Protect Your Designer Items

When buying designer items, you always want proof of authenticity, not only so you can show you have the real deal but also if you ever need to sell it or want to sell it. Designer items will always be worth more with valid evidence of their authenticity. 

If you can, ensure you have evidence with any designer items, such as Chanel and Gucci, as some brands will be harder to prove that they are genuine designer items than others.

Is It Worth Authenticating?

Is It Worth Authenticating?

Some designer brands will be easier to prove they are real without needing formal authentication; you may be able to check labels, among other things. However, some brands will require someone who knows more about the real deal to know if the item is real or fake. 

This service does incur a worthwhile charge if you are looking at selling the item, either to make money or because you need space. The money you will spend on getting the authentication of your item completed will be made back with how much more you will be able to sell it for. 

You can often buy good fake designer items, and if you do not know what to look for it is possible to be scammed. However, if you buy something and you are unsure of authenticity, you can get in touch with a designer authenticator and find out if what you have purchased is real. 

If you are buying a designer item that does not come with authentication and the seller has not been able to show you proof of the brand, you could request this service

Similarly, if you want to sell your designer item but you cannot show proof of the brand, whether this is through stitching, the brand logo, or the lining of the item, you could make use of designer authentication. 

How Does It Work?

You can get your item authenticated in as little as 30 minutes; however, this does incur a larger charge than if you were willing to wait. You will be asked to upload several pictures of the item to show important parts. A trained authenticator will review the images and compare them to the brand, depending on which brand you are looking for. 

After paying for the service, you will be sent a report and personal certificate of authentication if you have a designer item. With this certificate, you will be able to sell or keep the item, knowing for sure that it is a designer item. 

If you are buying the item, you could ask for pictures and check authentication before buying if you are unsure about whether or not this is what you are looking for. 


By having proof that you have a designer item, you will know the actual worth of your item, whether it is a bag or shoes. This not only helps you protect what you own but also lets you know better how to store and look after your item to retain its worth. 

You will also have proof that you have a designer item if there is ever a time to sell this item, whether to clear it out for space or because you need money. Most designer items will always be worth more with proof that this is a real designer item.

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