Holiday Gift Checklist for Your Fashion-Forward Girl Friends

Fashion-forward girlfriends always know the latest fashion trends before the mass catches on. And that alone makes it harder to shop for them.

The safest — and undoubtedly, most brilliant — move to shop for your chic and fashionable girlfriends is to know their go-to shops or check their fashion icons for a dose of inspiration.

To get you started with the perfect items to get your stylish girlfriends, we made a checklist so you won’t have to stress out. Below are the top must-haves for girlfriends that know fashion like the back of their hands. Go ahead and check the gift guide we prepared for you.

Holiday Gift Checklist for Your Fashion-Forward Girl Friends


Hoop Earrings:

Hoop earrings have been a trend for quite some time now. It is an excellent idea if you pick hoop earrings in three different sizes and designs.

Although thin ones also look pretty, chunkier (yet light) tube styles are the “it” in today’s fashion arena.

Piercing Earrings:

A symbol of strength and cosmopolitan fashion, piercing earrings are a playful option for casual wear. But knowing your friend, she could also pull it off for a chic and formal ensemble.

Statement Earrings:

Whether made of fun acrylic materials or genuine gold, statement earrings are the perfect gift for friends who like to show off their taste.

While stylish earrings make a statement, creative ones are the type that doesn’t seem to fit at first but looks so good when donned right. We bet your fashionista friends can rock it, too.


Friendship Rings:

Although you’re thinking about getting your friend the most fashionable ring for her to style with, a ring could also represent your loyalty and appreciation for them. Matching rings could be a great choice.

Rings with customized writing that means something for the both of you should be perfect. You could also get her and yourself a birthstone ring if you wish to look chic and charming together.

Stacking Rings:

Stacking rings in their favorite gold settings or genuine crystals is a surefire way to excite your fashion-lover friend.

Be playful with your choices, and if in doubt, stick to the rule of thirds. Buy your friend three stacking rings that look similar, so they’re sure to match.

Nonetheless, whatever you do, choose a set with a mix of dainty, flashy, and bold designs.

Quirky Acrylic Rings:

The quirky acrylic rings you used to play as a child are now making a comeback as a much-appreciated piece by fashion enthusiasts. They would look good on your friend that has a fun and eccentric personality. 


Layered Necklaces:

For your friend to kick off a layered look, pick jewelry pieces with some flashy or striking designs in them. You could never go wrong with chunky necklace chains like the Cuban link ones. They have been a jewelry staple for some time now.

Jewelry finds like these will look flattering with a necklace with stone pendants, chokers, or charm necklaces with fine details.


Be it a bangle or charm bracelet, these jewelry pieces are lovely for stacking with different accessories. As a tip, buy beaded bracelets and chains are popular choices right now. But, gold-plated bracelets are just as pretty.


Watches can easily reflect the kind of woman your friend is. So, when choosing a watch for your friend, consider its style and features. It must be of top quality and possess chicness in every facet.


No matter your friend’s specific preference for her sunglasses, oversized ones will be your friend’s instant favorite!

Wearing oversized sunglasses is like sharing your mood with the world. In the same manner, it also hints at someone’s unconcerned attitude. And quite frankly, every fashion enthusiast these days has loved following this peg since then.

Hair Accessories

Hair Clip:

Large, over-the-top, glittering hair clips are making their comeback in recent years. Hair clips bejeweled with fancy stones are a low-commitment trend to pull off. It’d look good on almost any outfit or occasion!


Scrunchies are enjoying a firm and fashionable revival — and for a good reason.

Another ode to everything oversized, scrunchies are a simple way to imbibe texture, color, and playfulness into an outfit. An uncomplicated velvet, satin, or pearl-embellished scrunchie can spruce up even a casual afternoon dress.


Large and pearl or glitter-embellished headbands can turn an effortlessly chic outfit into a striking ensemble. Headbands with delicate lace details can also add drama to the whole outfit. These headpieces would be ideal for your bestie that loves Blair Waldorf!

Hat or Cap:

Whether she’s into street styles or high tea-appropriate wardrobes, hats are a must-have to complete just any look.

For street fashion fans, get them a beanie, bucket hat, or cap — preferably in her favorite brand. Meanwhile, sun or beret hats are fashion-approved pieces for stylish friends.



For a friend that gets cold quickly during winter seasons but fancies a stylish look, all the same, a pashmina would be a game-changer.

Please don’t confuse it with a shahtoosh, though. A shahtoosh is a banned item in the US because of the way they’re made. Although the fibers of a shahtoosh and a pashmina both came from the hair of high-altitude mountain goats, no animals were harmed while making the pashmina.

Yoga Pants:

It’s every woman’s dream, fashionista or not, to live in yoga pants all day long. Now all you need to do is track down your friend’s go-to brand, and your holiday gift is all set.


Although they’re hidden, a girl could only move with so much comfort with the right underwear.

If your friend loves to look chic and regal-like, laced underwear could be a perfect choice. They’re also an excellent pick for office wear.

Meanwhile, seamless underwears are, hands-down, the perfect pieces for women that prefer body-hugging clothing. They won’t only prevent visible underwear lines from showing, but they’re also gentle on the skin.

Silk Nightwear Set:

When shopping for a silk nightwear set, don’t just settle for any brand. Shop with a brand that has products that have stood the test of time.

As a guide, choose a seamless nightwear set. These pieces are flattering to wear and very comfy, too!

Logomania Trench Coat:

Logomania is a trend of wearing pieces with a brand’s name strewn over one’s clothing instead of just in the tag.

If your friend’s an influencer and supports a fashion house, gift her a vintage monogram trench coat. They’re a straightforward way to display their brand loyalties, even to the extremes. In turn, it could strengthen their relationship with the brand.

Leather Jacket:

The quintessential allure of jackets makes any woman look cool. These jackets give a fashionable look to their wearer as their smooth and refined style provides any wearer with an edgy and tough vibe.

Leather jackets, therefore, are an excellent holiday present for that cool friend that you know.

Sweater and Pants Set:

Remote work has made us realize that we also need to liven up the clothes we wear at home. To impress your best friend, give her an elevated at-home matching sweater and pants set. This set should be cozy but chic enough that she’d look presentable — even at impromptu video conference calls with executives.

Fuzzy Sweater:

Fuzzy sweaters are also a cute piece to wear, along with high-waist jeans and long necklaces. They won’t only keep someone warm, but they’ll also give a hint of style to an outfit. Hence, they would fit with friends that like every comfort and stylishness the world could offer.

Feathered Mini Dress:

For a fun and flirty friend, feathered mini dresses are what they need. These 20s-inspired pieces will leave any vintage lover or Clueless-obsessed friend gaping because of their cuteness.

Washable Face Mask:

It has been a necessity to bring face masks wherever you go. If you’re planning on getting your friend a washable face mask, choose the chicest one. The most stylish ones so far are the ones made with silk or have statement design accents.


Nowadays, belts seem to be a staple in any woman’s outfit — whether it’s strapped in her dress or her oversized jeans. Be it a double-ringed belt or a classically revived chain belt, it can add pizzazz to almost any outfit your friend would wear.


Colognes are an essential part of a woman’s outfit. A scent that’s only specific to her is necessary as it’ll be part of her whole brand. Distinct fragrances, therefore, have become an integral part of fashion — after all, looking and smelling good should go hand in hand.

In a non-creepy way, smell your friend’s scent or check her walk-in closet to know her favorite cologne. That is if you’re planning to surprise her. Otherwise, simply ask her to nail your gift. 

Vanity Mirror:

If the budget doesn’t allow for a grand vanity mirror, compact and portable options are still available in the market! Some mini vanity mirrors even have light features with them. They’d be a wise present for that friend that’s always on the go.


Chunky Chain Handbags:

No fashion lover can resist a new bag, especially the ones with chunky gold chains.

Designers have made their renditions of chunky design pieces and applied them to bags. The exaggerated chunky chain details on such handbags are an excellent juxtaposition to the small compartment.

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Stuffed Mini Bags:

Mini bags are great statement pieces that go along with almost anything.

Stuffed mini bags are a whimsical interpretation of the classic mini handbags that most women enjoyed a few years back. These types of handbags are so trendy, most even mix them with their street style outfits.


Chunky Heels:

Square heels, also known as chunky heels, came back — and are hopefully staying with a more classy bang. They’re a perfect choice for almost any foot size, as they provide more stability compared to high heels or stilettos.

This square toe shoe trend also gives its wearer a classic and edgy look. Be sure that your friend’s taking part in this fashion revival.

Chunky Slippers:

Chunky and comfy flatform sandals have crept in their way to top must-haves for fashion lovers. The chunky soles create a bold and striking contrast — a perfect match for a friend with a forward character and sense of fashion.


Regardless of the specific design, boots carry a classic feminine elegance to them. Their designs have a contemporary charm that makes them stand out and produce a distinctively beautiful kind of casual allure.

No matter what you wear it with, boots are a true embodiment of versatility as they continually reflect sophistication.


Like clothes, jewelry pieces, or bags, makeup is fashion in many ways because they offer aesthetic pursuits. But more than that, makeup is a personal journey, too. They should match a woman’s personality and even skin type.

If you’ve decided to get your best friend makeup, it’s a given that you should choose her beloved makeup store. Take into consideration her interests and match that to the specific palette or color you’ll get.


While the world is at rest, women, too, are giving their skins a break on beauty products. These days, they are investing in good skincare products. We bet your friend’s one of these women, too.

Unlike clothing, where you could know her preferences by stalking her on social media or asking her family members, skincare is different. There’s no room for surprises for skincare gifts — you need to ask your friend which skincare products work well with her skin. It shouldn’t irritate her skin and be compatible with her complexion or skin type.

Jewelry Making Book:

Some jewelry houses have released their collectible books for a look behind-the-scenes or how-to instructions for their clients. If your friend’s a big fan of a specific jewelry house or fashion icon, see if there’s a new volume out in the market.

Fashion Magazine:

A friend that seems to have everything she needs might appreciate you gifting her a fashion magazine.

No matter the brand, fashion magazines will give your friend the freshest fashion trends in the market. These stylish accouterments will also help your friends pick out some collection pieces they might have missed.

Shop stylish finds!

Fashionistas are called fashionistas for a reason.

If your friend is one, then they must have already purchased their fashionable pieces. But this shouldn’t stop you from finding the best holiday gifts for them. Although gifting for a friend with a penchant for everything haute couture can be stressful and pricey, getting the best finds can be rewarding.

Nevertheless, be patient with your fashion gift shopping for the holidays. The best fashion finds are only worth it if they’re hard to lay our hands into. Good luck!

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