Sneak Peek In 2021 Fashion: 5 illusional tips for Plus Size Women

Plus-size goddesses often feel caught between flaunting their curves and shrouding their femininity with thick layers of clothing. Why is that? It’s partially our own lack of confidence in our beauty, and half the blame rests with society’s standards of femininity.

Luckily, in 2021, we all live in the age of body positivity and inclusivity.
We rightfully reserve the creative freedom to express ourselves and flaunt our curves in styles that appeal to our tastes. As a plus-size beauty, you need to redraw your comfort limits and expand your boundaries of glamour and style. Experimenting with new trends and styling tricks will empower you with confidence and elevate your wardrobe with functional outfits.
Keep reading to explore some incredible styling tips and tricks to rejoice in your curves with confidence this year.

5 illusional tips for Plus Size Women

5 illusional tips for Plus Size Women

1. Invest in waist-cinching garments

All presentable statements require us to give our curves a structured and well-cinched appeal. How does one achieve that? It’s simple: invest in high-rise denim jeans, chunky belts, belted jumpsuits and dresses, and wide-leg pants. All waist-cinching garments are sharply structured and neatly tailored, with belted accents.

Waist-cinching will add structure to your curvature and slim down your waist to play up your curves with elegance. Wide-leg pants and high-rise jeans will tuck in that gently-protruding muffin top, creating the illusion of a sleek profile. These waist-cinching statements work wonders at creating effortlessly elegant outfits for work, formal occasions, and career-advancing business meetings.
The styling experts at DIA strongly recommend plus-size goddesses to add wide-leg pants to their workwear attire. These versatile bottom staples work well with anything and everything, from turtlenecks and blouses to button-downs and blazers. The infectious energy of 70s-inspired, high-rise flare jeans is another waist-cinching investment that will creatively elevate your streetwear wardrobe.

2. Flaunt tonal outfits & matching separates

Two-toned outfits in neutral colors and dark, rich color palettes are all the rage this year. Runways are abuzz with tonal outfits and chic matching separates. Here’s a trend that you can flaunt all year and curate styles that are elegant and effortless to piece together. Pistachio, olive green, burgundy, coral, and lively pastels are all glorious colors to rock in tonal outfits.

You can invest in tailored pantsuits and elevate the look by sneaking in a vibrant layering staple. For instance, wearing a sharply tailored black pantsuit with a red mock-neck chiffon blouse. You can also pair olive green pants with an olive trench coat and complement the palette with beige accessories. This trend is all about getting creative with tonal combinations and tossing in a vibrant hue to balance out the mix.
Tonal outfits and matching separate give the waist a shapely appeal and slim down the profile. These are a fabulous investment for workwear, semi-formal and formal attire.

3. Pick out bright & vibrant floral prints

Chunky and dark floral prints create the illusion of a slimmer, shapelier waist and give your curves a tapered appeal. Floral prints and romantically feminine floral dresses are all the rage this summer. Plus-size fashionistas adore the comfort and billowy tailoring of floral maxi dresses.

Floral prints are a timeless trend, so every staple you buy is a lasting investment; given the fabric, quality lasts long enough. There’s a winsome variety to explore in florals, and the color pistachio green is everywhere in sight. Florals are always an energetic infusion to kick off spring and summertime outfits with a bright pop of color.
And besides, you can flaunt maxi dresses all-year-round with leather jackets and outwear staples. We strongly urge you to invest in some floral sheath dresses and delicate silk blouses for feminine workwear attire.

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4. Embrace the allure of animal prints

The allure of timeless animal prints, such as leopard, snakeskin, and crocodile-inspired textures, remains hot like a never-ending fever. Much like florals, animal prints are a lasting investment that you will flaunt for years to come. Animal prints, particularly leopard print, exude a raw and magnetic sensuality that evokes confidence in a woman.

Envelope your curves with sharply tailored leopard print maxi dresses, sultry cocktail numbers, and shapely bodycon dresses. Snakeskin tights and crocodile-patterned accessories will have you making smooth style transitions from work-to-play without cramping your glam.
We urge you to take risks and invest in bold animal print statements that entice your inner goddess with confidence. A leopard faux fur coat is a definite-must-have, alongside snakeskin ankle boots. There’s no playing safe when it comes to animal prints; you either go wild or go home!

5. Enjoy eclectic tie-dye blends

An iconic trend associated with the hippy movements of the 60s and 70s, tie-dye never goes out of style. This timeless trend has gained a lot of traction on the trend radar, and it’s all the rage in glamour circuits. We love tie-dye staples, especially leggings, as they create the illusion of longer and shapelier legs.

Tie-dye dresses are also a fabulous investment to flaunt your curves with an artful palette of vibrant dresses. If you’ve never experimented with tie-dye outfits, now’s the time to take the plunge.


Fashion is not a never-ending race to hoard fleeting trends in your wardrobe. Instead, it’s a powerful form of creative self-expression to drape your curves in outfits that bring out the best of you. It’s essential to flaunt outfits and trends that make you feel beautiful and confident. Remember, confidence is a necessary prerequisite to feeling glamorous. If a trend doesn’t inspire confidence and joy, it’s clearly not meant for you and is not worth your time and effort.

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