How to Find the Best Houston Plastic Surgeons for a BBL Procedure

BBL or the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is used by patients who want to accomplish an hour-glass body figure without strenuous workouts. The surgeon combines liposuction and fat transfer techniques to transfer fat to the patient’s buttocks area. The transfer procedure involved is called fat grafting and is renowned for its success rate in producing the most natural-looking results.

Houston was fondly nicknamed the “Global city” for its advancements in medicine and research. Hence, it is home to several reputed Houston plastic surgeons trained and certified to carry out BBL. It is a body sculpting procedure for people employed in acting and modeling. While the procedure is minimally invasive and generally considered safe, it’s essential to find the right doctor to get it done.

Best Houston Plastic Surgeons for a BBL Procedure

How to Find the Best Houston Plastic Surgeons for a BBL Procedure

Board Certifications 

Surgeons with the prestigious ABPS certification are the best choice for all cosmetic surgical procedures, including BBL. ABPS certifications are only allotted after the professionals complete extensive theatrical and practical training.

The certification proves that the surgeon has hands-on experience in treating patients and in carrying out surgical procedures. Houston has a GDP of over 500 Billion. Several reputed, certified medical experts have their base in Houston. You may also find out if the doctor you choose has additional certifications like the famous ABS and SH certifications. You can assure success by choosing a doctor who is certified by the American Board of Surgery.

Affiliations and Memberships

While there are many Houston plastic surgeons you can consult for carrying out the BBL procedure, not all of them have affiliations with the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons. Also, check if the surgeon you choose has memberships in other reputed medical boards and societies like the ASPS and the Texas Medical Society.

The mentioned boards and medical societies only grant memberships to trained, certified surgeons who have adequate experience and knowledge in medicine and surgery. Procedures like BBL should always be handled by medical professionals trained in surgical procedures since it can lead to complications like physical disfiguration.

Knowledge and Experience Profile

The experience profile of the plastic surgeon you choose is of utmost importance. Doctors who have a wide range of experience in carrying out BBL and other surgical procedures will be able to give you the best results. Analyze the experience of the Houston plastic surgeons who you’ve shortlisted.

If the doctor has worked with several reputed medical facilities, healthcare centers, and skincare centers, the doctor probably has a high success rate. Stats show that board-certified surgeons carried out over 30000 BBL procedures in the US in 2019 alone. You may also consider assessing the knowledge level of the surgeon.

Ensure that the doctor was trained at a reputed institute that educates the best doctors and surgeons in Texas. The surgeon removes fat from areas of the patient’s body where there is excess fat and then re-injects the fat into the buttocks, thighs, or hip areas. While the BBL procedure is generally safe, reports show that the death rate associated with BBL is 1 in 3000, proving that there is some risk involved.

Reputation and Goodwill

The best way to find a good surgeon for BBL in Houston is by reading up on them online. Reviews and testimonials posted by former patients who have received BBL treatment from the doctor will serve as helpful information links. Also, check the ratings of the doctors you’ve shortlisted.

Since the procedure will significantly impact your physical appearance and physical structure, it’s vital to choose a doctor with excellent ratings. Patient testimonials may contain detailed descriptions about the quality of the doctor’s services, sanitization levels of the clinics, and the clinic staff’s approach.

Cost of the Procedure

The cost of carrying out the BBL procedure in Houston can range anywhere between $3000 and $10,000. BBL involves several complex steps like fat extraction, anesthesia, and fat injections. It would be unwise to choose a doctor solely based on lower rates without considering significant factors like the doctor’s experience profile, qualifications, and expertise.

The cost of the surgery will change based on the patient’s requirements and expectations. Define your requirements, and then choose a doctor who can give you the best results.

Final Word

Houston ranked third in Forbes magazine’s list of “Best places for business and careers.” This makes it a great place for medical professionals to establish thriving clinics. Do your research and choose a certified, licensed surgeon for BBL in Houston. Ensure that the doctors have all the required qualifications and certifications to carry out the BBL procedure.

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