Photography for Social Networks: how to create a stunning profile 

The visual content of a social media page is not only important for public figures today. Subscribers love their eyes, so bloggers, brands, and regular users should keep an eye on the quality of content to attract an audience and retain them. 

What an avatar photo should be

Photography for social networks

Psychologists have proven: that it takes less than half a second for a viewer to evaluate a photo and draw conclusions about a person based on it. This means that the profile avatar plays a crucial role – it forms an image that is hard to get rid of. A few tips will help you take the perfect portrait that will decorate your page and create a positive mood at first sight.

  • A smile that opens the teeth a little. If the lips are closed, the person causes subconscious distrust. A slightly ajar sexy mouth also does not dispose of himself. Uneven teeth, yellowish tint, and other flaws can be easily removed in the process of post-processing, for example, using photo-editor A smile on the exhale looks natural when the face is relaxed.
  • A slight squint. Wide-open eyes look great on emotional portrait photos that you can fill your account with. But for avatars, photos with a slightly squinted look are more suitable: they look focused and confident.
  • A photo from the “working” side. Each person has an angle from which the appearance looks more attractive in the photo. This is usually a view slightly to the left. If you’re taking selfies for an avatar, take your arm slightly to the side and up, but don’t turn your face behind the camera. 
  • Properly tailored clothing. Your social media role is exactly how people will perceive you. The business style of clothing forms the image of a calm, balanced person. Bright shades will speak of a creative nature. Refuse an abundance of prints and accessories, and avoid layering. The fact is that photos on social networks are usually viewed fluently and from the screen of the device. To consider a large number of details the viewer will not be able to, and the feeling of “noise” and “dirt” will remain. 

Do not put on the avatar profile photos where your face is covered (for example, with a scarf or glasses) or group photos. Leave the artistic and memorable shots to fill the page with content.

What should be the photos to fill the page?

To make your social media account look great, you need to choose high-quality and interesting photos to fill the page. To do this, you can focus on a few tips.

  1. Think through the composition of the frame. It can be based on the rule of thirds, the golden ratio, or perfect symmetry. If you do not trust the eye – turn on the grid mode when shooting on your phone, it will help to more accurately assess the location of objects.
  2. Use cropping rather than zooming in. Using a zoom on a smartphone is rarely a good idea. If possible, just zoom in on your subject and then crop out the excess. The same goes for editing finished shots. Don’t do manual scaling, select the desired part of the photo and it will pull up to the right size on its own. 
  3. Pay attention to natural frames. Bridges, fences, shop windows, and arches form the composition of the frame, making the shot complete and balanced. When you take a photo, pay attention: it may be possible to make a frame. If you don’t have such an angle, just leave a free space around the main subject that will frame it.

Put an idea in every photo. Even if you don’t write a post with reflections on life under the photo, it is worth thinking about what thought or emotion it carries. The viewer immediately feels the “empty” frames and rewinds them without holding a glance. To create an interesting profile in a social network and keep it full and alive – a task that is interesting to undertake!

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