How Travel Bloggers Pack Their Essentials

Travel bloggers are like any other bloggers. The only difference is that what they tell are their travel experiences and stories– road trips, the locals and their traditions, and so on. These bunch of people always travel, may it be local or international, and share their whole experience with their trips through writing, pictures, and some would include videos.

With traveling comes packing. Packing up for a trip is challenging since it can win or bust your trip. You may pack too much or too little of your things. This is the difficult part because it is hard to decide what to bring and what not to bring on a trip.  But with the travel experiences travel bloggers have, they always go with the concept, “less is always more.” A lot of them are always on the road for some travel. They go from place to place, so they prefer to travel light because it promotes convenience and saves time and hassle.

Before their trips, most travel bloggers list down what they needed and what can be useful based on their trip’s location and itinerary.  From their clothes, equipment and gears, and other necessities, they consider what is needed to be brought, what is essential for the travel, and what’s better left at home.

Travel Blogger Essentials: What are these usual essentials?

How Travel Bloggers Pack Their Essentials

If you want to be a travel blogger, follow these packing tips for a smooth-sailing trip.

 1. Travel Gears

Travel bloggers needed to pack their gears to be able to describe and tell their travel experiences to others accurately. They pack with them their laptop, smartphone, camera, cords, and universal power adapter or converter (especially when traveling internationally). With the nature of their work, travel bloggers do not just simply travel. They take good pictures with the beautiful scenery, the locals and many others and they write up for their travel diary to be shared with others. They work and at the same time enjoy their trip.

Travel bloggers bring with them only the gears and techs needed and appropriate for their trip. They might or might not bring their professional cameras with them and opt for smartphones or action cameras, whichever is favorable with the nature of their blog content.

2. Toiletries and Health Kit

Although you can buy toiletries and health kits wherever you travel, it is much easier to pack beforehand. Toiletries and health kits are somehow the most important things to pack for a trip but are usually the ones that tend to be neglected. With travels over travels, you cannot guess what could happen along the trip, and it’s better to be ready especially if one cannot afford delays on their trip schedule.

For their toiletries and health kit, they carry along with their travel-sized kits enough for their stay, and they would bring only the medicines necessary for their condition. They would pack the essential, personal, and hygienic products such as creams, toothbrushes, towels, sanitizers, and other things.

3. Clothes

Prior to traveling, “laundry services near you” are the most looked for on the internet by travel bloggers. Others would ask the locals where their trusted laundry service is.

Most travel bloggers only bring enough clothes for their trip. If they are for a more extended stay, they pack only a few and re-wear their clothes. Usually, they bring with them a pair or two of jeans, a couple of shirts or sweaters (whatever the weather permits), socks and some pajamas or sleepwear. Some bring fewer clothes and just do laundry regularly while on the trip, while some would do their research on the trusted laundry service near their hostel or lodging and have their laundry done there.

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4. Carry on

Travel bloggers prefer to travel with backpacks. But for convenience, often in travels, aside from bringing with them a backpack that would fit all the essentials they needed, they would bring with them a carry on or a smaller bag for their personal things like their passports, wallets, credit cards, travel documents (if needed) and other vital things.

5. Miscellaneous

Travel bloggers pack other extra things depending on the place they are planning to explore and visit. Some might need water bottles, compression bags, power banks, and many more. While some prefer to just stick with what they usually pack and shop at the local stores in the area whenever there are other needed things as soon as they arrive at their planned trip location.

How Should You Pack These Travel Essentials?

Considering these essentials, travel bloggers back these in a way that would be advantageous when they are already on the go or the trip. They usually explore the places they visit as soon as they get to the place to opt for handy baggage and is easy to carry around.

When travel bloggers prepare for travel, they pack their essentials in groups using cubes or pouches to keep it organized and make it easier to rummage through their things. They put together their frequently used things for work during their travel in a separate pouch for easier access, like their wires, cables, and adapters, because it saves them ample time. After all, they don’t need to unpack their other things when they get themselves busy with work as they arrive in their hostel or lodging.

Travel bloggers would want to keep their things organized, for their job can be a little demanding in terms of time. In order to produce great content, they needed to invest a great deal of time with their work and needed to be as outgoing as possible to explore the place well. They are always on the road; thus, they need to be packed with the right kinds of essentials.

A travel blogger’s main goals are to travel, see sights, see the locals, get to understand their traditions and get to experience the place itself. With these goals, travel bloggers would always opt for convenience when considering their necessities or essentials.

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