How to Find Your Kid Their Favorite Glasses

Is your child getting ready to look and perform their best as they get back to learning after a long break? Are you looking for kids’ glasses?

Believe it or not, there’s an art to finding the right glasses for your child. And you may need a few tricks to get them wearing glasses regularly around their peers.

Here’s what you need to know about finding your child the right pair of specs.How to Find Your Kid Their Favorite Glasses

1. Make Sure They Fit

If your child’s glasses are too tight or loose, they won’t want to put them on.

The “arms” of your child’s glasses should extend straight back to the ears. The only place they should be touching their head is just in front of their ears. Arms that curve too early will push down on the side of their nose.

The width of your kids’ glasses frames should only be just past the cheekbone. If the arms of your child’s glasses are touching their temples, the glasses are too small. If they can fit more than one finger between their temple and the arm of the glasses, the frame is too wide.

The bridge of your child’s glasses should fit over their nose. They shouldn’t be too loose or too tight.

You can probably find the right frame for your child when you try them on at a store or ophthalmologist’s office. The right professional can help you find a good fit, and you can come back for adjustments as your child continues to grow.

2. Choose the Right Material

The frames for children are usually made of plastic or metal. It’s possible to pick stylish choices similar to the “nerd-cool” looks that are currently popular with adults. Plenty of kids designer glasses are also available online.

Plastic is a particularly smart choice if your children are younger. They are less likely to bend or break. Plastic is also less expensive and lighter in weight.

Metal frames, however, are becoming increasingly more durable and able to resist wear. Make sure you choose a hypoallergenic material if your child’s skin is sensitive.

3. Pick Them Out Together

A good way to help ensure that your child will like their new glasses is to allow them to help you pick them out. Discuss features they might like, such as colors and shapes.

Make sure to compliment your child on their new look, and encourage their enthusiasm if they find a pair they like.

4. Sports Glasses for Kids

Most children’s glasses lenses are made from polycarbonate, which is more impact-resistant than other materials. It’s also lighter than regular plastic, which can make these glasses more comfortable for kids to wear. Lenses made from this material provide built-in protection from UV rays.

Whatever the lenses are made from, however, regular glasses can’t provide your child with adequate protection against objects such as flying balls. If your child is involved in athletics, you may need to invest in a pair of sports goggles.

Your ophthalmologist or another professional can help fit your child properly for sports glasses.

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5. Springs Hinges

One nice feature that many children’s glasses offer is spring hinges on the temples. These allow the temples of the glasses to flex out away from the frames without breaking the glasses.

Spring hinges are a good idea for youngsters because they can prevent frequent trips to your eye care professional for repairs and adjustments. They make glasses more resistant to impact and wear and tear.

6. Warranties

Your eye care dealer may offer you a warranty for your child’s glasses for a small fee. When it comes to children, the investment may be well worth it since they are more prone to accidents.

A good way to know if a warranty is worth the money is to compare the cost of replacing a single lens with that of the warranty plan. You should also make sure the plan covers scratching from normal wear and tear. This is a common problem with children and you’ll appreciate being able to swap out a lens rather than having to purchase a new pair of glasses early.

7. Teach Your Child to Care for Their Glasses

Teaching your child to care for their glasses now will equip them with skills they can use for a lifetime. Remember that glasses are an investment and both of you will appreciate your child being gentle and cautious with them.

Make sure you teach your child to use both hands when putting on or taking off their glasses. It will keep them from getting bent or broken, and ensure they stay cleaner as well!

Teach your child not to clean their glasses while they’re dry, as this can lead to scratching. instead, have a special time in the evening when they use warm water or a special glasses cleaner. They can then wipe their glasses down with a special cloth.

if you wear glasses also, glasses cleaning time together can be a great bonding activity. It can also help to establish a routine and set a good example for your child to follow!

The Advantage of Kids Glasses

Kids’ glasses can provide better vision, help straighten crossed eyes, and provide protection. With the right fit and stylish frames, your child will be more enthusiastic about picking out and wearing their glasses. And with modern developments such as warranties and cleansing cloths, your child’s glasses can stay clean and wearable for a long time.

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