Merino Wool Was Built for Spring Weather

Believe it or not, winter isn’t going to last forever. Sure, it feels that way now, but if past years are any indication, soon there will be buds on the trees and brightness in the sky. Spring marks a welcome return of outdoor activities, safe socializing and vitamin-D-rich sunshine that everyone could use right now. The only small issue is: How do you dress for it?

Spring is a volatile season. It sees hot highs and chilly lows, often within the same day. Precipitation is typically high, giving rise to the old saying “Spring showers…”. And people tend to divide their time in the spring between work and outdoor leisure. What kind of clothing could possibly suit each of those extremes?

Introducing merino wool – the material that was practically built for spring. In this article, let’s explore what merino wool is and why it may be the only material you need in your wardrobe for the next few months. Grab your merino shorts and hoodie and take a deep dive into this fascinating natural fabric.

What Is Merino Wool?

Merino wool is wool shorn from – you guessed it – the merino breed of sheep. Unlike other types of wool, which have a reputation for being coarse and itchy, merino wool is the opposite. Its fibres are ultra-fine, each one coated in a silky layer of lanolin (the waxy, oily coating that protects sheep from environmental extremes like heat and rain).

Cultures have prized merino wool for centuries. More recently, it’s been popularized by fitness fans and avid travellers. However, as you’ll find out below, you can wear it for just about any occasion.

Consistent Clothes for a Fluctuating Climate

One of the qualities that make merino so ideal for spring is its peculiar ability to adapt to the climate. Merino wool is insulating in cold weather, meaning it traps your body’s natural heat. In hot weather, though, the material is breathable and sweat-wicking. It promotes air-flow and moves sweat away from your body. In spring, when temperatures tend to oscillate wildly, having an adaptable base layer is paramount.

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Rain Is No Issue

If those May flowers are going to do their job, they need a lot of water. And spring provides – in abundance. While that’s excellent news for flowers, it’s less great news for people who just want to enjoy the relatively warm temperatures in peace. Merino wool can’t make the rain go away, obviously, but it can resist water and quickly dry.

Indoor and Outdoor Comfort

Finally, because merino wool’s fibres are ultra-fine and lanolin-rich, they come together to create an exceptionally soft texture. With a button-down merino wool shirt, you can make your work-from-home outfit much more comfortable. And versatile items, like merino t-shirts and merino polo shirts, can be dressed up or done for a range of scenarios. If you want to be as comfortable at work as you are strolling through the park, merino wool has you covered – literally.

As you start putting together your spring wardrobe, give thought to the incredible merino sheep. Its wool, which is fine-fibred, breathable, insulating and moisture-defying, is the perfect spring material.

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