How to Tone your Face at Home with these 5 Easy Steps

Does your face need a workout?

How to tone your face at home with these 5 easy steps

We all know that exercising is key to keeping our body healthy, but did you know that your face may also need a similar exercise regime?

Face toning is a super popular trend that you can use to lift, tighten and de-puff your face instantly. Doing a face toning exercise daily not only helps you to look younger but will also boost your natural glow.

Want to know the best thing about face toning? You can be your very own facial personal trainer from the comfort of your home! 

We’re going to be sharing our step-by-step guide on how to tighten and tone your face in only 5 simple steps using a tool you definitely already have – your hands. 

After this hand sculpting workout, we promise your skin will be looking better than ever!

Step 1 – Apply your favorite facial oil to your face

A face toning routine works best when you begin by applying facial oil – a few drops is all you need.

Using a facial oil ensures that you’re not pulling too hard on your skin during the exercises, it will also make it a lot easier for your hands to glide over your skin.

You can use any facial oil that you own, or even the cleansing oil you’d normally use to remove makeup.

Step 2 – Warm your face up

Like any exercise, you want to warm up your face before getting into the hardcore toning steps. 

Warm your face up by stretching your skin and releasing any knots or tightness. For this stage you can use methods like knuckling and long hand sweeps.


Cup your hands and apply pressure to your face using your knuckles, you should also slowly wriggle your knuckles to really get deep into your facial muscles. 

You can also use a rolling motion with your knuckles to really stretch out the muscles in your face.

Continue these movements for 30 seconds.

Long hand sweeps

Stretch your hands out flat, keep your fingers together and start pulling your hands up across your face – starting at the chin and moving up to the forehead, applying medium pressure. 

Continue these movements for 30 seconds.

Step 3 – Cardio

Once your face feels awake, it’s time to get into the real workout – starting with cardio.

Cardio is all about tightening up your facial muscles and is the time to focus on the areas of your face that hold a lot of tension – like your jawline.

In the warm-up section, it was all about slow movements, but during cardio, you’ll want to pick up the pace and use lots of high-energy finger techniques like whipping, muscle picking, and deep piano fingers.


Keep your hands flat and in quick, energetic movements, sweep your hands in upward motions across your face for 30 seconds.

Muscle picking 

Using your thumb and a finger quickly pinch the skin, taking large enough sections so that it doesn’t sting. Focus on the jawline and cheeks, continuing these movements for 30 seconds.

Deep piano fingers

This is a simple exercise, just imagine you’re playing the piano across your face but applying enough pressure to really feel it in your facial muscles. Do these movements for 30 seconds.

Step 4 – Sculpting

During the sculpting stage, you want to focus on enhancing the contours of your face and deeply massaging your problem areas using what we like to call deep tissue muscle manipulation.

Here are some different sculpting techniques you can use on different areas of your face:

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Place your thumbs under your jawline, and place your fingers above. Apply pressure and then start to work your fingers and thumb towards the jaw joint. While doing this you can use circular motions to ensure that you’re effectively massaging the jawline. Repeat this 5 times.


With two fingers, press down on the apples of your cheek and follow the hollows of your cheekbones right up to the hairline. Repeat this process 5 times.

Then on one cheek at a time, lay both thumbs flat against the skin and push up towards your hairline. Do this movement 5 times and then repeat on your other cheek.


Take your thumbs and press them into your temples. Then with your fingers, curl them to the center of your forehead and start to pull them towards your thumbs using medium pressure.

You can do this in slow movements, repeating 5 times for each side of your forehead.

Step 5 – Cool down

Your skin has been through an intense workout in the previous steps so now it’s time to cool everything down.

In slow and steady movements, swipe your hands over your face from the centre to your hairline, and down the neck. This is going to gently drain your skin of any excess fluid build-up and also enhance the contours of your face.

If you have a facial tool, like a Gua Sha, you can use it during this step. 

Top tip – Put your facial tool in the fridge to chill before this step so that it’s extra cooling.

Finish off by giving your face a quick spritz with a cooling mist to complete the workout.


How’s your skin feeling? We hope that it’s feeling extra firm, tight and glowy after that intense facial toning routine. 

These facial exercises are something that you can implement into your daily skincare routine, and you’ll start seeing some pretty amazing results after doing this regularly.

We would recommend doing this routine in the morning as this is when your face will be at it’s puffiest, but any time that works for you is also fine!

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