4 Fashion Hacks for An Effortlessly Cool Look

The big questin around the style of celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski is how they can pull off effortlessly casual, yet sophisticated looks over and over again. Stick to the 4 hacks below to achieve an effortlessly chic and current style.

4 Fashion Hacks for An Effortlessly Cool Look

4 Fashion Hacks for An Effortlessly Cool Look

Invest in Exceptional Footwear

This does not need to be an expensive or label brand. One of the best ways to elevate an outfit is to have statement shoes. The retro, thick-soled shoes of the early 2000s Spice Girls era are back in but with more comfort and agility. Investing in great quality shoes that are stylish and comfortable like from Diemme on PRM is the best way to make sure you bring a serious sense of show style to compliment an outfit.

Loose Trousers are In

Although many thought that the years of skinny jeans would never come to an end, the age of baggy pants and jeans is back. The best way to wear these to achieve the effortless look is by wearing them as low rise as you feel comfortable. Go for a suit-style trouser in grey and beige, paired with a stylish suede or leather shoe from PRM like mentioned above and you are on your way to fashion success.

Bring in Some Faux Leather

A huge rave at the moment is some form of faux leather. Whether this is a leather belt, a micro leather skirt, an extra long leather jacket or a small leather handbag. The glossy or matt finish of this smooth material brings in an air of sophistication, poise and maturity to an otherwise more tom-boy look. It’s a great way to rummage through your older relatives’ cupboard and make use of their vintage items.

Add Small Accessories

Here it’s all about the extra little details. Small handbags, earrings, hair accessories and glasses. The handbags should be small ones that fit under your arm, the earrings thick gold and hooped, the hair accessories preferably with a butterfly clip and the glasses cat-like. Adding a lot of little items is meant to elevate the outfit and create a lasting look that comes across stylishly.

Mix and match different colored necklaces, bracelets and rings as you please. Do not allow yourself to be confined by one color or style. Combine silver and gold, or emeralds and pearls. The same goes with the bags and hair bits, feel free to add different colors and textures to the look. All of these pieces are meant to be small so the versatility is welcome and encouraged.

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