10 Essential Personal Care Products for Women

Taking care of our health is essential and you can not do that with just one product. We have heard stories from our parents how they used one same soap for face, hair and body, because there were no options.

In today’s world we have got everything from shampoos to mouth washes to maintain good hygiene. But sometimes it can be overwhelming because when you go to the nearest mall you will find 10 anti-dandruff shampoos, 20 toothpastes and 30 body washes to choose from.

There are different products for different hair and skin types. It is important to use products that are meant for your particular skin and need to get good results. You will also see different products for men and women.

Here we will be discussing top essential personal products that every female should own and how beneficial they are. If you are wondering which all products are safe to use then we are here to help you. Check out these Top 10 products that you should use to maintain good health.

Essential Personal Care Products for Women

Why personal care is important

Before we move on to the list, let us first understand why personal is crucial. Sometimes laziness gets the best of us and if you are wondering why taking personal care is important then below points are just for you.

Health benefits

Having a daily bath not only removes dirt on you but also removes germs that you might have collected while traveling from office to home or any other place. Taking a hot or cold bath has health benefits as well, it can relax your tense muscles and improve your mood.

Cleaning your nails is necessary as dirt can get collected in them and germs can enter your mouth. Oral care is just as important if you want to avoid toothaches. Brushing teeth regularly will give you a clean and fresh mouth.

Increased productivity

When you bath daily, wear clean clothes you will automatically feel much better. When you feel great, your productivity increases. When you get your things done effectively you will be in a healthier mental space.


It is essential to take care of yourself whether it is physical or mental. Personal care is a type of self-care. It allows you to spend time on yourself for your better self. Self-care can increase your confidence which will give positive results in educational as well as professional front.

Top 10 personal care products

Pads and tampons

Periods are inevitable, as much as we hate it, it comes knocking on the door every month. It is necessary that every female gets access to pads or any other menstruation hygiene products like tampons and menstrual cups.

You can find pads in different sizes since every girl has different flow. From size small and medium to ultra large for the night you can easily find the one that suits you best. It is medically advised to replace a used pad within 6 hours for feminine hygiene.

In the case of a menstrual cup you will find different sizes as well and it easily lasts upto 5 years when taken well care. These can be cost effective as well since pads can be expensive.

Intimate hygiene products

For females it is necessary to maintain intimate hygiene as they have high risk of infection. If a single pad is being used for several hours then there are chances of getting infection. To avoid such infection you can find intimate hygiene sprays and washes.

It is  advised not to use any scented soap while cleaning the intimate body parts as they can disturb the PH balance. These sprays and washes are very mild in nature and won’t let any infection grow.


Females go through hormonal changes very often. This imbalance in hormones can cause negative health effects such as hair loss, weight gain etc. There are supplements available such as vitamins, omega 3 and calcium.

These are few of the basic supplements that you can include in your diet after consulting with a doctor to bring healthy changes. Having these supplements will give you stronger nails, glowing skin and healthier hair.

With continuous consumption of such supplements you will see improvement in your health and appearance. It is important that the body gets all the adequate nutrients for proper functioning of the organs.


Fourth on our list is body wash. Now you can either select from a soap or a body wash. Body wash can be available in cream base or gel based. Taking bath daily is absolutely necessary, it helps in relaxing our muscles as well as clean our body from dirt and pollution after being out in the day.

Compared to body wash a soap is much more budget friendly and used by many. You will also find soap that has disinfectant ingredients making it a great option.

Oral care

Many people suffer from one or another tooth issue, the most common one being cavities. When we eat a meal often food particles get stuck in between our teeth leading to bad odor and formation of cavities.

To combat such situations oral care is utmost essential. What all things are included in oral care? Basic items are toothbrush and toothpaste. Not just these, floss and mouthwash are important and easily available online as well as offline.

Brushing the teeth not only cleans our teeth but also makes them bright and white. Mouthwash helps with the odour and disinfection.

Skin Care

First thing that we all notice is the face and it requires care. Taking care of skin is the first step in getting that soft and glowing skin. Few of the basic things you need for skin care are face wash and moisturizer. These 2 are the basic ones but apart from them there are creams and serums for healthy skin

Before buying any fash wash you need to notice which skin type you have.There are 4 major skin types- dry skin, combination skin, oily skin and sensitive skin. Most brands make separate products that suit that particular skin type.


Females like to keep their hands and legs hair free because they enjoy the feeling of soft arms and legs. Earlier, waxing was referred to as a painful experience of slapping thick slime on our body and then ripping our body hair out.

But now there are simpler methods such as wax creams, epilators that do not cause too much pain. With such creams you can easily remove body hair right in the comfort of your home and save money that you would spend on multiple visits to the salon.

Hair care

For a woman hair issues can take up a lot of time in your day. Such as when to wash it, how to style it, how to take care of it. Basic hair care products you need are shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and serum.

We can clearly see different types of hair such as straight, curly and wavy. Each of these types have different textures and so while making a purchase ensure you know what type of hair you have.

You can easily find shampoo and conditioner for your hair type online. One thing to make sure is that the shampoo does not have sulphate as it can damage your hair in the longer run. When it comes to oil, since childhood, we all have used coconut oil and it does work wonders.

But apart from coconut oil you will also find almond oil, tea tree oil, moraccon oil and many more that you can try. After washing your hair, applying serum will give the additional shine it needs.

Hair Styling

We often like to experiment with our hair, be it hair length, hair colour or hair style. Even though it is fun to experiment, it can often lead to hair damage because of the heat. If you want healthy looking hair then oiling is highly recommended.

What else can you do other than oiling? Apply heat resistant cream on your hair before using hair straighteners or curlers. Now you can enjoy stylish and healthy hair everyday.

Perfumes and Deodorants

Body odour is natural, but sometimes when the temperature is soaring and your shirt’s fabric isn’t cotton it can lead to embarrassing moments. Deodorants help you feel fresh even on a summer day. Investing in a good deo is a must and you can find deodorants in roller, spray or cream form.

We all know how important it is to smell good on special occasions and so perfumes are always in demand. You also get perfumes in travel sized bottles so that you can carry it everywhere.

You can get every kind of smell from mild to strong and musk to floral to suit your personality. Having a signature perfume always helps in creating an impression.


Personal hygiene is important for both men and women, everyone should follow a routine to maintain their health. When it comes to female personal hygiene above mentioned products are a must. Daily personal care lowers your chances of falling sick.

Take personal care also shows on your personal appearances. Healthy looking skin and hair shows that you are a healthy being and also adds to your personality. Hope this article helps you in taking personal care seriously and helps you and selecting the best personal care products.

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