5 Fashionable and Comfortable Work Outfit Ideas

Work outfits, no matter if you’re dressing for casual coworking spaces or true corporate settings, can be harder sometimes than the work itself. These outfit ideas have to hit a lot of marks, after all: dress codes, seemingly random office temperatures, commutes, all-day comfort and more. Along with this, every day is a different story, with some involving presentations and meetings that call for an extra professional and powerful blazer, and some being consumed by your post-work plans that will have you rocking comfortable wedge sandals at work.

So explore our suggested essentials and outfit ideas that hit every mark, and add some fashionable and personality-filled elements to take them into fashionable territory.

5 Fashionable and Comfortable Work Outfit Ideas

5 Fashionable and Comfortable Work Outfit Ideas

The Essentials

A couple of solid pieces can go a long way, so when it comes to shopping for comfortable and fashionable workwear, make sure you’re considering versatile pieces like:

  • Stretchy work pants will be the most proactive way to stay comfortable all day at work — not to mention allow you fuller movement to DO your work. Almost every traditional and trendy work pant you can think of can likely be found in a secretly stretchy version, so the first place to start when it comes to creating a fashionable and comfortable wardrobe is to seek them out.
  • Flowy blouses are your easiest route to a cute and comfortable work outfit no matter the sleeve or neck style. When combined with a pair of stretchy work pants like we’ve mentioned above, the ease is unrivaled.
  • Nice sweaters, like blouses, will be a super easy way to create work outfits that are comfortable enough to work in and can be as cute or casual as you desire depending on the style you’ve chosen. Anytime you see long sleeve shirts and blouses that you like as part of an outfit, there’s a sweater that’s a viable option as well.
  • Cardigans or comfy blazers are the ultimate office layering piece that can be worn with almost any outfit and are sure to enhance the professional appeal.
  • Stretchy dresses in any style will be a savior for lazy days when you just want to slip something easy on as much as for the days when you’re feeling extra fashionable. If you’re unsure of what style will work best for you or your work environment, we suggest a simple short- or long-sleeve wrap dress, as they’re comfortable (even when you’re bloated), flattering on almost every body shape, and the perfect level of fashionable for any environment.
  • Versatile shoes that will go with your pants and dresses alike are especially important when it comes to office environments in particular. No matter what, though, you’ll need to have at least one pair of professional shoes for women or men that complement the professional aesthetic you’re aiming for.

Fashionable and Comfortable Outfit Ideas for Every Style

1. Sophisticated and Comfortable

A simple short- or long-sleeve wrap dress in a fun color or pattern will be enough all on its own to create an aesthetic that has an unrivaled level of personality while still being highly professional. Depending on the colors and patterns you’re drawn to, this is a look that can be anything from playful to powerful.

From here, the personality and style that you’re looking to showcase can be accentuated by your shoes, accessories and sweater or jacket choice. When it comes to creating a look that’s not too fancy or too playful for the office though, we suggest using limited layers and accessories, keeping your hair and makeup simple, and embracing a pair of cute flats in any style.

2. Cool and Comfortable

By starting with a clean and classy (and ultra comfy) base that consists of a crisp white camisole tucked into loose, high-waisted black pants that taper in toward the ankle and a pair of heels with a statement-making pattern, color or texture, you’re setting yourself up for success with this cool and clean aesthetic. From here, topping your outfit off with the aforementioned stretchy faux suede moto jacket in a fun but subtle color (like burgundy or dark dusty blue) that matches with your shoes will take this look where we all want it to go.

3. Quick and Comfortable

Just like dresses, jumpsuits should be a go-to for slower-start mornings and lazy days to achieve an appropriate work outfit in a single low-maintenance step. So whether it be a denim utility jumpsuit with a more fitted silhouette or more formal details (like a cute tie detail around the waist for instance), be sure to embrace at least one in your work wardrobe.

When it comes to completing the look, consider pairing jumpsuits with a neutral heel in a classy style, a soft cardigan or blazer in a similar color to your shoes, and a polished but casual hairstyle (such as a bun) to balance the utilitarian or fancy feel of the jumpsuit with softer and more professional elements.

4. Classy and Comfortable

Extra wide-leg pants and palazzo pants are the perfect way to integrate fashion and functionality for work. They’re pretty, feminine, powerful, and flattering, and when they’re cascading over a pair of heels, it’s even more obvious. If you’ve opted for a solid color of pants, consider pairing it with a patterned camisole, and matching your shoes up with a cardigan or jacket that you can throw over the cami if needed. If you’ve opted for patterned pants, use a simple, solid-colored long-sleeve shirt and solid-colored shoes.

Always Remember What Fashion Is All About

Fashion is all about embracing what brings you joy, wearing what makes you feel confident and comfortable and expressing yourself to the world however you want — and you should be embracing this when it comes to your workwear as well! From colored blazers and cutout tops to patterned dresses and soft sweaters, your statement pieces will kick-start conversations (and can be catered to your professional image), and your comfort will actually be the key to wearing them best.

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