The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Business Casual in Spring

If your workplace dress code is business casual, there are plenty of ways to create a fresh spring look. Whether you’re shopping for slacks or shirts this season, this guide will show you how to transform your current wardrobe while keeping things effortless in the process. It’s easier than you think to find ways to elevate your style and stay comfortable. Try these tips and ideas for spring, and you’ll discover how to make men’s business casual fashion work for whatever the day brings you.

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Business Casual in Spring

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Business Casual in Spring

Choose Lighter Clothing Colors

You can’t change your company’s dress style each season, but you can freshen up your outfits with some color. Hang up your dark winter dress shirts and exchange them with lighter and spring colored polo shirts. Neutral shades like khaki and tan are excellent choices for both chinos and slim-fit slacks. You can also mix in hues like slate and light grey. Neutral-toned jackets in natural green or camel can help to dress up sage and light blue men’s soft t-shirts underneath.

For an effortless spring look, try layering a beige jacket or blue button-down on top of a white crew-neck t-shirt. Polos are a great choice when you match them with khakis or light-colored slacks. A grey crew neck can offer a fresh alternative to a navy blue or black tee, although these shirts can look spring-ready when matched with lighter pants.

If you’re someone who likes a pop of color, try to incorporate a spring hue into your neutral look. Pastel purple and pink are on-trend this season and will match well with tailored pants or blazers. If you’re looking for something bolder, mustard yellow and orange are trend-forward and off the beaten path.

Replace Winter Layers with Stylish Spring Details

In fall and winter, layers can help to make your business casual outfit more stylish.. One of the easiest ways to elevate your spring wardrobe is to choose soft, quality fabrics.

Another way is to choose garments with the right detailing. Polo shirts with ladder stitching and waist hems help your shirts look fresh and durable, no matter how often you wash them. Crew necks and v-necks with side seams look attractive when layered with a button-down shirt.

If it’s still cool enough at your workplace for a seasonal blazer, put a colorful short sleeve crew neck or v-neck t-shirt underneath. Trendsetting spring shades like blaze and clay look handsome with tan pants and a brown belt. If you’re searching for cooler tones, go with a tee in emerald green or ivy.

Shop for Breathable, Comfortable Fabrics

Let’s get things straight: You don’t have to stray away from business casual style to be more comfortable in the office. The warmer weather makes it easy to find clothing made with breathable fabrics. Thankfully, light and airy materials help keep sweat off your body while feeling good on your skin. Modal and organic cotton fabrics are super soft and feel cool. They’re also made with eco-friendly and renewable materials so you can feel good about what you’re wearing.

Linen and chambray give off a springtime feel and will help you maintain a comfortable body temperature even if you work outside. Seersucker is a unique and fashionable choice that stands out at luncheons and meetings. If you wear button-downs and polos, make sure they are made with lightweight cotton instead of a material like flannel. While these fashions look great during any season, they’ll have you feeling warmer than you need to.

Swap Out Your Winter Shoes and Accessories

Along with different colors and fabrics, a simple way to signal spring is to change out your shoes and accessories. Those heavier boots and chunky scarves can be replaced with comfortable slip-on footwear and trendy sunglasses. Along with penny loafers and genuine leather slippers, you’ll find plenty of attractive and comfortable Oxfords in shades like brown and beige.

Driving shoes are appropriate for many business casual environments, especially when you combine them with a navy blue or brown pair with cream-colored slacks or khaki dress pants. Brown and tan derby shoes always look good with springtime pants and a blazer. Lightweight desert boots or chukka boots paired with slacks and a button-down shirt make for the perfect mix of professional and rugged.

If you need sun protection while walking or driving, wayfarer sunglasses and aviator sunglasses look attractive in and out of the workplace. A brown or camel-colored watch with gold accents can help to elevate even the most basic business casual outfit. When looking for something unique, a slim leather bracelet adds personality to your ensemble while keeping your accents subtle. Incorporate understated color when you wear a pair of lime green or peach crew socks underneath your pants. A silver or gold curb bracelet adds sophistication to any business casual look.

Dressing in a Casual Spring Style 

Business casual dress isn’t without rules, but it still allows you to experiment with seasonal style. It’s always a good idea to refresh your work wardrobe for spring, especially if you have visiting clients or online meetings to attend. While you’ll feel comfortable and confident, your spring colors and fabrics will also help to uplift your mood. Try a few new materials and fashion accessories to update your wardrobe and help you feel fresh for warmer weather.

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