How To Get Designer Clothes For Cheap

Everyone likes to look good in designer threads and top quality materials to fit the latest trends. However, clothes can be expensive, too much to justify spending as a “treat”. So we end up feeling guilty. There are ways to get those beautiful designer brands for less money. 

The answer is not just black and white though. There is a little finesse involved in the process. There are actually quite a few ways to spend less for fantastic quality. In this article, we will explore some excellent options available. 

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How To Get Designer Clothes For Cheap

How To Get Designer Clothes For Cheap

Thrift store shopping:

Here we start with what is basically the meat and bones of the article. Thrift store shopping is one of the best options for obtaining designer clothes for low and affordable prices. 

Thrift shopping can introduce you to a world of variety. Due to the nature of secondhand clothing, you can already expect the price to be lower than usual. However, thrift shopping is an art form in itself. If you dedicate some time to developing an eye for quality in the thrifting community, you benefit greatly!

First, you’ll want to do a little research. Identify the fashion trends and genres you are interested in. Nowadays, a lot of thrift stores tend to specialize. For example, let’s say you want some Nike products. A good idea would be to visit a sport-specific thrift store. 

On the other hand, timing is also everything, especially for thifting. Most items that second-hand stores sell are donated by people who no longer have a use for them. This means certain times of the year are golden opportunities. For example, a lot gets donated when people are spring cleaning. 

Furthermore, national holidays are great times to go too. Want a Christmas jumper? Thrift stores in December have you covered! The majority of thrifting is just utilizing common sense to your advantage. 

In fact, there are already thrift stores that specialize and pride themselves on selling quality brands at lower prices. 

If you’re not too keen on travelling a lot to get good deals, there is another option. In the recent decade, many thrift stores have taken to shipping through online orders. So now truly is the time to take full advantage of the availability at your fingertips.

Markets and boot sales:

With a similar concept to thrift stores, marketplaces and boot sales aim to fulfil the same purpose. However, there is quite a social aspect to markets and boot sales. You have the option to barter. Haggling can really help out with saving money. Market sellers tend to be very competitive with stock, so it is hard to go wrong. 

You have the opportunity to check out the products in person too. This way, you won’t have to worry about not knowing how certain clothing items feel until they get to you. 

Markets and boot sales tend to host a wide variety of items too. A lot of choices for men and women in terms of clothing specifically. They are very child-friendly, so they are a fantastic option for families as well.

Markets and boot sales tend to have social media groups so you can keep up to date with how often they are held. This helps a lot as they are certainly not a 24/7 service. Facebook tends to be the most common source of information for these groups, so make sure to look.

Shop during offseason:

This technique goes without saying, but it is easy to forget. Take note of the off seasons and plan shopping sprees around those times. You will save massively when you buy in bulk. Every penny adds up. 

You can also use this method with thrift stores too. There will be fewer people shopping during off-seasons. So there is less chance of that one denim jacket in the back you really would have wanted being snatched up before you get there.

Facebook Marketplace:

The Facebook marketplace is an excellent way to find second-hand clothing. This means designer brands will have a higher chance of appearing here too. The good thing about these groups is that you can look in the areas you live in, making them easier to pick up. 

Furthermore, you can filter keywords. For example, you can type in the brand if you’re looking for a nice Ralph Lauren shirt. Then find a post that someone made, including an item with the brand name. 

Browser Extensions:

Browser extensions are a fantastic way to passively save money on designer brands if you tend to be more of an online shopper. Add ons such as Honey cross-reference prices from sites all over the internet to give you the best deal. It is a massively popular extension with reason. 

What are the best sites to buy designer clothes cheap?

We briefly covered the option of online shopping and online thrift shopping. First, however, let’s take a close look at the best places you can invest your time and resources into. 

Thanks to the internet, there is a lot out there, so it is always a good idea to filter and pick stores based on your needs. 


The first website on this list is a discount designer website. Yoox ships to an incredible amount of locations worldwide. It also boasts an abundance of variety. Items from this website may be a bit more than what you would expect from most thrift stores. However, the quality is certainly not lacking.

The deals are hyper frequent, and they are also very generous too. However, the items in the product list tend to be quite premium, so only shop here if you have the budget and are willing to really treat yourself.


Depop is a well established and all-inclusive website. They have a few prime categories. Of course, Men’s and Women’s are there. However, they have a category specifically for jewellery if that is your thing. This certainly gives many choices for accessorising.

Depop has a lot of subcategories other than the ones already mentioned. Some of these include kids, sports and beauty. Lastly and most importantly, Depop has an entire section for specific brands. 

This list is absolutely massive. It is undoubtedly safe to say that you will find what you need here for designer items. However, since the website is a thrift store, check-in regularly.


TheRealReal is a thrift store that likes to keep up to date with the latest trends and really flex its understanding of what its customers want. They have a category for new arrivals, so you can always keep updated with their inventory. 

The website is super easy to navigate and understand. Furthermore, there is an extra category for watches. A punchy yet straightforward element of an outfit. We all know how a nice watch can be the cherry on top of a great outfit!

The store has a lot of featured options meaning you won’t have to click on page after page until you find something trendy. Lastly, they have their own Curated by TRR section for those of you who will be regulars. 

Urban Outfitters:

Urban Outfitters has a knack for pleasing the public. You can tell by the way they have built their website. They aim to create a strong community of customers. 

Just like the previous sites, they have categories you can filter through. The nice added extra is a sale option for you to see all the bargains currently available. The sale prices are very generous and have high-quality pictures to demonstrate the appearance of the clothing. 

Of course, they also have a vintage and renewal section specifically. Furthermore, the store tends to have a lot of promos available for new and returning customers, such as the occasional 10% off here and there. 


This absolutely incredible store is making waves in South Africa. Currently, the store only ships nationally. However, it is absolutely worth the investment. The store provides excellent options. The inventory boasts some of the proudest designer names in the fashion industry. 

Wisi-oi has the option to buy items and pay in installments too, which can be very helpful for those who want to treat themselves. In addition, the online thrift store portrays the clothing with elegance and style. 

This store has incredible potential and a very bright future and absolutely deserves its place on the list.

Final Thoughts

Now you have an idea of the best ways to get designer clothes cheap. There is a multitude of ways, and they all have their validity. However, after comparing the options, thrift shopping is the best method. With the rise of online thrift shopping, the convenience is just too good to pass up.

So take the information you have just learned and apply it to your shopping habits. Research and find the best place for your individual needs and get thrifting! 

If you are interested in what it takes to find wholesale clothing manufacturers, then read this article.

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