Investing In Permanent Make Up – Is It Worth?

Permanent makeup, PMU is becoming more popular as women seek ways of maintaining their beauty with minimal effort each day. Also referred to as micropigmentaton, cosmetic tattooing, or permanent cosmetics, it enhances your facial looks giving you an appearance of larger lips, perfect eyeliners, and fuller eyebrows.

It is important to take your time and seek the services of a qualified practitioner to avoid any mishaps. The procedure takes 3-10 days to heal with a checkup appointment after 4-6 weeks. Read on for more benefits of PMU.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Investing In Permanent Make Up – Is It Worth?

Saves time

Nothing beats promptness in the midst of many distractions in life. Permanent makeup reduces the time you spend beautifying yourself. This is because you do not have to apply makeup once you undergo this procedure.

It saves your time without you worrying about your looks. What is great about it is that you go about your affairs confidently through the day. You do not keep rushing to the bathroom to fix smudges or apply lipstick.

Any activity you want to engage in at any time of day such as swimming, working out, eating, or sunbathing is welcome. You will not waste time thereafter to spruce up yourself. Once you complete your activity, you move on to the next one without compromising your overall appearance.

Saves money

Makeup kits can be costly. The costs keep adding up each time you buy lipstick, eyeliner, or eye pencil because you like it or you forgot to carry one. These dollars count over time. It tends to disorganize your budget leading to financial problems along the way. In the end, though, the initial cost of permanent cosmetics may be huge you get to save in the long haul.

Addresses your medical condition

Medical conditions occur at any point in life. Some people are born with them. They can hinder or interfere with your makeup application leading to low self-esteem. Opt for cosmetic tattooing if you

  • Have makeup allergy – the permanent procedure will leave you looking all nicely done without having to apply the actual makeup.
  • Experience movement impairments – this applies to victims of stroke, Bell’s palsy, arthritis. They tend to have shaky hands or chronic pain in their limbs hindering them from applying makeup at all or properly.
  • Suffer from hair loss – it means your eyebrows are hairless. Daily application can be a pain that can get worse when it smudges during the day. Concealing eyebrows is a near impossible mission. That is why PMU is necessary to solve this for you once for all.

Eliminates worry over spoilt makeup

Women are always looking out for anything that can interfere with their appearance. It makes them feel uncomfortable. Some instances where makeup is muddled include when

  • out in the sun
  • doing sports
  • in the gym
  • swimming
  • running
  • it is windy or rainy

If these find you in a public place, you will find it difficult to re-do the makeup. This is where permanent makeup is appreciated the most. With PMU, you will carry on with your day unaffected. Even the permanent lipstick will serve you well without you needing to apply any layer.

Solves your cosmetic issues

A decision to use permanent pigmentation can take care of issues you do not like on your face. If your lips are asymmetrical, it can correct it. Where your face lacks natural color, you should not fret. The procedure can add color to your liking.

If you would like a permanent blush, this is the procedure to seek out. However, once you undergo the procedure, avoid staying in the sun for long. The ultraviolet rays in the sun can cause problems when they react with the injected pigmentation.

You can also use PMU to hide the facial scars that have caused you embarrassment in the past. It does not matter where they are located; it could be around the lip or cheek area, or even on the cheeks. Whatever look you desire, you get. It can be subtle or pronounced. You can still use lipstick if you so desire or you can use lip balm only.

Procedure for PMU

  1. The process begins by a consultation where the makeup technician notes down information about your overall health. This information regards any medical conditions you may have, the medication you are taking, your blood acidity, and allergies. Any of these can have a negative impact on how the treatment and healing process goes. If you are in good health, you choose the pigment colors you want.
  2. The practitioner applies anesthesia cream to the area in question. This causes numbing to that area.
  3. Pigments are placed inside the skin layer using needles in much the same way as tattoos where super-precision is key. Note that needles are not shareable and should be new.
  4. It takes 2 -4 hours depending on how big the area is. It is also different from person to person.
  5. The color is too concentrated when the procedure is completed. The surrounding area swells and turns red.

You need to go for a touch-up appointment so that more pigment is added to the area, as some places do not hold well the first time. Since it is permanent, after the touch-up appointment, you may go for another appointment after 1-3 years if the color fades to your disliking.

Is permanent makeup painful?

Because permanent makeup involves working on your face, which contains sensitive skin, you expect it to be painful. However, the pain reduces substantially because technicians use topical anesthesia for the eye and cheek area.

Working on the lip area can be very painful. Luckily, the technician works with a doctor to inject local anesthesia. After the pigmentation procedure, the only pain you feel is a stinging discomfort that does not last long.


Permanent makeup is worth your money. Apart from helping restore your youthfulness without undergoing surgery, it transforms you in the shortest time possible. You will no longer have to sweat it out before the mirror.

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