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With continuous development in fashion, the way people wear their clothes has changed drastically over time. From sweatshirts to hoodies, the way people style their clothes talks a lot about their personality. How to carry a sweatshirt, what to wear with it, what colour to choose, it’s all a puzzle waiting to be solved!

So let’s talk about the most versatile and trendy piece of clothing, sweatshirts!

Is a cold breeze in the middle of a warm day preventing people from stepping out? Sweatshirts are the way out! Urban Monkey is providing some of the best sweatshirts with different designs and prints.

It gets confusing as to how to wear them stylishly and here are some ways how sweatshirts can be styled!

How to Ace Oversized Sweatshirts in Style?

How to style sweatshirt for men & Women?

Oversized sweatshirts can be the go-to style option when one doesn’t want to give in much effort but still want to look the best!

Oversized Sweatshirts for Women

  • Bottoms or no bottoms? To create that appealing streetwear look for the next outing, try wearing an oversized sweatshirt with no bottoms at all; instead, wear it as a dress. A long oversized sweatshirt gives off the perfect laid-back yet in-style fashion vibes.
  • Denim for the win! A good pair of denim jeans can never go wrong with an oversized sweatshirt. Good quality denim accentuates the figure and gives that stylish look. Try pairing the oversized sweatshirt with ripped denim or flare jeans.
  • For that sporty look! Spot an oversized sweatshirt with yoga pants, shorts, joggers or black leggings to ace that sporty look. One can even go for bold prints or designs while choosing bottoms to add a personalised touch to the ensemble. Buy sweatshirts for women online from Urban Monkey!

Oversized Sweatshirts for Men: 

  • Go for that athletic look! Pair that oversized sweatshirt with joggers to spot an athletic look. A solid colour sweatshirt with a basic pair of joggers can be a go-to option for that sporty look, and it keeps people comfortable and well-ready for action.
  • Spot that old-school look! Oversized sweatshirts for men can be worn with bootcut jeans or flare jeans to give that old-school vibe with minimal effort. As men’s fashion is evolving, you can experiment with new designs! Buy trendy sweatshirts such as Give Love Back or OTT Drip from Urban Monkey now!

How to Spot That Elegant Look?

As sweatshirts are underestimated and not thought of as an elegant fit, Urban Monkey has come up with ways in which one can style sweatshirts elegantly and modestly.

For Women:

  • The modest look! Ace that elegant look with crew neck or high neck sweatshirts and pair them with slim-fit jeans to complete the outfit.
  • Tuck it in! Pair that sweatshirt with high-waist jeans and pencil heels to see the difference. One can also spot a belt to tuck the sweatshirt perfectly!
  • To rock the aesthetic look! Try wearing the sweatshirt with a midi skirt or crochet jeans to rock that aesthetic look effortlessly and be ready to shine at the brunch or tea party.
  • For that formal wear! Wear a t-shirt underneath the sweatshirt and let it peek out to show some colours and prints. To spot that formal look, one can wear a blazer over a sweatshirt and give off professional yet casual vibes.

For Men:

  • Pair the bottoms right! Classic jeans and a solid colour sweatshirt can never go out of fashion and whenever in doubt, opt for this outfit. Buy sweatshirts for men from Urban Monkey!
  • The office look! Wear a long sleeve collared or crew neck sweatshirt with a good pair of trousers to ace that office wear in style.
  • A polished look! Don a sporty blazer with a sweatshirt and pair it with slim-fit jeans to look the best at the office brunch party!

To sum it up

Urban Monkey is a young brand aspiring to create designs that are a blend of passion and love for their culture. We, at Urban Monkey, aim to provide the best streetwear and uplift artists from various areas.

Buy printed sweatshirts online from Urban Monkey and get the best deals, all in your favour!

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