How a personal alarm allows safe continued independence 

It’s a sad but undeniable fact that as we get older, we gradually lose agility and the same reflexes that were enjoyed in earlier life. Trips and falls are an occupational hazard for many who are not as steady on their feet any longer. This leads to loved ones and friends becoming increasingly worried when someone in such a condition decides to embark on something as simple as going out and doing some shopping.

How a personal alarm allows safe continued independence 

personal alarm allows safe continued independence 

Naturally, nobody wants to lose their independence with pride still being a strong emotion. That awful feeling of having to rely on others to help or wait around until they are available can be upsetting with the restrictions sometimes leading to the onset of the symptoms of depression.

However, it doesn’t have to be like that when a solution is available when being issued with the best available personal alarms which are both suitable for those who wish to get out and about or for those comfortable staying at home but want backup when required.

  • The beauty of the alarms is that they are monitored 24/7 265 days a year. This feature alone puts them ahead of unmonitored versions where the holder is reliant on someone answering an alert and must be programmed with a list of emergency contacts while they are susceptible to user error.
  • Why go for this option when a person who is monitored and those that care know that help will be at hand as quickly as possible once an alert is activated with help provided by a member of a Customer Care Centre so there is no need for others to worry and have sleepless nights. The ease of setting it up is another welcome feature of using an existing phone or internet connection. Maybe the best cleanse and detox supplements might help provide extra energy.
  • The alarms are water resistant so rain or taking a shower prevents no issue as it can be part of a pendant on the indoor option. They are easy to use so that an alert can be sent to the care centre whenever needed, which will be immediately in touch with the care services, an ambulance or GP depending on the requirements.
  • The fitted fall detector can be lifesaving. It is activated when the person with the alarm on their body loses balance or suffers a fall. It is an inbuilt accelerometer which cleverly triggers when such an incident occurs, so help will soon be at hand even if the user cannot get up. The emergency services know where to head as the alarm is fitted with a GPS tracker, so exact locations become apparent. Maybe it will allow the user some quality time at a recreation reserve.
  • Some alarms may be available through NDIS which will mean that they are an even more invaluable addition to those looking to remain active and enjoy their later years.

A personal alarm allows a user to retain dignity, independence and their loved ones’ peace of mind.

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