeglasses with a thick, chunky texture will stand out by the pool or on the patio. We love bold colors like purple quartz or pink quartz, so your readers flatter you just as much as your vacation-ready outfits. Some of the most attractive, destination-friendly reading glasses for men include oversized, angular frames in a sunny, energizing shade like honey tortoise.

If you need eyewear for reading and viewing at various distances, try a pair of wear-everywhere frames featuring progressive lenses. Chic cat-eye glasses and cool oversized square frames are bold and polished enough for a memorable trip. Take your selfies in a luxe frame color like Tokyo tortoise. Teal and aqua frames with a subtle ombre design are the perfect choice for a lake trip or a beach vacation.

When it’s time to sunbathe or take a walk, a pair of polarized sunglasses or reading sunglasses can make your trip that much more enjoyable. Read a magazine or novel without having to head indoors. Polarized lenses are perfect for outdoor activities and excursions, including nature hikes and fishing trips. Don’t forget to pack a hard carrying case to protect your eyewear while you’re on the road.

⦁ Travel-Friendly Luggage

No matter where you’re going on vacation, the best luggage for your trip is lightweight with plenty of storage. To find the ideal luggage for you, the suitcase you choose may depend on where you’re going. Traveling by airplane? Pick a durable suitcase with a unique design and a brightly colored tag. That way, you can easily find your bag on a busy luggage carousel.

There are plenty of vibrant colors to match every style, including teal and periwinkle. Pick a warm color to match your warm-weather vacation like cherry or salmon. Other must-have features for your suitcase include a sturdy telescopic handle and smooth wheels. To make organization simple, choose a model with plenty of zipper panels or storage pockets.

A hard-shell suitcase can help protect your belongings if you’re going on a cruise or a road trip. A soft side model is much lighter and can help if you’re dealing with weight restrictions. If you’re big on staying organized, shop for a luggage set. Carry the cases along with you or place them inside a larger bag.

⦁ Vacation-Ready Footwear

Do you need to shop for trip-friendly footwear? The shoes you wear on vacation might differ from those you wear at home. Think about where you’re going, and then pick shoes to keep you comfortable and stylish during each activity. If you’re headed to a coastal destination, sandals are your friend. Sandals and flip-flops accommodate every style, so go ahead and browse your choice of breezy backless slides or chic gladiator sandals.

Women’s wedges and platforms are cute enough for a special occasion, while clog sandals or buckle sandals are on-trend with a colorful skirt or a pair of linen shorts. Hiking sandals with thicker straps and shock-absorbing heels keep feet cool and comfortable on long distances. Boat shoes will elevate your style wherever you go, including a guided tour or a nice restaurant. If you plan on swimming or snorkeling, consider packing water shoes. They’ll help to protect your feet while on sand and rocks.

Pack plenty of sneakers and tennis shoes for those headed to the forest or the city. Nobody likes tired feet while exploring, so it’s best to invest in footwear to prevent stress on your lower body. Lightweight running shoes are easy to pack and have a minimalist style to match all your outfits. Foam sneakers in vibrant colors will complement everything from khaki shorts to capri pants. If you’re interested in packing light, you can’t go wrong with a pair of white tennis shoes. Choose a low-profile, athletic style that’s high on comfort.

⦁ Must-Have Digital Devices

It’s wise to take time to unplug while you’re on vacation. Disconnecting can help you relax and gain a new perspective. Even if you’re basking in nature, you’ll still need digital devices. A tablet or smartphone will help you find unique places to explore while you stay connected back home. Travel speakers provide entertainment while you’re on the beach or hiking a nature trail. Consider bringing a lightweight laptop if you plan on checking in with work.

Noise-canceling headphones can help you unwind while you’re on a train or airplane. Don’t forget chargers and extra charging cables to power up your technology. Check if you will need an adapter to charge your devices from your cruise ship cabin or hotel room. A quality digital camera makes it possible to capture can’t-miss moments and upload them immediately to a computer or laptop. We also like bringing a smartwatch to stay connected without having to carry our phones everywhere we go. An e-reader is portable and lightweight for going poolside. It also makes for an affordable device to use on vacation so you can keep your tablet at home.

These Vacation Essentials Will Help You Make the Most of Your Trip

Are you ready for your trip? The above list of travel must-haves will help you pack light and make the most of your vacation. Remember to pick a few outfits you can mix and match while wearing to more than one occasion or activity. Once you pack your favorite clothing, you can choose the accessories that complete your look and make you feel more comfortable while traveling.

Colorful reading glasses and stylish, angular polarized sunglasses are just some of the styles in eyewear that will help you complete your activities in comfort. Be sure you have the luggage and technology to enhance your trip while remembering the footwear that will keep you inspired and active. There is no one way to vacation as long as you’re relaxed and joyful! The products above are sure to enhance your vacation and make it memorable.

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