10 Best at Home Workouts to lose weight

There can be more than one reason for us to work on our fitness at home. It has many benefits to it too. For example:

  • We can make it happen anytime and everytime.
  • We have all the time and space, with or without an equipment,to ourselves. We can exercise anytime during the day. We can do it even at night.
  • It is safer. We can exercise with a complete sense of security. We do not have to worry about confronting any danger, which we do when we exercise outdoor, late in the evening or early morning. We are safe and secure within boundaries of our home.
  • We have a privacy. All space and equipment are exclusively at our disposal. We do not have to share with anyone unless we make a family member our partner in exercise.

10 Best at Home Workouts to lose weight

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  • No one is there to witness our moves. No one judges us. No one extends their unwanted stupid advice to us. Such an advice is annoying in the beginning, when we hardly hit a gym or start exercising.
  • We can exercise in all weathers, in all temperatures. Whether it is raining outside, it is hot in summer, cold or snowfall in winter, storms or any weather condition outside; we can work on our fitness in comfort of our home.
  • We can plan according to our body limit and available time. When we feel down and less motivated, we can sit and relax. When we feel having bundles of energy, we can exercise. We can put in a bit of extra effort to make up for the lost time.

For above, and for many more benefits,we can do a number of workouts at our home to lose weight and gain fitness. It is not necessary that we have the best fitness equipment. Whatever we have, we should be innovative and smart about its use. We use it regularly and more frequently, to make most of limited time, space and effort.

Here we are going to share with you some ideas on possible workouts at home to lose weight. So, let’s read:

1)  Walking, jogging and running

All three exercises are similar in nature. All of them are possible at home, although benefits of doing them outside in a natural and greener environment would carry additional benefits. But don’t worry, by doing them at home, we can extract as many benefits as many we do by doing them outside.

A treadmill provides us a simulated environment and conditions to walk, jog and run to any length. It is even more beneficial that we are able to count each step. We can keep an eye on each mileage. We can limit our run. We can extend it. We can also monitor our energy level.

A treadmill tracker would tell us about exhaustion of our energy in every detail.Anumber of calories we have burnt, heart rate and much more.

We can cut back our effort; our speed and pace, to regain our body strength. We can put in an extra effort to expand our potential.

An alternative option, if we do not have a treadmill, we can run on stairs. We can also run in short intervals. We can create short hurdles and diversions to run in little spaces and spans. We can run in small intervalsbut faster.

2)  Rope workout

A workout on rope including jumping over a rope is very effective exercise. In fact, it is one of the best workouts for a limited space. However, we must make sure that surrounding environment i.e. neighbours are not disturbed by our exercise intensity.

Jumping over a rope is effective to cut excessive fat on abdomen and other body areas. It is more challenging than running. It helps reduce negative energy quicker.

It is also an intense workout. It gives an immense amount of strength to our legs. It strengthens our calf muscles particularly. We can benefit to any length in weight loss and fitness by this simple but highly impactful exercise.

3)  Cycling

The way we can walk and run on a treadmill, we can cycle on a stationary bicycle or fixed bike at home. Even when we cycle in gyms, we do so on fixed bikes. A range of fixed bikes is available in the market at competitive prices. We can buyone that best fits our requirement to work on our fitness.

Just like treadmills, fixed bikes come with fitness trackers. We can track energy we waste, mileage we bike and our heart rate on-the-go. Accordingly, we can programme our fitness routine. We cut back our effort or put in more effort, according to our body strength and requirement.

4)  Swimming

If we are luckier and have a pool at our home, we should swim regularly. It is one of the best exercise options we can ever have. It is very much possible to have a swimming pool at a big house, but we cannot afford this luxury if we live in an apartment-style housing facility.

Nevertheless, swimming workout can make us fit and slim in no matter of time. We should make swimming a regular routine of our life. Even when we have other fitness options, we should swim more often. It would support our other workouts. It would make us more ready for those workouts.

5)  Yoga

Yoga is probably the best weight loss exercise. It is simple. We can learn Yoga online with help of video tutorials or from a teacher, if we have an access to. We can practice Yoga on our own with a little help or without a help. Its moves are simple and easily do-able.

Yoga workout does not need much space either. We can practice Yoga at a mat anywhere in our house. We can do yoga on our floor. We can do it in our garden or backyard.

Yoga is also not specific to any time. We can do Yoga anytime during day or night.

10 Best at Home Workouts to lose weight

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It is one of the workouts that have taken strong roots in urban environment. From showbiz celebrities to sports people, an overwhelming number of peopleis benefiting from Yoga. They speak high of Yoga’s effectivenessin losing weight, staying fit and motivated.

6)  Stretching

It is an exercise very similar to Yoga. It is equally effective in losing weight. There are many aspects and names to stretching. All of them are crucially important in their own exclusive practices.

One of the best positive impacts of stretching on our body is that it releases tension from our muscles. It is recommended to start our day with some stretching exercises. By staying inactive overnight, our body muscles become rigid and tense. Stretching relaxes them. It tones down them.

Stretching also expands flexibility of our body muscles. They become more endurable. They can sustain higher level of pressure. They can fight back stress’s contributing factors more successfully. Our body stays fresh and agile for a longer run.

7)  Interval workouts

Interval workouts are short-spaced and short-time exercises. They are intense in nature. We aim to make most of our little time. We make it possible and make it happen in a limited space.

We can pick any workout i.e. running or any weight training. We do it in short but intense intervals. We can increase frequency. It challenges our body strength through intensity. We can expand its potential.

Interval training is particularly more effective in weight-focused workouts. It is a popular approach to weight loss and fitness in urban settings, especially if we live in an apartment-style housing, where we do not have sufficient space to exercise. It also fits busy urban lifestyle. We always complaint of lacking time. So, whatever time we have, we leverage on intensity of interval training.

8)  Dumbbells workout

There are more than one Dumbbells workout. Squat, bent-over row, farmer’s walk and many more; all of them are effective in losing weight and staying fit. With a bit of innovation and ideas, we can do a workout to the best suitability of our body. But we should do it regularly. It helps us meet our fitness goal as effectively as any other exercise.

Dumbbells exercises need limited space. We can do them anywhere in our house. We also can do themany time. We can do it in mornings, evenings, during lunchbreaks, or any other time we have to ourselves. We just have to be innovative and diversified. As we increase the number of workouts on dumbbells, we increase benefits of the workout. We increase our weight loss chances.

10 Best at Home Workouts to lose weight

Source: trainingpeaks.com

9)  Kettlebell training

Kettlebell training is the most popular trend in fitness. It is even more popular exercise among women. It has a proven success record in weight loss, muscle toning and building super-fit bodies. It is a highly recommended choice for people who want to become super-fit and super-slim

Kettlebell workoutsin many ways are similar to dumbbells exercises, but have an added element of intensity and flexibility. A large number of gyms portray kettlebell as one of the best fitness equipment. They are also first choice for fitness lovers who exercise at home.

10) Weight training

It is possible that we can build a small gym for ourselves at any exclusive location in our house. May be at our garage. When we do not have even that much space, we can have a couple of equipment to do weight training.

Weight training has many aspects to it. It is important we work on our weight equipment according to our body demand. While weight training can help us lose weight, it can add some weight too. So, it crucial we are selective and smart about weight-focused exercise choices. Nevertheless, it is one of the best work-at-home options to lose weight and gain fitness.

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