How to Turn Your Fashion Disasters Into Hilarious Fashion Memes

Memes have become an important part of internet culture. In fact, understanding meme culture is key in engaging with the world of the internet.

But memes aren’t all about breaking the ice. The self-made and repetitive nature of memes means you can use them to transform your everyday life. By creating memes, you can turn real-life faux-pas into relatable, self-deprecating internet content.

Whether it’s embarrassing moments, fashion disasters (through fashion memes), or something else that doesn’t quite work, with a bit of humor and remixing, you can create great meme content. Read on to learn more.

How to Turn Your Fashion Disasters Into Hilarious Fashion Memes

How to Turn Your Fashion Disasters Into Hilarious Fashion Memes

Check Your Ego 

There’s no way around it — you can’t be concerned about looking cool if you want to make a meme out of yourself. Creating a meme of yourself is all about mocking yourself in a teasing way. If you’re someone who’s easily embarrassed, it’s probably best that you stay away from creating a meme out of yourself.

Wait For The Right Moment 

There’s nothing worse than someone who creates too many memes. 

Meme creation is relatively easy. All you need is some editing software (like this great video to gif converter) and you’re good to go.

But meme creation, just like photography, is mainly about discretion. You have to know what makes a great meme and create memes out of these moments. The best memes are created not by those that are the best editors, but by those that understand memes the best.

Understand Meme Culture 

This item goes with the above item on this list. Creating memes is about contributing to an existing culture. If you don’t fully understand the world of memes, you’ll never create a meme yourself.

Immortalize Your Faux-Pas 

When you realize you’ve made a fashion mistake — or committed some other act of embarrassment — remember to go for the camera and snap a picture. Even better, get a friend to take a video — this will allow a wide variety of images to pick from, offer better angles, and let you create a gif.

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Share With Friends

To immortalize your fashion disaster, you don’t even need to fully create the meme yourself. Memes are created through many interactions. You can just send your humorous image/gif to your friends, and they might come up with the right context or caption for it.

Don’t Try Too Hard

You’ve probably noticed that most of the steps on this list involve understanding the world of meme culture and interacting with others. This is because, at the end of the day, the internet is something that catches cultural attention. You can’t force a meme to catch on, the best you can do is recognize meme-worthy moments when you spot them.

Create Great Fashion Memes 

With the right understanding, you can turn your fashion disasters into great fashion memes. This is one of the great advantages of internet culture — you can redefine moments from your daily life.

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