Goodbye to Impurities: 5 Best Laser Treatments for Your Face

Men and women wishing to remove skin blemishes find laser skin resurfacing provides the solution they have been searching for. From age spots and wrinkles to acne scars and sunspots, this cosmetic procedure addresses a wide range of skin concerns. Today, technicians have access to a variety of lasers for this purpose, and knowing which one to use for a particular condition remains critical. The following are the top five laser treatments offered today.

Best laser Treatment for Acne scars

Goodbye to Impurities: 5 Best Laser Treatments for Your Face

Glowing Skin

Individuals frequently state glowing skin as their objective for laser treatments, and Laser Genesis stands as the ideal laser for this purpose. Referred to as a super facial, the laser makes use of a 1064 nm wavelength to boost collagen production by heating the dermis and eliminating diffuse redness. As a result, professionals often recommend it for those suffering from rosacea. With this treatment, fine lines and wrinkles are removed, the complexion obtains a gorgeous glow, and there is no downtime for the client. The procedure takes 15 minutes and the results are seen instantly. Visit Donaldson Plastic Surgery to learn more about this option and others available today.

Repairing Blood Vessels

When blood vessels and broken capillaries mar your appearance, consider turning to a professional for pulsed dye laser treatments. This vascular laser treats the issue without causing the client any pain, and there is no associated downtime with the treatment. Yellow light from the laser gently heats the skin and destroys the problematic blood vessels without harming the surrounding skin.

Skin Rejuvenation

Kim Kardashian loves the Fraxel Laser, and it’s easy to see why. Women and men find this device produces results similar to that seen with a conventional facelift, as it addresses crow’s feet, wrinkles, sun damage, and more. With this treatment, the skin is rejuvenated. While clients must prepare for some downtime, the results are worth it as the skin will look and feel ten years younger.

Correcting Sun Damage

Spend some time outside and you may come inside with more than a glowing tan or sunburn. Brown spots frequently appear when a person spends too much time in the sun and is the result of excess pigmentation. Don’t despair and spend a fortune buying cosmetics to cover the spots. The IPL or Laser Photo Rejuvenation eliminates the unsightly spots while improving the appearance of the skin. The laser targets the melanin in these spots, which flake off after a few days leaving behind a beautiful complexion others will envy.

Eliminating Acne Scars

Acne plagues individuals of all ages, and some people find these outbreaks leave scars. These scars don’t cover up easily and can take away from a person’s overall appearance. Don’t let them get in the way of you looking and feeling your best. The Fractional CO2 Laser treats acne scars with great success including those that are pitted and deep. It does so by poking minuscule holes into the skin’s deepest layer to promote collagen growth while filling in the pitted areas.

Work with a professional trained in the use of lasers and the different applications for each device. When multiple skin conditions are present, different treatments are often required. Spend the time needed to learn why the technician recommends each device for a procedure and the benefits and drawbacks of using that technology. The more you know, the easier it becomes to make those decisions that are right for you. Many people find laser treatments are exactly what they need to treat skin problems and obtain the complexion they desire.

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