5 Great Tips for Choosing a Halloween Costume for Your Child

Halloween seems to grow in popularity more and more each year here in Australia, and choosing the right costume is only part of the fun. Your child may have an idea of what they want, and to ensure that their choice is practical and comfortable, here are 5 great tips to consider when choosing one.

Important factors to take into consideration when choosing a Halloween costume for your child

Here are 5 great tips for choosing a Halloween costume for your child

The weather

How has the weather been of late? Has it been cooling off late at night? Has it been really hot? Your child’s Halloween costume should be comfortable enough for them to wear the entire duration that you are trick or treating. If it’s too hot, they may find it suffocating and restrictive and while more than likely want to take it off. Having a costume that looks good but is not practical defeats the purpose. Your child will want to remain in their dress up the whole time as it is a special occasion that only happens once a year so ensure that they can do this with ease. Make sure the fabric is breathable and not too thick, and keep the layers to a minimum. It’s always a good idea to reconsider costume face masks and heavy face painting. These can also feel restrictive and uncomfortable. Sometimes less is more, and you will more than likely be the one carrying the extras they have taken off when they get too hot.

Do your research when buying costumes online

Buying costumes online is great as they are typically cheaper than in-store, and there are usually tonnes of options to choose from however, it does come with some downfalls. To ensure you are happy with your choice, it’s a good idea to do some research before you make a purchase rather than hoping for the best. The sizing is a huge consideration, the size of clothes and costumes can vary greatly depending on where you are purchasing them from, and where they are made. Rather than depending on their sizing, it’s best to look at the measurements. Take a look at the store’s return policy, the last thing you’d want to do is buy your child something and it doesn’t fit, only to discover afterwards that the online store does not accept returns.

Get organised well in advance

As mentioned, Halloween has become a phenomenon here in Australia and leaving your costume buying to the last minute may see your child miss out on their preferred character. Department stores typically get cleared out of stock, and if you are buying online, you need to allow time for the  Blossom Costumes to be delivered as well as extra time if you need to make a return and reorder. Giving yourself plenty of time takes the stress off in the lead up to the big day itself, after all, Halloween is meant to be a bit of fun, not a time full of hassle and worry.

Choose a costume that is flame resistant

When going door to door trick or treating, you never know what others will decorate their home with. Some use real candles in jack-o-lanterns to give their display an authentic spooky look. If your child’s costume accidentally comes into contact with the flame, they may sustain serious burns. While they may not encounter any open flames, it always pays to err on the side of caution just in case. Always ensure that your child’s costume is flame resistant. This is also worth serious consideration if you are thinking of making your child’s costume yourself. The fabric should be flame resistant and comfortable against the skin.

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Make sure the costume is safe for children

Ensure that the costume you choose is safe for your child and doesn’t have any parts that could pose a hazard, this is especially true for smaller kids that may chew on parts of their costume while they are walking around. Things around the neck such as necklaces, plastic components and dangling sections should all be limited.

Ensure the costume is easy to get on, off and wear for the duration of the evening

Your child will be on their feet for a while when trick or treating, whether they are walking, riding or scootering around, you want to ensure that they can move in their costume without restriction. Being uncomfortable can put a dampener on the night.

It doesn’t have to be scary

While Halloween is centered around spookiness and creepiness, your child’s costume does not have to be. Let them choose something that interests them or that they like instead. Halloween is about having fun and allowing your child to choose their character enables them to express themselves independently. As long as they are happy and comfortable, that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

Ready to choose the best costume for your child?

For both your and your child’s best interest, it is a good idea to consider the practicality of their costume rather than just the aesthetics. This will ensure that your evening goes off without a hitch and that everyone is happy.

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