How To Dress for Your Trip to Milan

Are you excited about your trip to Milan? Well, you have every right to be as Milan is a great city that is steeped in history. Here you will come across some great monuments, churches, and castles. It also happens to be the most fashionable city in Italy, and that should certainly make you anxious about what to wear for your trip to Milan. After all, the history of fashion and textiles can be traced back to the 19th century.

When you arrive here, you will notice how the locals and tourists dress to maintain the chic ambiance of the city. Fashion and style are oozing out of every corner of the city. So, you need to prepare well for your trip and know what to pack to match Milan’s Italian style and fashion.

 Here are Some Useful tips to Keep in Mind

How To Dress for Your Trip to Milan

Stay comfortable to look stylish:

Although you will find women wearing high street dresses and heels in Milan, you need not follow the look as a tourist. Wear comfortable dresses and shoes and look for the best tie up heels designs. If you feel comfortable, you will look confident and stylish in a great dress.

Pack dark and neutral clothing:

As the weather in Milan can be unpredictable, do not forget to pack your jacket, a couple of scarves, and sweaters. You can always mix and match those in order to wear them in different ways during the trip. Wear a statement necklace or a pretty silk scarf to add to your style.

Dress up a bit more for the evening:

You must pack in at least one stylish dress for the evening that you can match with different accessories to create a new look. For example, a nice blouse with heeled shoes will look great in the evenings, or a fashionable dinner jacket will look perfect for a restaurant.

Avoid overly-revealing clothing:

When in Milan, do not show up too much skin because of the local trends and traditions, especially in the south. Likewise, don’t go around dressed up in your gym attire. Use the beachwear only on the beach and apply your common and practical sense.

Simple but chic and timeless:

You cannot go wrong with a simple cotton dress in white or romantic caftans. Wear oversized hats to complete the look. Knitwear styles are back in fashion, and you can wear them with some match pieces. Pack some culotte pants and shirts as well as short sleeve tops and a pair of blue jeans.

Fabulous accessories:

Do not forget to carry a stylish bag, classy sunglasses, and jewelry to express your global fashion escapades. Just balance your style with the right mix of fashion, elegance, and comfort.

There, as you can see, dressing up for Milan is not too difficult. Just keep the above tips in mind and leave some space empty in your bag for all those amazing Italian fashion items that you are sure to find in Milan!

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