What to Know About Laser Skin Tightening

Skin sagging is a common occurrence with the advancement in age. The need for tauter looking skin is a common interest among individuals who are willing to pay more.

Laser skin tightening seeks to repair some common skin lag and offer patients the maximum benefits to the treatment. An individual can become a laser skin tightening candidate if they experience skin laxity due to age. The laxity of the skin, which comes about as a result of environmental and physical changes, can also prompt the need for laser skin tightening.

It is best to choose a certified and professional dermatologist who will conduct the treatment. It is paramount to choose a professional who is aware of the treatment’s implications and precautions and has vast experience with skin tightening laser treatments. The use of a search tool to find a suitable dermatologist can deem helpful.

An initial consultation is necessary for an examination of the skin as every individual is different. The dermatologist will conduct a complete medical history and examine possible considerations for the treatment. It is best to avoid applying any skin creams or medications before the treatment to prevent any adverse reactions.

Laser skin tightening is normally suitable for all skin types. A careful examination of the skin is needed to lessen the possibility of post-inflammatory pigmentation.

Laser Skin Tightening

Laser Skin Tightening

How it works

Laser skin tightening treatments seek to penetrate the skin layers without doing much for the skin’s surface. As a result, this procedure’s effects cannot be seen right away instead of laser skin resurfacing.

Before treatment, the patient removes all makeup and oils applied prior. This enables complete penetration of the laser beams without the hindrance of chemical substances found in external substances. A numbing cream is used as an anesthetic.

With a handheld laser beam device, the laser infrared light source is passed into the skin’s collagen, which is underneath the surface, causing it to contract. This contraction leads to the eventual tightening of the skin. Therefore, the laser beam prompts the skin to start its healing process. The skin begins to tighten over the following weeks as the skin’s collagen is gradually replenished.

Laser skin tightening procedure requires a series of more than two sessions for accurate results. With time, the treatment process offers tremendous results to the skin.

Treatment procedures

In laser skin tightening, there are various treatment options to consider:

  • Intense Pulsed Light

This treatment encourages light to pass through the outer skin layers into the deeper layers triggering collagen production to the skin.

  • Ultrasound

This treatment seeks to deliver ultrasound waves into the interior depths of the skin. This treatment offers more in depth treatment, thereby giving a taut and firmer appearance. The dermatologist will carefully observe the treatment process to see whether the lifting and tightening of the skin are being done in perfect modalities.

  • Radiofrequency

This involves heating the outer layer of the skin to stimulate the production of collagen in the tissues. The radiofrequency machine enables heat to travel into deeper levels at high temperatures. This treatment is usually done on the neck and arms and entails a focused heat directed to the loose skin.

Benefits of laser skin tightening

Below are some essential benefits of laser skin tightening:

  • Non-invasive

This procedure does not require any skin penetration either by incision or puncturing, therefore 100% knife free. The laser beams are passed on the surface of the skin and penetrate the skin layers.

  • Painless

Laser skin tightening is not as painful as compared to other surgical methods. Aside from laser treatments’ usual redness and discomfort, the procedure is painless and conversant to sensitive skin types. The physician applies anesthetic cream over the treatment area to reduce discomfort often experienced due to the heating sensations. However, the discomfort lasts for up to forty-eight hours after treatment, depending on individual skin type.

  • No downtime

Laser skin tightening is a fast process that takes around thirty minutes, depending on the area being treated. It is possible to continue with normal operations after the treatment.

  • Ongoing treatment

The use of laser treatments on the skin is ongoing and what you see is not usually the end product. The treatment is always constantly taking place way sometimes after treatment due to collagen and fortifying substances. Therefore, laser skin tightening ensures your skin is constantly evolving to a tighter and healthy exterior.

  • Long-Lasting effect

The treatment’s progressive effects ensure the treatment’s effect is long-lasting even for years after the treatment.

Cost of treatment

Due to the many considerations that laser skin tightening has, the treatment cost is highly favorable. The cost of laser skin tightening is dependent on various factors:

  • Dermatologist

Various dermatologists offer different package pricing depending on their level of expertise. However, dermatologists with credible certification in laser manipulation offer higher costs and services.

  • Clinic location

This affects the overall pricing of laser skin treatment.

The average laser skin tightening procedure costs roughly $600 to $1500 per session, depending on the above factors. These can vary depending on state, and considerations for treatment procedures.

What to consider

Most insurance companies do not cover laser skin tightening. However, alternate payment plans are made to ensure the treatment is factored in a suitable payment plan. For instance, most clinics offer structured payment plans which enable the client to access the treatment.

Researching possible laser treatments to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. Therefore, consulting a professional physician and scheduling an appointment is mandatory to ascertain eligibility for the treatment. Patients with skin conditions that prompt medical considerations are advised accordingly to prevent reactions to the treatment.

The effects of laser skin tightening treatments require constant maintenance of the skin through healthy and proper practices. For instance, maintaining a healthy diet by consuming antioxidant-rich foods and plenty of water will help the treatment work well over the years. Protection from direct sunlight also aids in the fast tightening of the skin.

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