Hair Detox Shampoo [Walmart Brands] – Buying Guide

As every American knows, you can buy just about anything from Walmart. They even tried to sell cannabis products a couple of years ago. No wonder why Walmart is the number one store in the United States.

But what you probably didn’t know is that it’s possible to buy detox shampoos for hair follicle drug tests in Walmart and keep your medical cannabis use private from employers or other prying eyes.

Let’s have a look at which brands of hair detox shampoo Walmart stocks, as well as the key features of each of these hair detox shampoos.

Which Detox Shampoo Brands Can You Buy at Walmart?

Hair Detox Shampoo [Walmart Brands] - Buying Guide

You can find the following seven hair detox products at Walmart. Let’s have a look at each of them.

Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo:

Zydot Ultra Clean is an affordable drug test detox shampoo that is available at Walmart.

This detox shampoo offers three key qualities. It will firstly remove dirt and grime from the hair shaft. Then, it will remove toxins that have bonded themselves to your hair. Next, it will condition your hair.

For a budget yet effective detox shampoo from Walmart, Zydot Ultra Clean is a superb option.

This product is also an essential part of the Macujo Method, which is known for being highly effective at removing drug toxins from the hair to pass a drug test.

Nexxus Aloe Rid:

Nexxus is another detox shampoo that you can purchase from Walmart.

It is a premium product that is perfect for anyone who wants to follow the Macujo Method to pass a hair follicle drug test. The Macujo Method requires this product, as well as the previous product on our list.

Designed by Mike Macujo, the Macujo Method is one of the most effective drug detox techniques for removing metabolites from your hair to pass a drug test. It’s recommended if you’re a light to moderate marijuana smoker.

Toxin Wash:

Toxin Wash is a hair detox shampoo that is for sale at Walmart.

Swimmers will like its capabilities to remove chemicals, such as chlorine, from your hair.

Drug users invited to a hair drug test will also benefit from using this detox shampoo. When this shampoo is used, it will effectively remove any drug metabolites present in your hair.

One of the best features of Toxin Wash detox shampoo is the highly penetrative formula used by the manufacturers, making it a suitable detox shampoo to be used by users of drugs who want to pass a drug test.

X-Pulsion Hair Detoxifier:

X-Pulsion is an instant cleansing detox shampoo that’s sold at Walmart.

It features an effective formula designed to strip each hair follicle of unwanted chemicals, such as drug toxins. This product can be used for any hairs that grow on your head or body.

The X-Pulsion Shampoo manufacturers promise that toxins will be undetectable for up to ten hours after this product has been used. For anyone who has been invited for a drug test, it is recommended that this Walmart detox shampoo be used within this timeframe.

Test Pass Shampoo:

As you might guess from the name of this detox shampoo sold at Walmart, Test Pass Shampoo is designed for passing drug tests.

It features an innovative formula that will mask any toxins that are inside your hair follicles. Traces of nicotine, cocaine, THC, and ecstasy will not show up positive once you have used Test Pass.

Stealth Shampoo:

Stealth detox shampoo is manufactured in the USA and can be found for sale at Walmart.

It is one of the most versatile detox shampoos on the market, offering useful toxin-stripping capabilities without causing any damage to your hair.

It is recommended that this detox product is used on the day of your test to ensure the most effective results. The beneficial effects of this shampoo will continue to be shown for up to a surprising 36 hours.

The first application to the completion of the washing process takes approximately an hour for the product to start working effectively, so bear this in mind if you’re using the method before work.

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Clean and Clear Pink:

Clean and Clear Pink isn’t a detox shampoo. However, it is a vital component of the effective Macujo Method that can be used to pass a drug test.

Clean and Clear Pink is a deep cleansing face wash designed to reduce acne effects. This product is widely available at Walmart for an affordable price.

The key chemical inside Clean and Clear Pink that makes it an integral part of the Macujo Method is salicylic acid. This helps to flush chemicals out of your hair’s follicles.

Other materials you’ll need for this method include Heinz Vinegar, Tide Liquid Detergent, a shower cap, and rubber gloves. You can easily purchase all these materials from Walmart while you are there.

Can a Detox Shampoo Help to Pass a Hair Drug Test?

Detox shampoos – such as the ones we have looked at that are for sale at Walmart – are an effective choice for cannabis users who want to pass a drug test.

As with all products designed to detoxify the body quickly, these shampoos will be more effective with casual to moderate users. The more that you consume, the less likely these products will be able to remove toxins and metabolites – or mask them – so that you can get a negative result.

Mike Macujo designed the most effective method for a test of this type. It features a combination of two detox shampoo products and face wash, vinegar, and a liquid detergent.

For heavier users, then it is recommended that this method is used. You can purchase all of the products required for Mike Macujo’s method for an affordable price from Walmart.

It is possible to find many resources online that will inform you of this method and how you can correctly use it. According to anecdotal data, this method is 90% effective in passing a drug test. Still, it is worth mentioning that most detoxes will not be enough to combat THC metabolites if you are a heavy user.

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