Know Why Pave Diamond Rings are Always in Trend

A pave engagement ring is the perfect option for many. The small size diamonds that line the ring offer superb shine and elegance. A pave ring setting is a form of engagement ring setting in which the shank of the ring is well-lined with the small size diamonds. The diamonds are held in place with metal prongs, making the appearance of a line of continuous diamonds.

The pave ring setting offers extraordinary shine to an engagement, all while showing the beauty of the center diamond. Pave ring settings are available in different styles, from modern ring settings to a range of vintage ring designs that include pave set diamonds.

Diamonds are called as pave set when they are between .01-.02 carats size. Diamonds smaller than that are considered as micro-pave. A jewelry manufacturer drills holes into the ring and places the small size diamonds into the holes. The mini-prongs are formed around each diamond stone to store them in place. With a pave ring setting, the effect is always of continuous shine.

Know Why Pave Diamond Rings are Always in Trend

Know Why Pave Diamond Rings are Always in Trend

Why You Should Choose a Pave Ring Setting?

A pave ring setting is a superb choice for someone with a unique, timeless style. The deep detail of the additional diamonds provide depth and grandeur to the ring design.

Choosing a pave ring setting ensures you have special personality, without distracting from the center diamond. The main part of a pave ring setting is it pairs well with other types of settings, like solitaire ring settings, halos and three-stone ring settings.

No matter the ring style you want, you can always add pave detailing. There are several different types of pave settings used for engagement ring designs today, including the french pave, petite pave and many others.

Micro Pave Ring Settings

Micro pave ring settings use superior small size diamonds with a carat weight of less than 0.01ct per stone. A normal micro pave setting may include more than 100 of these diamond stones close to one another to make the appearance of a continuous band of stunning diamonds. Because micro pave settings contain numerous diamonds, they often have an exceptional shine that continues along the shank of the ring.

French Pave Ring Settings

French pave ring settings differ from the classic ring settings in that each diamond stone is set inside the small v-shaped space cut into the ring. This particular cut makes the sides of each diamond more visible, with less visible metal type and the appearance of a line of continuous diamonds.

Like other pave ring settings, the French pave ring setting offers great shine, with less visible metal between each small diamond.

Petite Pave Ring Settings

Petite pave ring settings are similar to the traditional pave ring settings. However, instead of choosing the large prongs used for a classic pave ring setting, a petite pave ring setting includes smaller prongs that allow for the pave diamonds to be more visible.

The main advantage of a pave ring setting is you will experience more sparkle for less money. Pave rings have one continuous sparkle, giving the ring-wearer the illusion that the diamonds are bigger than they really are. The pave ring setting also allows for the center stone to be highlighted through the shine of the side stones.

Pave in a halo ring setting is like small diamonds encircle a larger stone. This setting can make a center stone look bigger and add sparkle if the center stone is low set. The pave ring setting is also very flexible and works exceptionally within modern or vintage engagement ring designs.

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As with any style of the ring, there are also some caveats to the pave ring setting. It is recommended for diamonds only, as it doesn’t give protection for more fragile gemstones. Also, the pave setting makes resizing any style ring hard.

There is also a low but still present chance of losing the side stones. When caring for the ring, it is important to remember that soaking a pave-style engagement ring enhances the likelihood of diamonds coming loose. So take good care in cleaning and maintaining a pave-style engagement ring.

Pave diamond rings settings don’t need to feature all diamonds. You can alternate different gemstones and diamonds within a pave setting or choose both black and colorless diamonds for a ‘black-tie’ effect. A pave setting of black-colored diamonds also is a superb choice for him.

Pave ring style also include colorful patterns, countless designs, and styles.

Final Thoughts

Pave ring settings are available in different price ranges and carat weights, so there is a pave style ring for every budget. You should always know how much you can easily spend on that ring design. If your budget is tight, choose smaller diamond stones for the pave setting. Even princess size diamonds offer superb shine to accent a simple band or to set an engagement ring center stone.

If your budget is high you can go for a more expensive ring setting or choose larger diamonds for a pave ring design. To save your money, gemstones can be mixed into this ring setting.

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