Your Questions About Permanent Bracelets Answered

Permanent bracelets have been a popular jewelry choice for many. This trend appeals to those who want to invest in a superior-quality item that requires minimal upkeep. Individuals who wish to symbolize significant aspects of their lives – such as marriage or friendship – without getting a tattoo are also opting for permanent bracelets. 

Also known as welded or forever brackets, permanent bracelets differ from traditional bracelets. Instead of using a clasp, the bracelet is permanently welded onto the wrist. Although this type of jewelry has become increasingly popular, people often have questions about the bracelet due to its unique characteristics. Here are some of the most common questions about permanent bracelets and their answers to help you determine if the jewelry is right for you.

Permanent Bracelets Answered

Permanent Bracelets Answered

Why Do People Get Permanent Bracelets? 

People often choose to get permanent bracelets for various reasons. One key motivation to buy a permanent bracelet is the desire for a representation of a relationship. Unlike traditional bracelets that can be removed or lost, permanent ones hold a significant personal or symbolic value that individuals want to carry throughout their lives. These bracelets can represent significant life events or relationships with a partner or friend. 

Another reason is the aesthetic appeal and uniqueness of permanent bracelets. People often opt for intricate and creative designs that add a distinctive touch to their style. Unlike traditional jewelry, which can sometimes feel temporary or impersonal, permanent bracelets become an integral part of a person’s body, showcasing their individuality and personal journey.

Does it Hurt to Get a Permanent Bracelet? 

A common misconception regarding permanent bracelets is that the welding process is painful. The good news is it only takes a few minutes to get a permanent bracelet, and the welding tools typically don’t touch your skin, making the process painless. 

Although the welding process isn’t painful, it’s important to be cautious about other factors contributing to pain, such as skin allergies. If you choose permanent jewelry with gold, it can be helpful to note that gold can contain traces of nickel. More than 18 percent of North Americans are allergic to nickel, so it can be helpful to consult a doctor to ensure you don’t have a nickel allergy before booking your welding appointment. 

What if I Need to Take Off My Permanent Bracelet?

Despite what the name suggests, a permanent bracelet can be taken off if needed. Visit the jeweler that welded on your permanent bracelet or any jeweler that offers the service and ask them to remove the item. It’s important that you don’t attempt to do this at home, as you may risk hurting yourself or damaging the bracelet.

Can Permanent Bracelets Be Customized?

Permanent bracelets can be customized according to your taste and needs. Most reputable jewelers offer permanent bracelets in sterling silver, yellow gold filled, and rose gold filled chains. You can choose the chain width based on their availability and add charms to it. Customizing your bracelet is a great way to symbolize a special occasion or a relationship. They also make memorable gifts for your friends and loved ones. 

How Do I Care for a Permanent Bracelet?

Taking care of your permanent bracelet is the best way to keep it looking new all the time. However, the process is slightly different since you cannot remove it if needed. The simplest way to clean your bracelet is with dish soap, water, and microfiber cloths. But the process can vary depending on the material of your bracelet, so you should refer to your jeweler’s cleaning guidelines to avoid damaging your jewelry. 

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