How to Change Your Hair Color Without Using Hair Dye

Cosmetic brands use new technologies and quality ingredients in dye production. Still, that doesn’t diminish the aggressive ingredients of most commercial dyes. They often contain highly toxic ingredients like ammonia and all kinds of acids. They damage the pH balance of the follicle and affect the drying of the scalp. Unlike industrial cosmetics, natural treatments can help you change your hair color with little to no side effects. The ingredients of the following combinations are gentle and harmless to your health. However, their effect is not as long-lasting as that of industrial dyes, so you can use them as a temporary hair dye.

How to Change Your Hair Color Naturally Without Dye

How to Change Your Hair Color without Dyeing It

Coffee and Cocoa for Hair Darkening:

Dark ingredients like ground coffee or cocoa are best for blackening the pigment of hair follicles. These homemade treatments are a great natural hair dye for grey hair, but they won’t work as well on people with bright hair. Only dark-haired ladies will see the maximum results of natural dyeing with coffee or cocoa powder.

If you wonder how to color hair naturally with coffee, the answer is – easy. You can make this dye while drinking your morning coffee. Take half a cup of brewed coffee, two tablespoons of ground coffee, and one cup of conditioner. Mix everything, and apply to damp hair in a thick layer. Leave the mixture for one hour. After that, wash your hair as you usually do, but without applying a conditioner (you have already done this with the dye). Want to know how to darken hair permanently? Repeat this process several weeks in a row.

You can enrich the shampoo you use with nutrients from cocoa. This mixture is easy to make – just blend equal amounts of shampoo and cocoa powder to get homemade brown hair dye. You can apply this natural treatment every day without fear of damaging or drying your hair follicles.

Cocoa contains flavonoids and vitamins that protect and nourish your hair strands from root to tip. The iron found in this ingredient promotes microcirculation, which stimulates follicles to grow. Also, cocoa is an excellent natural replacement for melancor, a pharmaceutical product for preventing the appearance of gray hair.

When you want to change hair color naturally, keep in mind that these changes can’t be as radical those after using a chemical hair dye. Unlike the chemicals used in branded dyes, natural ingredients don’t break down the follicle pigments. They just cover and color them instead.

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No-Dyeing Options for Bright Hair:

Lemon juice is the best solution to brighten your hair permanently. Rub or spray this liquid on your hair without diluting it. Apply it with a comb, so that the lemon juice coats each strand, and leave it on for twenty minutes. Don’t forget to apply conditioner after you rinse out the lemon juice. If you repeat the process for a couple of weeks, the acid will break down the dark pigments in your follicles without heavily damaging the cuticle and scalp.

If you want to enhance the shade of your natural blonde hair, use chamomile or saffron. Make tea from the dried herbs, strain it, and put it in a spray bottle. Use this temporary hair color spray on damp hair without rinsing. Do this before applying a conditioner.

Red hair suits everyone, but different shades of red suit different people. For example, orange-reddish is excellent for ladies with bright skin tone. If you have a light complexion and don’t know how to color hair naturally red, try doing that with carrot juice.

Shades of dark strawberry or red wine are recommended for women with a darker complexion. You will get these hair colors by using pure beetroot juice. If you prefer purple-red hair color, you can get it by mixing beet and blueberry juice.

Dyeing with natural juices is incredibly easy and rewarding. Just apply these liquids to your hair and rub well. Wrap in some old towel and hold for an hour. Rinse with warmish water. Natural dyes will start to fade after the second wash, so you should repeat this procedure regularly to maintain color intensity.

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Be Creative with Unusual Hair Colors:

If you want to dye your hair in some unusual color, for a party or masquerade, you can try products like hair mascaras or colors in a tube. Applying a lipstick or hair chalk will also do. These are also safe methods for temporary hair dye for kids.

You can play with your youngsters and make homemade brown hair dye or any color you want. All you need is food coloring and colorless conditioner. Take a small amount of conditioner, add a few drops of food coloring, and put the mixture on your hair. This is a short-term solution, but it works like a charm for fun events.


Keep your hair healthy and shiny with homemade treatments and products for temporary color change. You don’t have to use branded chemical dyes if all you need is a subtle change. Try coloring your hair by using natural ingredients, you may discover it’s exactly what you need.

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