How To Keep Up With Fashion Trends

If you follow the fashion industry closely and have an eye on every little detail of your favourite celebrity outfits and fashion week collections, you surely do not want to miss out on a timeless classic that would complete your wardrobe and add on to your collection of the most fashionable pieces. What we are talking about here are the hand-woven clothing options that are ethically and indigenously produced. When we say handloom fabric or hand-woven clothing, we do not mean you need to source your outfits from a remote village or you have to choose some dull colours and old fashioned patterns. Airavata Textiles, which is an organic clothing brand based in Hyderabad, offers a wide range of hand-woven clothing online that is not just suitable for the bigger days in life but well suited for work and play as well. With their earthy colours, traditional motifs and patterns and styles that reflect modernity while staying close to the roots, the brand aims to connect the fashion-forward and enthusiastic youth with the glorious cultural heritage of the nation. 

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Here are a few tips for you on how to keep up with the fashion trends.


  • Follow the major Fashion Weeks and Fashion Shows. This can be a great way to focus on what’s new and what the biggest names in the industry are working with. This can also be insightful for the upcoming styles.
  • Pay attention to the Styles at Essential Events. Knowing what your favourite celebrities prefer from all major design collection is a great way to know what is making a mark in the industry.
  • Take cues from Celebrity styles. Celebrity inspo does not harm. From airport styles to gym looks to workwear, celebrity styles can help you carefully follow all the latest trends.
  • Subscribe to the top Fashion Magazines. 
  • Follow your favourite designers on social media to keep up with their latest works. This can give you a closer look into the life of your favourite industry leaders and help you determine upcoming trends.
  • Read online fashion blogs and follow influencer blogs on social media.
  • Regularly go window shopping. 
  • Shop at fashion-forward retailers.

Here is also a list of online resources for your journey of following the current trends in the fashion industry:

  • Vogue India
  • Verve Magazine
  • Indian wedding Saree Blog
  • TheUnstitchd
  • The Girl At First Avenue

Fashion trends in the present world are ever-changing and surely keeping up with the styles is what most of us all prefer. In our quest of being trendy, let us not fall for cheap fast fashion rather also keep in mind the sustainable option and ethical brands that offer great classics which never go out of style and support artisans. 

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