Fashion Guidelines for Summer All Men Should Consider

When it comes to men’s fashion, every season has its signature look. Summer style is airy and vibrant, making it more fun to put together a good-looking outfit. In the summer, it’s common to choose versatile men’s pieces that work for different occasions. At the same time, the right fits and fabrics will help to give you a fresh and classic appearance. Check out the following style traditions and trendsetting ideas for warmer months. These tips and tricks will keep you looking and feeling confident all summer.

Summer Guidelines All Men Should Consider

Summer Guidelines All Men Should Consider

Embrace Lighter, Brighter Colors

A navy crew neck or black v-neck tee looks classic with nearly any style of men’s summer pants or shorts. You can’t go wrong with these shirts in any season, but you’ll match the summertime vibe a little better when you choose lighter and brighter colors for your outfit. A white crew neck shirt is the quintessential tee for summer, with a fresh and clean look perfect for layering or wearing alone.

Every guy looks excellent in white, no matter if they’re pairing it with board shorts for vacation or khakis for work. Match your white tee with a pair of neutral chinos or colorful drawstring shorts in shades like salmon or olive. Besides white, some of the most popular colors for men’s shirts this summer include light blue and pastel green. Crew neck shirts in soft purple or clay provide a necessary pop of bright color.

To keep your outfit from feeling too eccentric or busy, balance your brightest hues with khaki-colored pants or shorts. Other stylish choices include grey tech shorts and lightweight drawstring pants in shades like indigo or camel. Yellow and sapphire blue are on-trend for summer but still feel appropriate for work or a nice dinner.

If you’re going on vacation, feel free to experiment with tops and bottoms in fiery red and green seafoam. Prints and patterns are welcome in summer if you use them sparingly. A subtle tropical print or floral pattern can add style to your outfit while keeping your look mature and timeless.

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Choose Lightweight, Breathable Fabrics

Now that you have lighter and brighter colors, it’s time to match them with your summertime fabrics. Men’s summer clothing should stay stylish while helping your skin breathe and stay cool. It should also assist in wicking moisture from your body so you can stay fresh throughout the day while avoiding odor.

The most popular seasonal fabric for men is cotton. You’ll find plenty of breathable v-necks and crew necks in organic cotton material. Choose from various colors and fits for every occasion and body type. Along with these styles, there are plenty of men’s tops and bottoms in blends like cotton-silk and cotton-linen.

Stock up on t-shirts and polo shirts for work or special events. Button-up and button-down collared shirts and chambray jackets will have you ready for everything from brunch to a wedding. For an alternative to classic cotton fabric, try linen. Linen material feels even more breathable and lightweight than cotton because of its open weave.

While you’ll feel extra cool and fresh, you’ll also need to give your clothing extra care to prevent wrinkles. If you’re okay with ironing your clothing, you’ll find everything from comfortable shorts to camp collar shirts for summer.

Another option is a synthetic fabric or a fabric blend. These materials are numerous and much more innovative than you may think. Many of them include natural byproducts that make the clothing eco-conscious and sustainable. Men’s modal t-shirts are an example of 100% ethically made and renewable fabric with no microplastics, so you can feel confident about what you’re wearing. You’ll also like that the material feels soft and stretchy.

Another exciting development in men’s summer fashion is a silky smooth tri-blend fabric made with a combination of polyester, cotton, and rayon. While it looks stylish and trendsetting, it’ll also feel amazing on your skin in the hottest temperatures. Wear it when you’re working or hanging with friends. You’ll like that your shirt is sophisticated and fashion-forward while helping to wick moisture away.

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Enjoy a Relaxed Look

A tailored look is attractive year-round, but you can get away with being much more relaxed during summer. It’s the right time to exchange your well-fitting denim jeans and sports coats for the cooler months of the year. Next, shop for shorts and lightweight pants that let your skin breathe in warm weather.

It may be tempting to buy a bigger size of clothing to feel a bit lost, but you can simply shop for relaxed-fit clothing instead. You can also get away with wearing cotton tees and poly blend shirts more often than you can during fall or winter. If you like to wear crew necks and v-necks, you can wear them for almost any occasion in summer.

Elevate your appearance with shirts featuring put-together side seams or choose a raglan sleeve design to contour your shoulders. A curved hem can flatter your build while giving you a more tapered fit that makes you look more muscular. Sleeves that are cut to show off your biceps will further emphasize your best features. Colors like garnet and blue-grey are ideal for any moment in life.

Look Fresh and Stylish This Summer

If you follow men’s fashion guidelines this summer, you’re sure to have a fresh and stylish look. Pay the most attention to the colors and fabrics that will make you feel comfortable. We think that when you add the right features and fits, you will look relaxed and ready to enjoy the warmth of the season. Seasonal materials and versatile looks make it easy to achieve a classic appearance. Add a few accessories to make your men’s summer outfits unique to you.

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