7 Tips For Safely Returning To Gyms After Covid

After the hue and cry Covid-19 created in 2020, it is time to get back to your health resolutions. Gyms in Delhi were highly affected as the world came to a stand-still. Many of us went back to binge eating, careless routine, and no exercise. With covid vaccination being released, the center has finally opened up gyms again. But is it safe to work out in a gym yet? Here are seven tips that you must follow for others’ safety and yourself while you hit the gym.

7 Tips For Safely Returning To Gyms After Covid

7 Tips For Safely Returning To Gyms After Covid

Mask Is A Must

You may already be following this tip whenever you step out. But it gets tough to sport a mask while working out. Various athletic brands have come up with comfortable and breathable masks. Keep a few extra while you go to the gym to tackle the sweat and odor.

Enquire About COVID-19 Management

Gyms in Delhi are following strict guidelines for COVID-19 management. But it is still essential to inquire at your gym about how they will follow the rules and safety measures. Check the necessary facilities such as frequent disinfection of shared equipment, social distancing, and temperature checks. If your gym is not proactive about measures, it is time to switch.

Take Care of Allotted Time

For COVID-19 management, gyms in Delhi are advised to have separate allotted time for a limited number of people. Hence, you need to arrive and leave at your scheduled time. By this, you will avoid being careless about safety rules in a hurry. It is wise to wait in your car if you see a rush in your gym when late.


Gyms are a communal space. Regardless of following safety measures, a hundred people will be touching the same equipment daily. Hence, keep wipes and sanitizer readily available. Sanitize your hands frequently, and remember not to touch your face. Disinfect your gym bag and other material before entering your car. These small actions will keep you tension-free and safe.

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Exercise In A Ventilated Space

Many gyms in Delhi have outdoor spaces for working out. Ask your gym about the same, and be clear that you want to avoid indoor exercising. The chances of germs, fungi, and bacteria spreading in an enclosed space are incredibly high. It also becomes difficult to maintain distance indoors while working out. So, best to avoid it!

Carry Your Own Essentials

Bringing your own material such as hand gloves, yoga mat, and towel will safeguard you from unwanted germs. It is wise to carry your own water bottle and not share it with anybody. So, say goodbye to gym water coolers and gossip! Be strict not to lend your stuff or borrow while in a shared space such as gyms.

Avoid when Unwell

For the safety of others, it is necessary to avoid exercising in the gym when sick. Get yourself tested and inform your gym in the event of COVID-19. Apart from corona, it is intelligent to steer away from gyms till the time you get better. Safety is more important than sweating it out.


Gyms in Delhi are opening up after a challenging year. Many gym enthusiasts are happy and skeptical about working out. If you are one of them, keep in mind the above tips, and you are all set to make your dream body come true.

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