What to Consider While Buying a Maternity Bra?

Did you know there are over 300,000 women giving birth in Australia, which is a 4% increase over the past decade?

Recent studies show that in terms of mothers attending antenatal care, about 95% of pregnant women have five or more antenatal visits, while about 60% have 10. These numbers adhere to the Australian pregnancy care guidelines for first-time mothers.

The joy of being pregnant comes at the expense of body changes. Using maternity bras in Australia is an essential part of preventive healthcare, particularly when your breasts start to change after your first Trimester. Choosing the right maternity bra is not complicated. You can follow these practical tips to find the best fit.

What to Consider While Buying a Maternity Bra?

Comfort is Key

Summer in Australia extends from December to February, with sunny days and high temperatures. The country’s summer of 2019-20 is the second-hottest on record.

In summers, your pressure may rise, causing you to sweat more. It is advisable to invest in a good quality cotton maternity bra so that you can feel comfortable throughout your pregnancy. A comfortable maternity bra won’t cling to your skin every time you sweat, and will not require constant adjustment.

Get a Maternity Bra Once Your Everyday Bra Starts to Feel Uncomfortable

Surprisingly, in Australia, about 20% of mothers giving birth are obese, and nearly 26% are overweight.

An everyday bra might not help you with your growing breasts, which are in preparation for milk production. Moreover, your breasts will be sore and tender, and a regular bra can increase your pain, mainly if you are obese or overweight.

Once you feel uncomfortable in your regular bras, you should go for a maternity bra fitting.

The Adjustability Factor

Recent studies indicate that overweight increases with maternal age, with 37% of Australian mothers under 20 and about 51% aged above 40 facing this issue.

Using adjustable maternity bras in Australia makes pregnancy less strenuous. And if you are an expecting mother in your middle age, then most likely, you will look for fitting bras that are adjustable with your changing body.

An adjustable bra can save you time, avoiding having to go back for a fitting every time your body changes. It comes with extra hooks at the back, making it easy to adjust.

Go with the Trend

Pregnant Australian women are raving about the recent trend in maternity bras, where the bras come double-lined with soft antimicrobial bamboo.

Think about how hot and amazing you felt when you wore a pretty bra, before your pregnancy. Well, you can feel the same while you are pregnant! Go for bold colours, latest prints, so that you can feel super-comfy and yet trendy.

Buy in Bulk

Though 50% of pregnant women in Australia are in a healthy weight range, they also undergo rapid body changes during pregnancy.

A bra that fits today might not suit you tomorrow. The suggestion is to get as many maternity bras as possible, of various sizes that can last throughout your pregnancy phase.

With about half a million pregnant Australian women purchasing maternity bras, the Australian lingerie market is set to have robust growth in the next five years. Diversity within lingerie will continue to be of importance. Cherish every moment of your pregnancy and keep yourself comfortable with the best fitting maternity bras.

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