How Influencers Are Wearing Authentic Camo Wear

Camo clothing first appeared during World War II, but its main appeal then was the ability to camouflage soldiers. The pattern has since then evolved into a fashion statement, and the fact that there are various prints for different troops makes it even more enjoyable. For sure, this is the one style of fabric print that never really goes out of fashion. The modern influencer who leverages business on their audience can see the many natural variations of camo like seen on sanctuary, are controlling quite a considerable portion of their wardrobes. 

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There is no doubt that camo has a rich background that spans across nationalities and religions, so it should not be a surprise that it has somehow made its way back into modern culture. Furthermore, considering the diverse backgrounds of the influencers we know, it is not surprising that the fashion scene utilizes different colors and modes of attire pairing. While an influencer might wear camo as the central part of their outfit, some prefer to incorporate it into their core style.

How Influencers Are Wearing Authentic Camo Wear

Here are some creative ways in which influencers are using camo to spice up their wardrobes; 

Camo Jackets:

At the recently concluded Paris fashion week, Sophia Sanchez de Betak was one of the influencers that caught the eye of many for her authentic fashion sense. She wore an intricately designed loose-fitting camo jacket over denim pants, leaving her fans wanting a piece of that look. Another influencer at the same event is Camille Charriere, who adorned a blue and black colored camo jacket. 

Camo Accessories:

For influencers who want to stay within their primary style, the approach to camo wear is much more subtle. These influencers embrace the camo print on their terms by introducing accessories such as hats, purses, and bracelets. Others add a shiny overlay to accessories that brighten the pattern to the rhythm with glamorous outfits. 

For those who are one with nature, camo hats are an easy choice to give their look a hype appearance. In any case, camo is about blending with the outside terrain and natural environment. Also, a prize possession for hunters, influencers that love wildlife and nature find that the camo hat is a logical fit to their lifestyle. 

Female influencers will go for the camo purses any day and time for their ability to transform any simple outfit into a classic. The Coach fashion brand is one of the first designers to come up with a sequin camel purse; their target market is the customer that wishes to blend the glamorous with the rugged. Influencers who would instead step out boldly might want to consider sequin camo backpacks for an elaborate and outstanding pattern. 

Looking at how various influencers wear camo designs to promote them, there is no doubt that their role in pushing fashion trends is enormous. 

Camo Pants:

According to a report by Sanctuary, female influencers will readily choose camo shorts and pants over all other camo choices. Traditional camo print is not as popular these days, given that many influencers prefer to rock colored camo. Have you ever come across pink or blue camo camo-printed? Since no one is gearing up for the warzone, any camo color will be a classic pattern. 

With different color schemes for camo, the door opens up for pairing with different aesthetics, styles, and outfits. For example, a fashion trend in the pants category, which is also quite popular with female influencers, is camo yoga shorts and biker shorts. Many of these clothing items are high waist – another representation of the camo pattern trend evolution. 

What is in it for the men? Most men are not keen on chasing fashion trends, but the story is different regarding camo prints. Every man has at least a camo-printed item in their wardrobe. The camo blazer is a fascinating blend between the classy, modern man and the rugged, traditional man. The versatility of the camo blazer enables it to leave a statement whether dressed down or dressed up. 

For the male influencer, a tiny piece of an accessory, such as a bowtie or sporting tie made from camo, is enough to bring a touch of relaxation to a serious outfit. Some male influencers wear a fitting pair of camo pants with a modern shirt and blazer for a toned-down casual look. However, this style is bold at heart because it often calls for a sharp contrast of styles. If a man is not bothered by variety, repeatedly utilize a pair of camo pants to create different styles depending on mood and occasion. 

Camo Athleisure:

If you are keen on American fashion brands, you have come across converse; camo Converse! The thrill of Converse to accommodate trending prints into their design line is proof enough that this brand is adaptive to fashion evolution. One of the most dynamic camo converse shoes features an outstanding pattern that appeals to the edgy sport. A recent alliance between Converse and Sneakersnuff created a classic brown and green camo pattern with a star. Judging from the high rate at which Converse and Sneakersnuff are working to release authentic camo-patterned shoes, there is demand for influencers to the hype around them. 

The camo sweater is another option that is quite popular with both male and female influencers who are keen to promote wearability and comfort. This particular fashion piece is well suited for the outdoors, especially in the cold weather. Many camo sweaters have linings to provide insulation to the wearer. However, this is no surprise since soldiers exposed to harsh weather originally wore camo. Sandy Liang recently drew attention to a puffy camo sweater that falls neatly over the shoulders. 

If you watch music videos from the late 90s, you must have come across Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor,” one of the first instances of camo in pop culture. Over time, the popularity of camo has fluctuated but never quite died out.

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