A Brief Guide to Football Jersey Fashion for Fans

When thinking of football jersey fashion, many might think this simply refers to being kitted out in a team’s full strip. However, the reality is quite different. The subculture of terrace fashion began in the 1970s, and continues to be popular to this day. Here is a brief guide to football jersey fashion for fans from Dublin Jersey.A Brief Guide to Football Jersey Fashion for Fans

What is Terrace Fashion?

Inspired by the frontline of football terraces, this style of men’s fashion effortlessly blends sportswear with fashion staples, such as jackets, trainers and polo shirts. Many credit terrace fashion as starting around the time Liverpool won the European Cup in 1977, as this meant fans could travel around Europe, follow their team, and soak up local fashion looks too, especially from countries such as Italy, France and Germany. From the North West, the trend soon swept to other football fans, and the terrace fashion subculture was born.

Although it began in the 1970s, this fashion niche really grew throughout the 1980s and 1990s, with many top designers looking to add a touch of sportswear casual to their fashion looks. Fred Perry is a classic example of a fashion house who have used terrace fashion to influence their iconic branded polo shirts. More modern brands, such as Adidas, have taken inspiration from terrace fashion to elevate their basic sportswear pieces to high-end fashion must-haves.

What is Terrace Fashion Pieces?

Terrace fashion can include a number of different pieces, but the top four looks center around the parka jacket, polo shirts, trainers, and casual jeans. Synonymous with the 1990s, parka jackets were a practical way to keep out the rain whilst watching from the stands, and they quickly evolved into a much bigger style statement. As they are so lightweight, they can be layered over other items, making them the perfect sporty yet still fashionable jacket.

Bands such as Oasis are famous for wearing their parka’s whatever the weather and singer Liam Gallagher even has his own line of parka jackets with his range Pretty Green.

Polo shirts have been popular right since the start of terrace fashion, and are easy to wear for most men, mixing retro looks with a more modern flare. Along with the iconic polo shirts from Fred Perry, other brands such as Lacoste have also created polo shirts in everything from classic white to dazzling neon colors too. The popularity of trainers in terrace fashion begins of course in the fact that they are a comfortable form of footwear, essential for all football fans.

However, terrace fashion has elevated the humble trainer from the practical everyday shoe, to one of the most desirable footwear items around. Big-name sports brands, such as Nike, have revolutionized the sale of trainers by not only creating eye-catching and funky shoes but collaborating with sporting giants in order to give their trainers some added stardust.

Finally, jeans are of course a wardrobe staple, and thanks to terrace fashion, have become even more stretchy and comfortable to wear, influenced by fans sitting and standing while watching a game for long periods of time. Designer brands such as Diesel have created jeans in a number of different fits, from traditional bootleg, to super skinny. No longer just a basic item, jeans can now be a statement piece all by themselves, and perfectly complement all other aspects of terrace fashion too.

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How to Get the Terrace Fashion Look

If you are thinking of adding some terrace fashion to your look, then why not try adding one or two sporty pieces to your usual everyday style? The great thing about terrace fashion is that it can be as subtle or as striking as you want, the choice is yours. Some fans of the subculture choose to dress head to toe in terrace fashion, reminiscent of the mod style of dressing.

However, even swapping out your usual heavy jacket for a lightweight parka coat, or opting for some skinny jeans and a bright polo shirt, can really elevate your football jersey fashion style. You don’t need to be athletic to look great in terrace fashion, so whether you are looking to make a statement in the stands or simply enjoy some sports luxe, terrace fashion is the retro trend that is still influencing men’s fashion today.

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