How To Pick the Right Men’s Golf Shoes for Your First Game

A good-fitting, proper pair of men’s golf shoes supports traction during your swing. For this reason, it’s important for golfers to walk the course with footwear that fits properly.

Golf shoes that fit snugly on your feet and keep them warm ensure that you’re dry and comfortable throughout the entire round. Although men’s golf shoes that meet these conditions may be a bit expensive, spending on high-quality things is money well-spent.

You wouldn’t want poorly made shoes to cause you aching feet, blisters, and inflamed heels. Look for the following features to help you pick the right men’s golf shoes.

How To Pick the Right Men’s Golf Shoes for Your First Game

How To Pick the Right Men's Golf Shoes for Your First Game

1. With or Without Spikes

The first thing to decide on when choosing golf shoes is to go with spikes or without. This narrows your choices to a manageable list. So what’s the big difference between the two?

The Difference

Depending on the weather conditions you’re in, men’s golf shoes with spikes can offer more traction and stability than spikeless ones. This is ideal for anyone who wants good results, even when playing in the rain or on wet grounds.

On the other hand, spikeless men’s golf shoes are lightweight and usually more comfortable because of their flexible soles. The new types of spikeless men’s golf shoes look like running shoes, tennis shoes and other kinds of athletic shoes.

Both types can be a good option as long as you base your decision on the conditions you play in most. If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, check out ECCO men’s golf shoes on sale in Canada.

2. Comfort

Comfortable men’s golf shoes are those that fit securely and don’t move at all on your heel while you walk. The best for you is the one that easily fits your foot and doesn’t squeeze your toes.

Getting the right size is a crucial part of the equation. Try on different men’s golf shoes before purchasing to get the perfect fit.

3. Stability

Factors like wind and weather are outside a player’s control. However, with the right men’s golf shoes, he can control his foot action.

During the backswing, the pressure on the back foot builds up, and potential energy is stored. Gradually, this becomes kinetic energy, and the feet become instigators of the action. The weight shifts towards the front by impact, and finally, the player’s weight goes directly over the front foot. Throughout this dynamic action, a golf shoe plays a special role.

The more stable a shoe can impact on the swing, the better it is. Some shoes have built-in stabilizers along the arches to help keep the feet from swaying from side to side.

4. Flexibility

Considering that most golf courses have irregular, hilly grounds, you being able to take swings on awkward slopes is a great skill. Therefore, you’ll need reliable golf shoes that are flexible in any terrain.

So what about stability? Most supple foot areas need a stiff section for support. On the contrary, most stiff areas need flexibility for comfort. In today’s golf era, the best shoe product that can do equally well is what a customer is looking for.

5. Waterproof

The perfect men’s golf shoes should at least be made from waterproof material. This keeps your feet dry, even when a downpour occurs on-site or when playing on grass that’s heavy with morning dew.

Wet shoes weaken stability and make your feet slide on the insole, which is one of the worst results for your swing. Be sure to search for a shoe that can endure all kinds of weather without being soggy.

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6. Breathability

Men’s golf shoes made from breathable materials allow air circulation, keeping your feet cool. Moreover, it can prevent the development of bad odours and fungus caused by sweaty feet.

Get access to golf shoes with perforations in leather uppers to let fresh air seep in. Ensure that the perforations on the golf shoes are adequate to permit airflow and allow your feet to breathe.

7. Style

Gone are the days when what you’re most concerned about in men’s golf shoes are appearance and price. In the modern golf game, form follows function more than ever, which is why there are different shoe styles and types.

There are two main styles in the golf shoes’ market, and these are:

  • Traditional Golf Shoes – These are made of leather and are quite durable. However, their selection lack breathability as well as flexibility.
  • Athletic Golf Shoes – These are available with or without spikes and are famous for their lightweight and high degree of flexibility. Most sought-after brands like Adidas, FootJoy, Nike and Puma make different forms of casual athletic shoes.

More than the brand or the colour, let your performance needs dictate what shoe style to pick. When you shoot your highest score, the golf shoes you wear will be the most beautiful shoes in your arsenal.

Do’s and Don’ts When You Shop

Here’s a summary of what you should be looking for when you shop men’s golf shoes.


  • Fit your shoes before buying.
  • Objectively search for the seven features mentioned above when trying out shoe items.
  • Look for a shop with a new and wide variety of choices.


  • Don’t prioritize style over comfort.
  • Never assume that the width or size you wear for regular shoes is similar to golf shoes.


Game scores depend greatly on every piece of equipment used. Since golf shoes are part of your equipment, make sure to buy a pair that provides everything you need to concentrate on your swing. All the energy begins from the ground up, so whichever golf shoes give you that foundation is invaluable.

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