Invisalign Clear Braces: To Consider Or Not?

Invisalign clear braces have sought to revolutionize the orthodontics industry by providing solutions for moderate teeth issues. This has seen the industry grow exponentially, with more and more players entering the market, developing state-of-the-art modifications towards common teeth problems.

Invisalign clear braces are transparent and clear, blending with the teeth without being outwardly visible as opposed to the traditional metallic braces. They seek to straighten the teeth and correct mild to moderate tooth problems.

Invisalign Clear Braces: To Consider Or Not?

How it works

With specialized computer software, Invisalign braces are custom designed to create perfect imprints of the designated teeth alignment. These imprints will be broken down into several imprints, each for every couple of weeks until a perfect smile is achieved. The end product is an Invisalign tray which is fitted on both the upper and lower lip. The orthodontist will do the braces’ precise fitting after careful fitting of every tooth to ensure the braces seek to correct their shape.

A thorough consultation is required before the Invisalign clear braces are donned on the teeth. In this consultation, the orthodontist will examine the teeth’ state to determine whether the individual is a likely candidate.  The consultation will involve observing the teeth and gums needing straightening and observing whether their condition matches Invisalign treatment requirements. Afterward, the existing teeth will be cleaned and flossed to determine whether they are healthy enough for the braces. The gum is also observed to check for pre-existing gum conditions, if any.

The Invisalign clear braces require a minimum of twenty hours in the mouth. This is to ensure adequate straightening of the teeth depending on an individual treatment plan. It is best to go in for a consultation with the orthodontist to check the condition of the teeth regarding the individual. Invisalign requires a minimum of six months for successful alignment, with regular changes every two or three weeks, depending on the treatment plan. This change enables extensive restructuring of the teeth in stages that favour uniform teeth alignment. In severe teeth misalignment cases, the treatment can take up to two years for results to be visibly seen.

Invisalign clear braces need the utmost care to maintain them. It is best to ensure that the teeth are brushed after every meal, should you choose to eat with them on. This ensures that food and plaque are not trapped in the braces, leading the teeth to decay and possibly gum disease.

Cost of Invisalign clear braces

Are Invisalign clear braces worth it? The clear Invisalign technology has caused a buzz in the orthodontics industry, with many wondering whether their cost is worth the trouble.

Invisalign clear braces cost between $5000 to $8500 depending on the orthodontist and clinic. Their moderately high costs factors in the minimum dentist visits and low maintenance required.

Factors affecting the cost of Invisalign clear braces are:

  • Location of your dentist

Some states have more expensive rental spaces as compared to others. This can affect the cost of the Invisalign braces. Therefore, extensive research is taken to consider the dentist’s location to the user’s place of residence.

  • Teeth correction

Different individuals have different treatment plans. For instance, individuals with severely crooked teeth will require more extensive treatment, while those with minor issues require less. Bite correction is also considered when using Invisalign braces.

  • Oral health

The state of individual oral health is also greatly affected when it comes to costs. Healthy gums and teeth require less care and treatment, while decayed gums prompt more extensive Invisalign treatments. Therefore, the cost of having the Invisalign braces increase in the event the teeth and gums have deteriorated.

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Benefits of Invisalign clear braces

There are many benefits of Invisalign clear braces that offer maximum comfort to the user:

  • Removable

Unlike metallic or clear braces, Invisalign clear braces are easily removable. This gives the user a choice. This offers the user a chance to remove them when eating and enables proper cleaning of the trays and better oral hygiene. Thus, food rarely gets stuck between the teeth. Soaking the Invisalign in plain or treated water goes a long way in ensuring they remain bacteria-free. However, constant removal of the braces minimizes the effect of the treatment.

  • Convenience

Invisalign clear braces are the more convenient option for basic tooth straightening. Users do not have to undergo complicated procedures for tooth straightening and gap closure.

  • Long-lasting

It is rare for Invisalign clear braces to break or get damaged, as they are usually replaced within a few weeks. The Invisalign braces, therefore, have a long shelf life as compared to metallic or clear braces.

  • Comfort

Invisalign clear braces are made out of soft, flexible plastic material that does not irritate the mouth. Invisalign is best suited for individuals and children who dread visiting the dentist. due to its comfort and convenience. The use of 3D aligners makes it easy to don the braces and simplifies the treatment process instead of metallic and clear braces, which require a more complex procedure.

  • Teeth protection

Invisalign clear braces offer protection, especially in tooth grinding and clenching, which can wear the enamel after some time. Therefore, they offer night guard protection to the existing teeth being the best choice for tooth protection.

What to consider

When it comes to insurance cover, Invisalign is rarely covered. As only a small percent of dental care is covered by American insurance, Invisalign requires separate insurance plans to benefit from its advantages. However, insurance companies who cover for Invisalign offer to cover a percentage of the treatment costs. The higher cost for Invisalign considers fewer visits to the dentist or orthodontist and the maintenance and care factors.

Communicating with the orthodontist for suitable plans for payment is accepted in most clinics. Several clinics offer instalment packages for Invisalign treatment payable in a certain period.

Patients should also ensure they maintain good practices of oral hygiene. This goes a long way in preventing future problems, and also maintains the state of the braces.

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