Trouble-Free Solution for Payslips and Use a Paystub Generator

A paystub, also known as a payslip, is a document that employees are given when they receive their earnings for a specific pay period. It records gross earnings as well as any deductions that have been made such as income tax, health insurance, and pension funding.  

Many states have laws that require employers to provide their employees with paystubs. In some states where paystubs are not compulsory, the Fair Labor Standards Act still requires employers to keep a record of the hours employees work.

The Benefits of Using a Paystub Generator

Find a Trouble-Free Solution for Payslips and Use a Paystub Generator

From an employer’s point of view, it is beneficial to create a paystub for tax reasons as slips can be kept for tax records. It is also useful if there are discrepancies with employee pay as payslips can be used to help resolve any issues.

On the other hand, from an employee’s point of view, these documents make it easier to understand deductions such as taxes and other contributions that may have been made. Employees can also use these documents as proof of income and employment so they can apply for credit or long-term loans.

Make Paystubs Easily Online

PayStubCreator is a paystub maker that can be used online to make paystubs for your employees. Created by professional accountants, this online payroll software application provides accurate calculations and you can generate a pay stub instantly.

This payroll solution works by processing the information you submit and it uses these details to create a paystub. Simply fill in the relevant details about the employee, employer, and salary information and the calculations will be done instantly. After that, you will have a paystub that is ready to download and print.

Who Should Have Access to Payslips?

Paystubs are recommended for anyone who earns or pays a salary over a specific period. Payroll documents are essential because accurate and updated salary information can help prevent unnecessary legal problems. Using a paystub creator for payroll processing is recommended for the following people:

  • Employers: It is essential for companies to keep a record of salaries paid to both full-time employees and contractors. This is particularly useful when it is filing season and keeping paystubs also helps to ensure that your company complies with relevant laws.
  • Employees: Payslips are necessary for employees as these documents serve as proof of income. In addition, salary documents can be used to help complete tax forms.
  • Entrepreneurs: People who are freelancers, contractors, or entrepreneurs do not always have a constant income, so having paystubs can help prove their income. A check stub maker can be used to keep a record of their earnings.

No Subscription Required

You can use this paystub creator without a subscription and there are no hidden fees. The salary documents you need can simply be generated on the website so there is no need to download any software. Once you have reviewed the document, an accurate paystub will be generated and emailed to your inbox.

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