Best Home-Made Remedies for Dry and Brittle Hair

Is your hair dry and damaged after dying it? Is it impossible to style it and achieve a sleek looking hairstyle? Sometimes your hair feels like straw after dying it, and that’s a problem everyone encounters. A lot of women want their hair to look and feel great, especially after going on a shopping spree and coming home with products that promise that exact thing. But the thing is, no matter how good the products you use are, dying your hair still involves treating it with chemicals. There’s a certain degree of damage here, and you’ll need to repair it somehow.

And while many would recommend that you opt for store-bought products, why not try something you can do on your own? We’re talking about natural ingredients that have been tried and tested, and they work well when it comes to repairing and moisturizing your hair.

Best Home-Made Remedies for Dry and Brittle Hair

Coconut Oil for an Easy Fix

This is a problem that a lot of ladies deal with, and the solution is pretty simple – moisturize! If you don’t, you’re looking at split ends and frizz, and even breakage and nobody wants that, right? And oftentimes, your go-to conditioner doesn’t help too much, so you want to get an alternative solution. That alternative solution is coconut oil.

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Coconut oil has a lot of benefits for your hair, one of the main being the prevention of protein loss, even after damaging your hair with things like bleaching or chemical treatments. This is mostly because coconut oil is primarily made up of lauric acid. It gives the oil a straight, long structure, one that the hair shaft can absorb easily. This is why coconut oil can get into two layers of the hair shaft, and works great.

How do you use it? It’s pretty simple. Grab your coconut oil, and take a tablespoon of it, that’s all you need. Warm it up (a microwave comes in handy), and then massage it into damp hair. Now, yes, this will result in somewhat of a greasy mess, and you’ll need to sleep on it for it to affect. Therefore, when you go to sleep, you might want to wear a shower cap and put a towel on your pillow.

In the morning, just wash your hair with shampoo, and you’re good to go. One thing to note is that coconut oil works on the dry, damaged areas. These are typically from the middle of the shaft to the end.

Avocado Is a Great Idea

If you’ve ever cared about nutrition, you’ve probably read that avocados are full of minerals and vitamins, as well as essential fatty acids. All of these things can come in handy, especially if you have brittle hair. This is why a simple avocado treatment can do wonders.

What you want to do is grab a ripe avocado, and mash it. Once you’ve done this, mix it with an egg, and continue mixing until you get a smooth paste. This smooth paste should be applied on wet hair, and then left on for about 20 minutes to half an hour. After this, just wash your hair and make sure to rinse it well.

For brittle hair, it is recommended that you do this at least once a week. It helps a lot and keeps your hair strong and lustrous. And even if you have healthy hair, doing this once a month will help it retain optimal health.

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A Gelatin Mixture for Smooth and Shiny Hair

One of the best protein sources for your hair is plain gelatin. When used right, it gives the hair strands a coating and keeps them moisturized. The result? A smooth, shiny hair that you’ll absolutely love. And it’s rather simple to use, too.

Gelatin is basically collagen which has been dried and pulverized for easier use. By applying it to your hair as a mixture, you’re giving yourself a quite necessary source of collagen, which supports your hair follicles and papilla.

First things first, mix one tablespoon of gelatin with a cup of warm water. Give it a few minutes for the gelatin to partially set. After this, add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, as well as six drops of your preferred essential oil. Something like rosemary, lavender, or jasmine works great. Stir it well until you get a nice mixture. Apply it to clean hair, making sure to cover it well.

You should leave it for about 10 minutes, in order for it to do its thing, and afterward, just rinse your hair well with lukewarm water. Make sure you clean it well because otherwise, it’s going to leave a bit of a mess when you go to sleep.


There are a lot of options when it comes to complete natural home-remedies for improving hair health and appearance. The most important aspect of choosing to treat your hair with natural products is that they do not only instantly improve the appearance, they penetrate deep in the molecules and repair damages when used long-term. On the other hand, chemicals included in most hair care products may offer instant results but when used long-term affect the hair health and damage it, diminishing its natural quality and ability to repair and look healthy. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to try several homemade remedies and choose the one that works best for you and practice it regularly to improve hair health and enjoy a flawless hairstyle.

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