Get Ahead of the Curve: 3 Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback this Season

Fashion trends often go out of style as quickly as they come in, so it is important to get ahead of the curve if you want to stay on top. With the trends constantly changing, it can feel like a challenge to keep up; a great way to combat this is by looking at online fashion influencers or finding inspiration on sites like Pinterest. Whether you’re a forward-thinking fashionista or want to look good in the latest styles, this comprehensive guide is perfect for keeping up with the most recent fashion trends.

Sheer Knitwear

Fashion Trends

Sheer knitwear is currently growing in popularity due to its chic nature and versatility, making it the perfect adaptable clothing piece throughout all four seasons. From spring to summer and even through winter, sheer knitted tops and cardigans make the perfect addition to any outfit. Their lightweight nature allows an easy transition from day to night; on chilly summer evenings, sheer knitwear can add warmth without compromising or overwhelming an outfit. In winter, sheer knits look fabulous layered with denim maxi skirts, chunky boots, and a padded jacket.  

If you’re on a budget or want to get a bit creative, why not try knitting your own? Yarn crafts are known as a healthy addiction as they provide positive benefits for your wellbeing, so not only will you have a trendy knit, but your mental health will reap the benefits.

Vintage Accessories

Recently, there has been a huge spark in the rise of vintage accessories as their elegant nature provides a unique but timeless style that goes with every outfit. 

Statement vintage belts are currently a huge hit in the fashion world due to their ability to easily and quickly add sophistication to any outfit. Plus, with a wide range of styles, there’s a belt for every occasion; a popular choice is currently an oversized disc belt. These belts channel boho chic energy, making them the perfect festival accessory for adding a touch of glamour to a basic skirt. 

Many brands replicate the style, but for a true vintage find, browse apps like Depop and Vinted for a truly unique belt. 

Regarding jewellery, vintage watches are a fashion choice we’re seeing more of, especially regarding celebrity fashion. Not only do these watches add a touch of class to every outfit, but they are also a practical accessory for those with a busy schedule. 

Plus, you don’t have to worry about having the same timepiece as everyone else, as vintage watches make unique pieces that stand out with any outfit. If you’re worried about the price point, there’s no need! These watches don’t always break the bank; a vintage Casio watch is the perfect stylish Y2K piece if you’re on a budget. 

Maxi Skirts

The quiet luxury trend has sparked a revival in the popularity of maxi skirts because their effortlessly chic nature makes them the perfect piece to be styled all year round.

This trend has been influenced heavily by it-girl Sofia Richie, who has taken over the fashion world following her breath-taking French wedding. Sofia embodies quiet luxury with her timeless and classy style and has been spotted styling maxi skirts on multiple occasions. One of Richie’s most sought-after looks is the Posse linen maxi skirt and matching waistcoat; we’re sure to see this style all over the feeds on influencers this autumn, and the style has already sold out on multiple occasions.

Ultimately, maxi skirts provide a transitional and sophisticated addition to any wardrobe, and their popularity continues throughout the winter. 

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