New To Dry Cleaning? What To Look For In The Best Cleaners

Dry cleaning is a convenient and absolutely necessary service. You may begin looking for the best dry cleaners near me because of a certain garment you need to be cleaned. After enjoying the convenience of this service, it is not unusual to begin using it more often. Partnering with the best dry cleaners near me can help extend the life of your wardrobe, especially your most expensive clothing. Many of the best pieces in your wardrobe may require dry cleaning, making it essential to find a great dry cleaning service.

Finding the best dry cleaners near me isn’t rocket science, but it can be more difficult than it sounds. Partnering with the wrong dry cleaners can leave your clothes damaged or lost in the abyss of missing garments that never come home. There are specific steps you should take and characteristics you should look for in your quest to find the best dry cleaners near me. Here’s what you need to know.

New To Dry Cleaning

New To Dry Cleaning

Look for Good Reviews and Great Recommendations

The first thing you’ll probably do when looking for the best dry cleaners near me is ask around. People you know may give certain dry cleaning companies great recommendations. When that happens, you should also check their reviews online. See what kind of experience other people had with a specific dry cleaning company. It’s important to do business with dry cleaners who have good reviews.

Ask About Solvents

Most dry cleaners use dangerous petrochemicals and solvents to wash the clothes. Even the ones who advertise themselves as “organic” use harsh chemicals. You won’t really know if they live up to their name unless you ask about their eco-friendly process. If they don’t give you a straight answer about the cleaning agents they use, or they say they don’t know, then they’re probably using carcinogenic solvents and petrochemicals. When dry cleaners use truly green eco-friendly detergents and processes, they’re proud of it and every employee knows.

Ask About Equipment

Most dry cleaners are just middlemen who send the clothes out to a huge plant with the proper dry cleaning equipment. Many times, clothes go to the lowest bidder and, unfortunately, they’re going to use the cheapest detergents. A great eco-friendly dry cleaner who uses green cleaning processes and detergents will have their own cleaning equipment. They won’t need to send your clothes off to the lowest bidder. Many times, you can look at the size of the building and know for sure but other times you may need to ask.

Find the Best Dry Cleaners Near Me

The best dry cleaners near me use a silicone-based solvent that breaks down into sand and water while leaving clothes cleaner and brighter. It’s safe for people and for the environment but it is more costly. This is perhaps why many dry cleaners use cheaper, more hazardous solvents and petrochemicals in their process.

When you’re looking for the best dry cleaners near you, start by getting recommendations and checking reviews online. Next, ask about the detergents they use in the cleaning process. If they can’t give you a straight answer or don’t know, then keep looking. Lastly, you’ll want to ask if they have their own equipment or if they are sending your clothes out to be cleaned somewhere else. The best dry cleaners near me will have their own equipment to complete the dry cleaning process on site.

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